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 In the aftermath of the fog.

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PostSubject: In the aftermath of the fog.    Sat Jan 03, 2015 11:03 pm

Uneasy peace envelops the island in the aftermath of the last battle with the fog and ghoulish monsters spawned from the malevolent mist. The denizens of Ravenhurst are hard-pressed to continue on in the wake of destruction left behind, but time heals all wounds; the dead are buried, and mourned, buildings rebuilt, businesses reopen, and in the months to come, those who survived find their way back into the daily routine of " normalcy ".

Unbeknown to them, the confrontation shook the metaphysical foundation, a shock wave of mixed energies rippled from the epicenter - the heart of the fight. The battle between order and chaos, and the most recent clash of light and darkness has left it's mark on the barriers keeping the realm of mortal men and all others separate. Worn thin from ages of the eternal struggle, these fragile walls were battered from the cataclysmic blast of magically fed Fey light used against the fog, now cracks have begun to form.

A new unknown threat lurks on the horizon. .
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In the aftermath of the fog.
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