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Claire Dominic

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PostSubject: Claire Dominic    Fri Feb 20, 2015 4:08 am

Born in 1880 to Eva and Richard Dominic in Columbus, Ga, Claire grew up a coddled, doted on only child. Blessed with a rare colortura mezzo-soprano voice singing in the church chor quickly parlayed itself into a career in the Columbus Opera House. By age 24, her voice at full maturity, a runaway hit on the continental opera circuit and a pending international debut imminent Claire had reached the pinnacle of her career.

That voice enthralled a French gentleman named Alexander Favre--a visiting business associate of her Father's. Claire's parents, seeing how enamored he was of their strong willed, hard headed daughter who refused all attempts to marry her off properly, pushed for the pair to make a match of it.

Little did they know that Alexander was not what or who he pretended to be. Once invited to dinner to discuss the possibility of a marrying their daughter and madly mistaking an idle comment as returned romantic interest, Alexander took the hospitality as carte blanche to take Claire. Permission or not.

By cover of night he snuck into her bedroom and kidnapped her. Taking her deep into the woods to an old abandoned plantation house where he forcibly turned her into one of his own kind, against her will and with no explanation.

And so Claire became a creature of the night. Dismayed by her transition, horrified by what she was and rejected to the point of attempted murder by her once adoring parents Claire fled to Savannah living for years in the underground passages beneath the historic district and trying to deny what she had become.

Eventually another vampire named Vincent Addison-- a vampire biographer of sorts--found her and took her under his tutelage, becoming a surrogate Father and best friend, slowly teaching her how to embrace what she was and truly enjoy it. As the years passed the two became inseparable and Claire became once again the strong willed, hard headed free spirit she had once been with all the perks of being a vampire to go along with it...and all the down falls.

Over time Vincent and Claire traveled far and wide, where ever they wished to for what ever reason they wished to. Claire resumed singing in the opera overcoming the superstitious notion that her voice was cursed because it was that which had resulted in her being turned. She met and fell in love with another vampire, only for her mad sire to nearly kill them all in a jealous rage. Her lover was thought to have killed him in a fire at an abandoned distillery in 1927 in Chicago but Alexander's attacks and other factors caused her lover to part ways.

As time went on Vincent and Claire moved to various places. Los Angeles California in the 1980's and 90's where Claire worked as a dance choreographer using skills she'd picked up over the years, once again firmly in the grasp of her imagined curse and refusing to ever sing a note again.

However, Alexander was not far behind. Thought dead he had survived the fire and had waited eighty years to have his revenge. In 2007, he captured Claire, killed Vincent and took Claire, nearly at true death and dumbed her unceremoniously on her former lover's doorstep in a tiny town in Virginia. A taunt and a warning.

Together with the help of several of their friends, they managed to defeat Alexander and kill him for the final time. But Alexander's century long revenge schemes and stalking left behind more questions than his death answered. It came to light that Alexander had turned Claire at the behest of another vampire..but who? And why? all evidence pointed to Miami Florida as the next place to get that information and so Claire left her lover behind in Virginia to deal with the local ramifications of Alexander and his mysterious manipulator and headed for the Sunshine State.

Needing a venue to operate from. Claire called in favors from friends she'd known for many years. Some of which she had sired herself. There she started a nightclub called "Red" and set up shop. Time went on and a turf war ensued with the local vampires who 'ran' Miami. Directly connected to Claire's mystery, things looked to be building to an all out war between Claire's cadre and them when the Purge came. The entire dynamic of the hierarchy came apart at the seams. Miami became a war zone.

In the wake of this, Claire hurried back to Virginia, barely escaping the Old Ones with whom her enemies had sided. Back in her lover's hometown they all decided to fight against the Old Ones when the Purge came. The town fell, descending into chaos and leaving half their number dead as well as most of the few humans who knew what they were. Unable to fight their way through it, their once substantial weapons cache depleted to nothing and in danger from local trouble from new enemies made during the Purge that met or exceeded what Claire had fled from in Miami, the group decided it was safest to split up and flee until such time as things calmed down in their little hometown--what was left of it. No one was to know where the other's went to maintain maximum security but they would keep in touch regularly until they could return 'home'.

Most of her fortune gone in the fall of the financial system, what of Claire's wealth that is left is held in the relics and physical valuables retained after the Purge. Once rich beyond most humans' dreams, Claire has to once again rebuild her wealth. She sold or barter much of the relics and valuables for cash or things easily bartered and traded. She has enough to do what she has to do, she isn't poor now, at least by current standards, but she won't be retiring to Paris anytime soon.

The one thing she never once considered selling was Vincent's substantial library of journals chronicling the lives and exploits of the vampires he met throughout his long life and the tales they told of the vampires they knew. His treasure trove of journals remain hidden and safe, their hiding place know only to her and a few trusted others who shall remain nameless. Claire knows one thing that never loses its value is information and in her world... information about other vampires can be invaluable.

Still mourning Vincent and reeling from the fall of her town, her forced fleeing of Miami and nursing the mental wounds of multiple losses of friends both supernatural and human, Claire chose where to go by laying out a map, pointing with her eyes closed and then going where ever her finger landed. It landed on Ravenhurst. And so here she is, the pull of the sleepy town reminiscent of the odd supernatural pull of the Virginia town she has just left and with her she might well be bringing everything and everyone that wants her, one way or another..... and the mystery of who and why Alexander was persuaded to turn her still remains. Will Claire hide in Ravenhurst quietly without any disturbances from outside forces, rebuilding the life she once knew or will trouble follow her like it always seems to? Or perhaps,,, it's already here.
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Claire Dominic
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