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 Rowan Mayfair's Path Work

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Rowan Mayfair

Posts : 13
Join date : 2014-07-12

PostSubject: Rowan Mayfair's Path Work   Fri Oct 24, 2014 12:21 am

[19:03] Rowan Mayfair packs some food and water for herself and Fluffy in a backpack and heads out towards the old Church, the site of her abduction no less. She hopes it doesn't cause her any distress as she was on a spiritual journey today, though she did take her gun and a few extra clips, just in case the guy came back.
[19:07] Second Life: F symbol owned by Lexie Ellwyn (Lexie Vaher) gave you 'Fire (Warder)#1'  ( Ravenhurst (230,112,17) ).

[19:12] Rowan Mayfair easily finds the next symbol, seems she didn't need the water and food after all, and she had forgotten about the ruins by the ferry dock, they were far from where she was taken and so it brought her no distress. She hears the words in her head, the boundary spell, it was one she needed to do anyway to protect her home. Hell she should probably do it on Gracey and Lavenders place too while she was at it. She sends a quick text to Lavi to see if she's let Ro do it. Hmm she was gonna need some more Dragon's blood resin. She heads to the store to get it.

(IM Texts)
[19:13] Rowan Mayfair sends an IC text "Hey, mind if i do a boundary protection spell on your place?"
[19:13] Lavender texts back, "yea sure I don't mind please do.  Is Princess ok?"
[19:14] Rowan Mayfair texts "Sleeping on my sheets last I saw like 10 minutes ago"

[19:25] Rowan Mayfair waves at Lexie as she walks into the shop "Hey, I need like a ton of Dragons' blood. Well, not a TON ton, but I'm gonna do 3 protection spells so maybe that guy can't get in and salt." she nods as Lexie asks if she is using this as a path walk "Yeah, you know guardian, kinda like who I am already so" she shrugs as she hands over the money for the supplies. "Thanks, and yeah I'm fine. I don't need any healing I promise! I didn't get hurt too badly. I swear! No really!! I'm almost healed up" she smiles at Lexie's overprotective mom mode. She takes her change and heads out. "Night Lexie!"

[19:42] Rowan Mayfair grabs her ceremonial besom and the charcoal disk in a large abalone shell as well as the salt and Dragon's Blood from her house and goes over to Lavenders place, she figured her friend needed the protection more then she did. First she sweeps around the house, walking in a clockwise motion "I sweep all negativity form this home, I sweep all negativity from this home" she continues the chant and walk until she reaches her starting point.

[20:06] Rowan Mayfair stops long enough to light the charcoal disk, letting it burn til there is ash on the outside and places the resin on it, letting it smoke up, With a bag of salt in her other hand she starts to again walk around the outside of the house clockwise, letting the resin leave a trail of smoke behind her while she evenly pours the salt in a continuous circle around the house, chanting

“Lord & Lady, Hear my call,
Protect those living within these walls,
Shield this home from hex & curse,
By thy powers they shall reverse,
Shield us against All Spells of Black,
From whence they came, repel them back,
By thy powers no evil shall enter
Only what we wish may break our center.
This I ask in the name of Divinity,
Work my will, So mote it be."

[20:11] Rowan Mayfair can feel the pull of energy around her as it coalesces into a shield that only she or Lavender can allow people to enter, she made it so anyone with evil intent can't get in, Rowan was desperate to give her friend some peace of mind. She closes the circle, making sure the line of salt was continuous. She again closes her eyes "Lord & Lady, to thee I give thanks/ Go if you must, stay if you will. Merry meet & merry part, Until we merry meet again...Blessed Be " She puts the abalone shell with the resin still burning on the stoop. letting it burn out as she packs the rest of her stuff and texts Lavender letting her know it was done.
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Rowan Mayfair

Posts : 13
Join date : 2014-07-12

PostSubject: 2nd Spell   Sat Oct 25, 2014 2:02 am

[20:54] Rowan Mayfair heads to the next clue, it was easy to figure this one out. She crosses the bridge to her old home, carefully climbing down to the rocks to look for the next symbol.

[21:07] Second Life: F symbol owned by Lexie Ellwyn (Lexie Vaher) gave you 'Fire (Warder)#2'  ( Ravenhurst (253,33,14) ).

[21:18] Rowan Mayfair FINALLY finds the ward and heads home, since chalk was all she needed. She steps inside the house, using the chalk to draw a line next to the baseboards of the house on the floor. She sits in the center of the room, closing her eyes and starts to chant

"Spirits form a wall strong and true,
that no form can pass on through.
No shifters, no vampires, no fae,
or spirits uncanny will pass this way.
Seal this prison , make it last,
enforce my message, none shall pass.
As I will it, so may it be,
do it swiftly and fulfill my plea.
So mote it be"

[21:30] Rowan Mayfair can feel the shield pop into place. She opens her eyes and looks around seeing a slight shimmering that enveloped the walls "Cool" she murmurs as she stands up. "Gonna remember this one"

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Rowan Mayfair

Posts : 13
Join date : 2014-07-12

PostSubject: Re: Rowan Mayfair's Path Work   Sun Oct 26, 2014 5:22 am

[23:42] Rowan Mayfair knows that this time she's going to the old church. She packs a backpack to carry water for her and Fluffy as well as extra ammo for her shot gun which she takes along with her as well as her handgun. She wasn't chancing that the guy who kidnapped her wasn't coming back. She straightened her shoulders and heads into the woods alone

[23:46] Second Life: F symbol owned by Lexie Ellwyn (Lexie Vaher) gave you 'Fire (Warder)#3'  ( Ravenhurst (5,38,16) ).

[23:55] Rowan Mayfair climbs to the old church, looking around carefully her shotgun in her hands. It was truly a shame that she had to do her guardian pathwork with a weapon in her hands. She hears the spell in her head and chuckles, as it was so similar to her word of power that she used once in a while as a protective spell, but it inly lasted 2 hrs, this one would last 24. Now she needed to figure out where to get the ingredients!

[00:07] Rowan Mayfair felt better once she was back in town, though she didn't know why. Gracey had been kidnapped in their own house after all. She heads over to Lexie's shop, getting a hard glare form the woman since her shotgun was slung over her back "I'm not gonna rob you, geez woman, but you now that going out into the woods alone is dangerous especially as the guy who kidnapped me is still out there" she sighs listening to the woman start to berate her for going into the woods alone "I'm SORRY! She says with a sigh," but I'd rather not go crazy, ya now?" she listens to the voice in her head "I need iron and manganese, No I'm gonna use it for seasoning on my steak! Yes for a spell!" she sighs

[00:13] Izonaka Naminosaki followed her to the store as he kept a vigilant eye out for her. He saw she was packing extra firepower and he was glad she was taking things seriously. He lit a smoke and just played with the smoke rings and such looking like he was bored to tears. But he was letting his senses reach out to her and then around the small town as best he could with out putting his need for blood at risk. He had tasted hers and like before she also sent his senses flying, but there was something tickling the back of his mind. he could not put a finger on it as of yet, but a memory was there of something he had heard and he was working to bring the file to the front.

[00:19] Rowan Mayfair rubs her temples "yes mom" she says as she rolls her eyes "I DID! I told Izonaka. The guy who came and told me that Bryce was dead" she was getting annoyed "No I couldn't reach Xander, and he doesn't know, Izonaka does... cause I had to use my shield spell when I first met him, it wasn't hard to figure out." she hands Lexie the money for the stuff she needed. "Shot gun shell, has the gunpowder in it. I'm gonna be careful I promise!" she says as she walks but the door. She did love Lexie to death but this over protective mom thing was annoying

[00:24] Izonaka Naminosaki listened to her rant and the poor woman playing mom. He shook his head as he chuckles, "No not hard at all. And helps when her best friend tells ya all about it as well." chuckles a bit more then took a deep breath to stop the chuckles and to focus his mind again. He dug for that damn file, it was important, something about a connection or flow or something between a vampire and a human he drinks from. Was not sure if it was one drink, or several over time but the scripture had spoke of a bond of some sort and now he was flipping through his files while maintaining his vigilance over the woman he promised to be there for.

[00:27] Rowan Mayfair steps from the shop and waves at Izo as she sees him "Hey!" she smiles as she comes closer "you okay?" she asks as she kisses his cheek in a friendly way "you look preoccupied" she looks over at the fading light 'Look, I need to finish something m,then I'd appreciate your help to test it" she had asked the same of Bryce when she got her word of power. And Bryce had punched her full power, if the shield had failed Rowan would have been dead in severe internal trauma

[00:30] Izonaka Naminosaki shook himself as he looked to her, 'Sorry this great mind of mine has a habit of making the knowledge I have hard to find at times." he smiles to her as he nods, "Now you know i would be happy to do so." he felt the kiss and did not react one way or the other, just touched her arm as she came in close to kiss him. "Well if it helps to keep you and the others safe in case I am not around, that works for me darlin." he bows slightly as he looked to her, "Just tell me when and where."

[00:31] Rowan Mayfair smiles Just give me 15 minutes then come to my place. I'll tell you what you can do then" she takes her purchases and heads home, feeling safer knowing that the man/vampire, was watching over her

[00:42] Rowan Mayfair gets home and puts her shotgun and handgun in the safe where they belong. She unpacks her purchases and gets to work, using a file to get the small particles of iron and Manganese she needed. Once that was done, she pulls a shotgun shell from her pocket and empties it into the metal cauldron. "I know the spell says pestle" she says to Fluffy, "But I don't want to ruin mine, it's wood, the tabletop cauldron is cast iron and should work just as well" she empties the shell into the cauldron, placing the filings of the Maganese and Iron on top before lighting it. She starts to chant

"Spirits fashion an armor sturdy and tough,
Protect my body from attack and rebuff.
strengthen my skin, make it hard as steel,
that no blade or hammer i could even feel.
Make it flexible, hinder me not,
keep me spry for any battle fought.
As I will it, so mote it be,
do it swiftly and fulfill my plea"

[00:51] Rowan Mayfair can feel the pull of the energy from her body. Weakened as she is from the daily spell casting and Izo drinking from her, Fluffy wavers in existence and Ro just dissipates him to save her energy. She looks s little worn down now, but confident. She felt the same as when she used contiego, her shield word of power. She can feel the slight tingling on her skin of the shield.

[00:54] Izonaka Naminosaki leans against the post outside as he looked out along the water. He had found the notes he had seen on the parchment in an old english church a century or two ago. Given time a vampire and his blood donor could share emotional experiences. The vampire being able to sense things from their donor, and be able to send things to the donor. The key would be sending to the donor is thoughts and some images. The receiving over time could be thoughts or images, but the emotions attached had to be strong. But he had read that over time and multiple donations, the bond could be made to grow strong. He shook his head as he thought about Rowan and just chuckles, "Oh now that will just make her day I am sure of it." he crushed the cigarette and looked to his watch was almost fifteen minutes so he heads to the door knocking firmly to let her know he was there.

[01:03] Rowan Mayfair looks up at the knock and opens the door, "hey, thanks for coming. I umm, well, I need you to hit me basically. It's the only way to see if this worked" she says as she steps outside. "Bryce was SO not happy when I asked him to do this once when I learned my last shield spell"

[01:06] Izonaka Naminosaki raised an eyebrow above his glasses. "Well ok you want me to hit you like I did at the bar, that was not full force you know. Or you want me to go all out." the hesitation in his voice was clear when he spoke of going all out. He looked to her waiting for an answer as he thought it over in his head, could go easy, give her half if she says go all out. She would not need to know about that at all. He looked to her waiting for her reply.

[01:08] Rowan Mayfair bites her lip, she wanted him to go all out, but as weak as she was she wasn't sure the spell had worked to full strength "Both, if the first one doesn't hurt I want all out okay?." that was the best way sot be sure after all.

[01:13] Izonaka Naminosaki nods to her as he appears to let out a very heavy sigh. "As you wish Rowan." he looked to her as he caressed her cheek, "here is to hoping whatever you did holds up well." he pulled back then aimed for center mass on her body. He let his body and training from so many centuries just guide and strike her. The opened palm strike to the center of the body would hit like the equivalent of George Foreman in his prime only at two times the strength of a normal human. He looked to her and let his reflexes send him to get behind her and catch her if needed.

[01:19] Rowan Mayfair grits her teeth as he prepares to hit her closing her eyes at first, her heart racing. She feels his hand slam into her body and takes a few steps back into him cause, well, he was suddenly there! but her eyes open to look at him with a grin "It worked!" Her player was falling asleep however and needed to go to bed. And wouldn't bother with the 2nd punch.

[01:21] Izonaka Naminosaki smiles and nods, 'Thank the gods that it did." he pats her arms, "Now you need to rest I can see and hear the weakness in your body." leans in close to whisper, "And I do not need my enhanced senses to notice." kissed her cheek, "Sleep well Rowan, I will make sure you are not bothered while you sleep."

[01:21] Rowan Mayfair nods and completely passes out
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Rowan Mayfair

Posts : 13
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PostSubject: Part 3   Thu Oct 30, 2014 11:47 am

[07:20] Rowan Mayfair had to go out of town and this was the beginning of her third day since she had done the last path journey, she was staring to go a bit nuts with the voices in her head repeating the clue. "FINE!" she yells at them, "Woman, fire, house on the waters edge, I GET It!! SHUT UP" even Fluffy looked at her like she was a touch crazy. She makes sure she is armed and with Fluffy at her side she tries to figure out the next clue before she ends up in the pretty white jacket that make you hug yourself.

[07:31] Second Life: F symbol owned by Lexie Ellwyn (Lexie Vaher) gave you 'Fire (Warder) #4' ( Ravenhurst (68,5,13) ).

[07:44] Rowan Mayfair searches and searches, finally just walking around the waters edge of the island muttering to herself examines every rock she comes across before she comes across a home she'd never seen before. She wondered who it even belonged too. Her attention is quickly diverted as she misses her footing and slides towards the water, Fluffy not exactly helping by running near the edge and barking madly. The voices in her head laugh at her as she ends up half in the water, the cold quickly seeping into her bones though her clothing. But fortune is with her as she finds the next path symbol and quickly lays her hand on it, silencing the voices, giving her some relief, if only temporarily. She would wait til after the party to work this next spell, she had a feeling she was going to need her strength. She didn't trust the spirits of the land to lay quiet when the veil between the world was so thin on one of the most sacred days of the year.
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Rowan Mayfair

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PostSubject: Part 3 Con't   Sun Nov 02, 2014 12:49 am

[20:36] Rowan Mayfair was feeling better after her ordeal, having woken up with her blonde wig askew and her arm in a cast, not remembering exactly what happened. Izonaka did fill her in and she shakes her head. "I shoulda known better than to buy a costume in town": she mutters. But she does still have a spell to cast and gets down to it. She happened to have some ginger root in her fridge and fresh rosemary in her freezer where she kept it after getting a large amount from a farmer's market. She lights a charcoal round in her metal spell cauldron, waiting til it had a thin layer of ash over it. She removes the necklace she always wore and places it on her work table. She takes the ginger, which was now minced as well as the rosemary and places it onto the cauldron, seeing it start to smoke and then she uses a lancet to poke her finger, adding a few drops of her blood to the concoction. She starts to chant as she picks up her pentacle in her good hand and holds it over the fragrant smoke.

Spirits all knowing and wise,
Lend me your ears and eyes,
Enter this vessel here in my palm.
When things are safe please stay calm,
But when darkness rears it's ugly head,
A flash of insight to be read.
As I will it, so mote it be,
do it swiftly and fulfill my plea.

She keeps chanting until all the smoke is gone and very last of the ingredients are burned away. She then puts the necklace back on, feeling somewhat safe and damn well wishing she had done this before the Halloween Party, maybe it would have let her know the costume was hexed!
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Rowan Mayfair

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PostSubject: Part 4   Sat Nov 08, 2014 10:55 pm

[18:41] Rowan Mayfair starts to search for the ingredients for this 5th spell before the voices drive her mad. She takes chalk, iron, and ginseng, and place it all in her bag before grabbing water for her nad fluffy and heads to the circle as the voices demand.
[18:47] Vine Door Stone Entrance: In a poof of pollen the vines part!
[18:54] Rowan Mayfair finally finds the circle and takes the package she made, glad she had thought to put them in a plastic baggie, and proceeds to place them inside the log that was there, adding it to the rest of the items she saw. She realizes that the was also the place that the voices were telling her about and looks around. She feels a sense of peace here that she hasn't felt anywhere else before and sits down, her arm around Fluffy as she watches the sunset. Just relaxing for a while before heading back down into town.
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PostSubject: Re: Rowan Mayfair's Path Work   

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Rowan Mayfair's Path Work
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