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 Sage {WIP}

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PostSubject: Sage {WIP}   Sat Oct 25, 2014 9:28 am

{This character is a WIP Comments; suggestions; etc are welcome. Ty Doe for introducing me to a new place to RP :3}

AVI NAME: Fatima Lycia
CHAR NAME: Sage Nash
AGE: Twenty
RACE: Human {Witch - not yet really trained}

AT A GLANCE: Red Hair, Blue Eyes, Short {5ft 5-6in}; Tattoo'd; Her attire ranges from tomboy to trashy{depends on weather/job atm}

JOB EXP: A lil of this & that; Knows a great deal about herbs & how to use them effectively; Knows a good bit about first aid & healing through her knowledge of herbs; Dancer; Waitress; Wanna-be Writer

INTERESTS: Herbs; Herbs; & The study of old shit. Has an interest in family lore-ancestries - looking for her own currently {Would LOVE to actually have fam for her here; if not it works for NPC & WHY She is here in Ravenhurst}; Reading; Dancing; Observation; Writting; & just being nosey.

VALUEABLES/CARRIED CRAP: Pepper Spray; First Aid Kit {scissors; needle thread; alchohol wipes; bottle of water; few different pouchs of herbs both whole & ground; bandaging; neosporin}
If you went by what 'Gram' told her growing up she was born in a sleepy town called Ravenhurst. At least; that's what 'Gram' told her. If you asked her she couldn't tell you because her memories growing up were with her 'Gram' living in a small house not more then 20-30 mins from beach or forest in Washington.

Sage growing up spent time in the great out doors. Sage was & still is a tomboy. Nosey; somewhat bossy; blunt to a fault. She lived with her 'Gram' til the woman passed away just after her fourteenth birthday. It was then that she was thrust into the foster-care system.

She spent the next few years travelling; or being shuffled from place to place winding up out of the system on her eighteenth birthday. The day she was free to live her own life; make her own choices she was given a fat packet that was ripped; & just a bit dusty from sitting in storage since her 'Grams' death four years ago.

Upon reading the items inside she found herself back in the house she grew up in. Left much the way it was before her only families death years past. It was cleaning the place out she discovered the family tree.

Written in cursive & old as she was if not older she got one name. Her own; at least a variation of it 'Sage N. Ash'. So Nash was simply used by 'Gram' as a last name. She however stuck with the known last name as she dug up more information about her Gram; and her own past.

It took alot of time; effort; and two years of saving but now she has arrived in Ravenhurst. She's not exactly sure what she is expecting to find if anything. To be honest she's not sure why she came; other then something called to her.
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Sage {WIP}
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