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 Saphy first Path completion

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PostSubject: Saphy first Path completion   Sun Oct 12, 2014 1:58 pm

Saphy walks up to the shop after hearing some voices in her mind of some kind of riddle. The riddle that was easily solved. However, why was this riddle flowing into her mind? That was a million dollar question. As she steps up to the building, there was a strange symbol on the outside wall. With some curiosity, she looked around to see if there was anyone else seeing what she was seeing. Moving in closer, she felt the need to touch it. As soon as she done so, the symbol vibrated and it glowed very quickly at the touch. Her eyes widen behind her librarian looking glasses. Two unidentified females voices were heard in the distant of her mind. Finding out choices Saphy is able to make on her free will, made the situation more fonding. Saphy was always wanting to learn and grow her abilities. Despite her needing to work and survive, she would always put her abilities first. Taking the time to better herself became her priority.

Saphy closed her eyes when an imaged appeared in her mind. Closing her eyes made the image seem clearer to focus on. A white candle, once piece of lavender and three chamomile flowers tied with a silver ribbon, followed by a spell. A spell that she had never knew until this very moment. If felt like she knew this spell automatically. Saphy went home to retrieve the items. Holding each one in her hands and taking slow deep breaths as she preps herself for energy pulling.

Once she was in a trance, she began to push her energy into the candle, lavender and the three chamomile flowers and spoke out the spell that was implanted in her mind. "While I sleep, show me the way. Guide me on this path, tell me where my powers lie." Saphy repeats this spell three times. That left her really lightheaded. She had to take a seat on the bed until she overcame that dizzy spell. After that, she put the bouquet under her pillow and went to sleep for the night.

The next day, Saphy woke up and found out her first path of learning. Earth, also known as the Spiritual Path. She received another clue to start her path. The clue was quite simple. She heads to the beach after getting dressed. Saphy rushed out so  fast that she had forgot to eat something. Searching around for a symbol of some kind. Unsure what she was looking for at first. "Ok, Saphy. Let's do this. This is what you wanted." She said to herself. Luckily for her, there was no one nearby to hear her talking to herself. There was no place she had not looked for this symbol. When she finally found it, she sighed in relief. Her confidence began to grow and it gave her an ego boost.

She kneels down near it and places her soft hand on it. Images of plants, rock, dirt and earth forming in her mind. Saphy heads to the magic shop to gather a few things she was  out of and was in need of it. She purchased a rose of Jericho, borrowed Lexie's tea kettle and pours water into it. She then heads to the forest to find the wilted plant. Once found, she burns the jericho while gathering up energy.  Her energy was at it's peak, so she began to recites her incantation over the tea kettle while pouring the water over the dead plant. With in a matter of time, the plant indeed came back to life. Full and beautiful. Saphy, could not hold herself up for to much longer, so she went to the bar to sit down and relax for a bit.

When she went home that night she took a lengthly shower and went to bed. She twisted and turned many times during that night. In the morning, which was exactly 12 hours later, she began to hear voices once again. Words whisper into her mind, offering her another secretive clue. She takes out a pad and pen and wrote down her next clue. Folding it and slipping it into her backpack so that later on she may go on another hunt for the symbol.

Finally after hours of working and doing other things, she reads the clue again. Her thoughts running a mile a minute as she tries to figure this out. This was a tough one. Definitely not as easy as the one last night. It was a cold night and her hands were freezing. The night air, blowing through her hair as she walks to the docks where there cabins along side it. Stepping down off the docks and onto the grass. Checking rocks and trees, anything that a symbol can rest upon. She manages to make her way down to the end where there was one last rock. On this rock she noticed a symbol. Saphy rest her delicate right hand on it and watched it glowed. Yes, this was it. It was confirmed.

Voices heard, telling her things, feeling a connection rise inside that she never knew until now. She was in need of something and she could not get it alone. Saphy, stands up slowly and began to walk. No idea where she was going to, but it was like her body knew exactly where.

First stop was the magic shop. She gathered up 4 white candles,1 black candle, a sage stick, a note pad and a pen. She made her purchases them then packed them into her backpack and heads to the bar for the red wine. When she got that bottle, she goes to Medical office after hours. The door was unlocked, but no one was inside. Reason she went there was because it was the closest to the grocery store. First, she makes a circle with the white candles. Second, she writes the address of the grocery store and the name pumpkin on it. Placing that under the bottle of wine as she puts them in the middle of the circle. Thirdly, she lights the sage to keep bad things out the clinic. Last but least, she lights the black candle. As she lit it, she start saying the spell while gathering her energy and willing it to the spell,"I call on the dead hour  of 12, the object I need in another house delves.  Here my plea and bring this to me. As I will it, so may it be, do it swiftly and fulfill my plea."

This was taking a toll on her energy. Making her really sick. An hour went by and nothing happened. It was very disappointing. She was actually excited to see that happened. Saphy blew out the candles and started putting everything away. Saphy was so sick in the stomach. She was gagging, feeling nauseated. She stood up really fast, covered her mouth and ran to the trash can and started barfing in them. Whenever she thought she was done, she was not. She had to throw up again. Finally able to breath a little bit, she wipes her mouth and heads out the clinic.

The last spell took a huge toll on her that she nearly stood in bed for two days. Not a peep came out of her. She didn't even call out of work. Now that she was re-energized, she was at it again. She heard the voices that led her to the next symbol. The same effects happened. The symbol vibrated and it glowed. And another vision appeared into her mind. Showing her another set of items she was going to need for this spell. Bottle of Scotch that she had retrieved from the bar, black candle and 4 white candles that she used two nights ago and her sage stick that she used also.

Entering into the magic shop, locking it's door and setting up the circle with the white candles. Lighting each one, then the sage to keep out bad things from entering. Finally the black candle. Not forgetting her offering of the Scotch. As she was prepping her area, Saphy began to pull her energy within her as she said the spell that she somehow knew,  "I call the on the dead on the  12th hour. I need there help before the information sours. I ask out you to listen in on those that know. Help so that I may grow. Here my plea and bring this to me. As I will it, so may it be, do it swiftly and fulfill my plea.."

The spell worked, the ghost appeared, took the bottle of Scotch and then ease dropped on a trio's conversation.
There was a strong connection. Saphy could not believe it. First time doing this spell and it worked. She was getting all the information that the ghost was overhearing. It was amazing. Her energy was draining from this spell. The longer the trio were sitting there talking, the more energy was draining.          

The intensity of this was dramatic almost. She sacrificed her well being to do this spell. It was worth it though, especially, if this helped her to grow. The room was spinning, the queasy feeling inflated into her belly, the nausea crept up her throat. She could not handle anymore. Therefore, Saphy lets go of the energy and dismiss the ghost. It's done it's job. There was no more needed to be done after that. As sick as she was, she leaves the shop and leaves out. Her next place of destination was the clinic. Grace was needed at this point.

The following day was long and tiring, She was traveling back and forth on the ferry. Saphy decided to move on to the next clue that she received in her mind earlier that day. She went back home and placed the 4 white candles on the floor, that she has been carrying with her for just incase purpose. She lit the sage to keep cleanse the area first, then lighting all four candles. She then runs the kitchen to grab a clean bowl and placed all the clean chicken bones into it, which was previously purchased at the magic shop. The owner, as known as the old man,rang up the order. Saphy placed it in the center of the pentagram.

Once she did that, she says the necessary spell, " I call to thee oh spirits from a guardian is what I seek.  This guardian shall help protect the meek. It will watch over me if danger should arise. If not it shall stay right by my side." Then pricks her finger with her small blade that she carries with her everywhere she goes. She wanted to mutter, "Fuck" when she pricked her finger, but she kept that to herself.

When she was done with the spell, she had summoned a feline. It had appeared next to her. It was because she was in danger, but for a just incase purpose. It was always better to be prepared for when something happens. Of course, this drained her some. However, it was not as bad. When she let go of the energy she had put into this, she became really light headed. Immediately, she stood up and sat in the chair and waited awhile before moving again. Once she was able to gain her ground back, she cleaned up the pentagram markings and placed her belongings back into her backpack. She now had her guardian for the length of time it allows.

That night, no harm doing came about. It was, as it has been, a quiet night. No foul play. So her guardian was not needed, but it was always better to be safe than sorry. An hour later, her guardian returned to where it came and home she went once again.

The following day, she heard the voices once more. To this day, she still could not recognize who they were. No matter, she listened to what she needed to and went about her daily life. When the sun went down, Saphy replayed the words told to her, another clue offering to find the symbol that was needed. Saphy walked back into the woods, and up the hill. It took a couple times to get up there. The heels of her boots digging into the dirt and grass as she finally made it up there. Dirt all over her clothes and hands. When she made it to the top, she dusted herself off and looked for the symbol. Quickly, she spots on on the rock. Her right hand slowly approaching it and watched it glow. The vibration tickling the palm of her hand.

"It's time to help one another our brothers and sisters alike. Gather a supply of three items. Twelve of each. Bundle and pack them. Handle them with care. When you enter the Circle, leave them in the trunk to share. " Saphy adjusted her glasses as it was sliding off her nose. A curl to her lip formed as she had to climb all the way back home to get the stuff she used. In her room was the backpack, placed all the items that was needed, 12 white candles, 12 sages, and 12 black candles. The bag was now considered delicate. No damages can be caused against this bag. Too many valuables were inside here. Next thing was to take them to the circle. The cirlce, she could not get too right now. In the meantime, she left it prepped.

The next morning, she stretches as soon as she wakes up. She sighs, another day, another dollar. If felt so long before she had  some time to herself. Time to do nothing but chill and relax. No family, no time of any relationship with the exception of a few friends. It was a lonely world. She climbs out of bed an began her morning routine. Using the bathroom, taking a shower, brushing her teeth, etc. She starts her coffee and starts to think about her dreams. In those dreams there were voices telling her another clue.

Saphy, heads into town and does some errands. After a long day of errands, she replays the clue in her head and began to follow it with her backpack on her back. The clue lead up the hill were there was nothing but walls. She followed it around until she came to a sudden stop. There looked like there was an entrance, but it was blocked by vines.  She places her hands on the vines and it had opened up. It startled her for a moment, but then when it opened up more, she steps inside. Inside the witches circle. In there was the trunk she needed to place the items inside. She knew at this point, she had completed what ever mission she was on.
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Saphy first Path completion
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