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 The Arrest of Rabid Calhern - Alpha of the Aces

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PostSubject: The Arrest of Rabid Calhern - Alpha of the Aces   Mon Jan 30, 2012 11:14 pm

Rabid jet lagged and coming down with something might not be at his top game but this was just talk. Negotiations he was told why sweat it. He would bring his constant companion of the last 4 weeks. The lietenant he had taken to meet every supplier in the three continents he dealt with might as well see how bussiness was handled in there back yard. "Just stay cool whatever she fucking says." and of course Judge would have been well informed about the upcoming plnas they had been talking bout them long enough. One last spit out the door and he would walk in looking around and sighing at the choice of venues, "I'm here to see your boss. She's expecting me Councillman Calhern".

Keliah Angelis was upstairs - as per usual - doing her Sheriffy upstairs things. Paperwork, mostly. And there was always a constant supply of it. Stacks, piles..and on top of that, she had most of the patrols. Dugan, her deputy, gave a stare at the man and his companion entering the office. "She upstairs." He says, his drawl quite pronounced. And then with a pointed jab of his thumb towards the ceiling he went back to his own computer, and then the phone rings... "Sheriff's office.." He says. Keliah suddenly stopped, lifting her fingers from the keys. More or less sensing visitors before seeing them. So rose to her feet, so she would be standing to greet them. Should they come up.

Judge Kuhn was blurry eyed and holding back a yawn as he easily followed along. Any sign of ackwardness at being involved in this type of situation had faded in the last few weeks. He actually felt confident not cocky for probably the first time in his life and he'd just answer with a "Got ya " He wouldn't tilt his head up as had become his habit listening for any unplanned noises the meetings of late having taught him to be subtle but alert. His attention would turn to Remi as he came in and stepped to the side so Rabid had clear eyeshot if he wanted to look back but where he could keep things in site

Rabid Calhern "Iight lets not pretend this is anything other than it is. You called the shindig what are you putting out on the table" He would stard with as he leans his bulky frame up against the wall his android conveniently in his hand. Not that he needed electronics to let the crew know what was going on but a quick message "I'll be out in fifteen' kept them on there toes.

Keliah Angelis adopts a militant stance upon the approach of the tank-top brigade, and when they peeped into her office, she kept her gaze level upon their faces. Unflinching. Nuetrally cool. She even wore shades to keep her eyes shielded of expression. The thing she needed the most was to keep her cool, and by God, she was going to do just that. "This town is in danger from our mutual veil breaks. It also appears that you're down a man," She said. "Not that I have evidence to prove the corpse in the woods was your...friends, but regardless, despite the quiet we have enjoyed over the mortal holy days, I believe it is important to come to some sort of understanding. It's really simple - we return to the old ways of things. Flanagan's terms. You return the light house to us, we stay out of the woods. The town will - and will always be - neutral territory. What say you?"

Dr. Remi Laborde moved to stand on Kel's side of the room as he came in, keeping quiet as he spoke only to pipe up once she finished. "As well I, as both someone whose clinic looks like shit because'a it 'n I gotta see dem every day, would prefer it if de wolves would stop paintin' up dis damn city. Ya makin' de whole place look like a damned 'ell'ole." He was focusing on holding his temper back, a little grimace being shown. With this namely being the idea of Kel's he didn't have much to add, letting her take the reigns. The more he spoke the more it was likely his amplified temper would show itself.

Judge Kuhn moved his hand down to grab his IPhone and fish it out of his pocket as it started beeping seconds after Rabid hit send and the packwide message hit him to. Not tossing out an apology for the beep beep beep that echoed out he just silenced it and switched it to vibrate before dropping it back in his pocket and crossing his arms in front of his chest. His eyes might show the slightest flicker of surprise at the openess of the conversation but his face would otherwise remain impassive not showing any agreement or dissent at the subject his opinion not really mattering much he wouldn't hesitate and would comment "Seems to me like the docks got real conviently left out of that scenario

Rabid smiles keeping his phone out his fat old thumbs texting away, "Yea docks and the bar and some other shit we need worked out. Shit like canning our niggas cuz you think you all that. We do some deal and that shit stops. Lizards and wolves alike that get appointed by the mayor stay appointed" a smile coming to his lips as he reads up his last text and shows the screen to Judge. Sure it was a beaver shot but it brought a smile to Rabids lips, "Ohh and how we even going to know you will live up to your side of the bargain. Your record aint that great"

Keliah Angelis (keliahangelis) gives a flicker of a glance towards Remi. He sure did look quite..set. Carved. Hardened into something she wasn't used to seeing upon his countenance. Her eyes flick back to the wolves, mostly because the sounds of technology. That, and one never lets their enemy out of their sight. Head slightly tilting to the side, her she was glad for the sunglasses. They kept the blank look of her face because, dear lord, she couldn't understand a word he said. Suddenly, she wished Skip was here. To translate. A subtle glance at Remi, "Shit like canning your niggas.." She was going to take a stab and guess he meant Max and Naz, "I wouldn't have to fire your friends if they were decent cops. I have a very tight budget and am not keeping insubordiante 'niggas' on my payroll." She glances to Judge, "The docks are a part of the town. Essentially, it belongs to the town. Fuck man, the Sheriff's station is on the docks." Then to Rabid, "I will keep my word." And she would. She had already gotten her ultimate vengeance.

Dr. Remi Laborde (jingy.blinker) brought his hand up to his temple as he listened to Rabid. While his own accent didn't make him sound the most sophisticated. "We stand in a meetin' boy. De least ya can do is bring de sophistication dat shows ya deserve respect. Currently ya ain' doin' well. Stop actin' like children and maybe ya words will 'old more weight ta my kind den dat of whom ya resemble." His temper momentarily flared. It took him a moment to snap back into place. "Ya lil' area dere is fine. Ya seem ta fo'get dere is anotha' race at 'and. De mages take dere shops. As fo' our track record.. Every time I attacked dere was reason. De girl tryin' ta stake one'a my kind. De lot'a ya rushin' de 'aven. What was done ta Kel when she reigned. Make no mistake. Ya got against de truce we will fight. Ya attack my kindred dey will fight. Ya keep de peace den I will keep it in my group. I stand as Prince now and I am a man'a my word, any'a my kindred dat decides to stand against me will wish dey neva' crossed dat line." His voice held a rage
and fire to it instead of the calm and chilling tone he once sported, though again he took a second to collect himself.

Judge Kuhn (judge.evermore) didn't go for his phone when it set vibrating silently. Naw he wasn't going to blatenly answer at the same time Rabid texted. He'd let a good few minutes pass before reaching in his pocket . Couple casual moves later he's looking at the Beaver shot. Sure nobody else could see but he was barely 18 and an embarassed blush comes over his face before he hits save and turns his attention back to the meeting. He wasn't gonna sacrafice the picture for business but business came first. A snort would come out of his nose and a flash of anger in the boys eyes he would take in a deep breath of air. A huge step for the boy who'd have flown off the hook just a few weeks before. He was trying but his temper had flared and his tone would grow more intense but his words would come out as calmly as he could manage "So you just want to stick the dogs out in the woods and keep the town to yourself. Real winning deal" but the self control would show as Remi disrespected the Alpha of their pack and his eyes would flash in anger in that direction. The growl wouldn't be in his voice yet but the fire he was feeling would be clear "You watch your tongue if you want to keep it in your mouth. Seems like the childs the one over there name calling. Your crossin a line you aint wantin crossed."

Rabid smirked to Remi's show of irritation a cocky flamboyant grin that he had gotten at least one of the two in that zone. Putting his cell down a bit his gaze would meet the mans, "You aint my daddy and you sure as fuck aint goign to tell me how to act. You saying the docks are considered neutral teritory then we can go from there" and closing his eyelids for a minute he would send a strong message out to his packmates then pause. Putting a hand on Judge's shoulder he would nod, "This is the deal and this is how it will stand, the docks is ours. Consider it our embasy in this strange land. The woods is ours that be the homeland, the lighthouse well you can take possesion of it in lets say thirty minutes.. Judge what you think on that?" Yes he was making the boy stand up. He had comported himself like a lietenant it was only fitting to treat him as one.

Keliah Angelis (keliahangelis) inhaled sharply the scent of blood. That being the blush creeping along Judge's cheeks. "My Prince, please. You," She glances to Jude, "Please. Diplomacy, fellows. The town does not belong to the vampires. We do not claim it. It belongs to no man, no woman. You will be free to run your business out on the docks all you like, just like any business owner here." She gestures towards the mage's place right next door, "All that I ask is that you don't start any more brawls between races while on them. This town has enough veil breaks. The last thing we need are hunters or more powerful coteries down here taking care of business." Meaning killing them all, "So, if you are down with that, well, then we will avoid your little section of 'embassy'. But, we will not be driven out of our own town." Granted, she had no idea what he was implying - save to perhaps give him a chance to clean out his things. Keliah plopped down in front of her computer and began to get busy with the keys, "Thirty minutes? Oh, I don't kno-" And then the explosion. Keliah flew out of her chair. Car alarms started going off. There was an eerie pause of silence, and then the phones below started ringing off the hooks.

Aria Tintamar (sophiemarie.blaisdale) was walking in when there was apparently an explosion! She would look over her shoulder, then back at the empty counter. Well.. No kidding that the police force here was understaffed to say the least. She hoped the redhead was in.. She'd hate to start answering phones with funny little greetings like 'Thank you for calling burger king, what's your beef?'.. The prospect was alluring. Buuuttt, she refocuses, hearing the scrambling upstairs. She stays still and off to the side, expecting someone to come running down.

Dr. Remi Laborde (jingy.blinker) stared at Judge a long moment before giving a wide, cruel grin. "I already told ya, want me ta speak ta ya both as anyt'in' more den children, den act like it. Especially in a meetin' between giants. I don' admit ta knowin' 'ow ya pack acts amongst demselves but in de world outside'a booze, guns 'n forestry one wit' powa' should 'old demsleves wit' de grace dat superiority should 'old. I do not call people names, I state facts." He quieted as he heard an explosion in the distance. It didn't take a genius to understand such a coincidence was rare. As well with the location he heard it from there was no doubt. He stared in the direction of the wall, arm beginning to shake before he locked eyes on the two men. He slowly made his way around the desk as he began speaking. "Dis is why de wolves do not strike me as anyt'in' more den vermin dat need ta be wiped out. Don' ya dare deny it because ya obviously jus' wiped out de only sense'a respect given. Childish be'avior like dis is why no matta' 'ow ya act, what ya pull stand against everyt'in' ya 'old against us." His eyes began to glow behind his glasses, the desk beginning to shudder as his rage began to build to the bubbling point. "Ya got de fuckin' gull ta pull shit like dis? Spit in de face'a de veil by blowin' up somet'in' everyone believes ta be a monument?! Wit' my charm and dis lovely stunt I could rally de races against ya!" While he stewed in hisa rage and clenched his fists he did not throw a punch. Not out of fear, but the merit he puts in any meeting. As well being in a sheriffs office with who knows working around them. "Ya dare make demands while pullin' stunts like dis?! Are ya completely fuckin' inept or do ya really believe dis ta be 'ow de world works?!"

Rabid 's face an open mocking smile at the both of them as vibrations fill the room followed by the flood of anger from one little doctor. Rabid would go on basically ignoring the tirade, " Well the deal has been made you can collect your precious lighhouse any time. Might want to make sure to wear your steal toes might be a little on the hazardous side" and turning to Judge a nod towards the door, "Well our work is done. You two have yourself one ballin night Nigga's" and yes if there was no physical attack Rabid had every intention of walking out the door downstairs and to his precious docks.

Judge Kuhn (judge.evermore) nodded his head toward Rabid Addressing him at first "They give we give.Seems right. " He'd only then turn toward Keliah "Best stand on your word" that said the explotion would sound like music to his ears and he'd savor it as it it was a particularly large kill he was about to tear into but wouldn't act phased at all. As if it was simply birds tweeting in the background. "Sounds good . Have a good oine then"

Keliah Angelis (keliahangelis) yeah, the redhead is in, but she's currently busy drawing her gun. After a moment to recollect herself. Shocked, I say. Shocked! "My Prince.." Why she was warning Remi was beyond her. He'd have to kick her ass later. Really, she was unsure if he was about to go ballistic in her office. "Dugan!" She shouted, but he was already running for the stairs, his cowboy boots beating on the wooden slats. "Ma'am, please have a seat down below.." He says to Aria in passing, drawing his gun. Suddenly, he appears in the doorway, holding the weapon at 3 o'clock. Keliah finally speaks, "I don't think so, Calhern." There's a distinct click of the release of safetys. "You're not going anywhere. You're under arrest."

Aria Tintamar (sophiemarie.blaisdale) grunts as a grunt passes by, the girl leaning back against the bulletin board, her hand idly pulling a switchblade from her pocket. She would begin to idly flick the blade out, tuck it back in, then flick it out again. She did not like the sound of what was going on upstairs.

"Under Arrest? For fucking what?" Rabid had thought of this possiblity and he knew that his brother would be damn sure to not leave an evidence trail but what the hell twenty four and Rab would be back on the streets. Thats what he hired lawyers for. "I dunt know what kind of eathquake or whatever has all your panties in a craw but you sure as fuck aint pinning nothing on me. Fact don't you have to I dunno do some investigation? Police work even" turning back to look at the other cop he would just shake his head, "Chill man this is bullshit and I will have you named in a wrongful arrest suit so fast you won't know what hit you"

Dr. Remi Laborde (jingy.blinker) was at the ready once Kel called out, while he might be Prince he still held Merit in what Kel said.. While in her office at least. He'd bitch at her later when therte weren't more pressing matters to deal with. He was about to grab at his blades until he heard the running of Duncan. Not knowing his place in the veil he'd simply stand at the ready for conflict. He could do little to not seem strange. The chief of surgery was not exactly known for having 'crime fighting' in their resume. Though with how he shook it was obivous he was having trouble standing by this. Thank god he wore dark sunglasses, his beast's eyes would be a given. "Ya do not know de 'ell ya've jus' brought upon y'self." He'd say in a low register, knowing full well the wolves and Kel could hear it.

Judge Kuhn (judge.evermore) looked up toward Rabid now his unwaivering face waivering slightly. The gun itself didn't scare him but the threat of arrest did but he'd toss his hands up in the air "Fuckin set up. You get us here to set us up. Can't trust you people. Whatever you've done out there don't you pin on us. You some how have decided to arrest cause we made something go boom with our heads from in here. Fuckin set up. Standin here with you one hell of an alabai your dismissing"

Keliah Angelis (keliahangelis) "Yeah, yeah, yeah.." She levels the gun, aiming. "Your hot shot lawyers and the like mean nothing to me. You're under arrest for International arms trafficking." She let that sit there, "For all your hotshot lawyers, you forget how..wordly I am and where I come from. I've been watching you, Mr. Calhern and I have a warrant with your name on it." To Judge, "You're also under arrest for International arms trafficking," And then Dugan raised his gun to Judge, "Both of yas, put yer hands 'hind yer head! Down on the floor!" She then called to Remi, "My Prince!" Oh, oh..moment of correction, "...charming." Yeah, that's what she meant to say. Totally. "Please, get out of the way!"

Rabid stops in his tracks deflated the blood drains from his face and ashen bown. "The fuck you talking bout ?" his head swings to Judge the panic spreads and shoots out through the air. Koda still back in the boondocks would feel the shot of fear going from him to the boy to the air and wind. As his heart races he thinks back to his grandfather, well adopted grandfather, and heads his lessons. "Not a word." no indults no incriminations, now was the time to shut up take your bust and recoup. Hands moving slowly to his head he would kneel first on one leg then the other before laying himseld prone on the ground. It was humiliating, it always evoked fear through him, and it was the cost of bussiness. He was no alter boy and he knew what was up. In position he waited for Dugan to do what him and his boys had to. Nothing personal just bussiness.

Dr. Remi Laborde (jingy.blinker) stared at Kel a long moment having to repress the wish to laugh. How he love how quick she was to the punch. He looked to the wall and let out a small sigh. He was at arms on what to do currently. Hos mortal cover would have to be checking for bodies.. Though Quinn would keep him covered. He then just stared at Kel after she corrected herself. For a moment he was going to have to beat her ass for the slip up. "Of course." He quiclly moved back towards the wall. He immediately began feigning worry and fear. Towards the explosion, the gun bust, he was but a doctor in the way if the guns started firing after all. Without the sword he fenced with! Oh what is a doctor to do. "Was dat an explosion? I might be needed if dere were any casualties. De two criminals are in de way though.." A means of asking if Kel would be fine on her own. As well because, quite honestly, it would be more suspicious if he left without a worry.

Judge Kuhn (judge.evermore) felt their moment of Glory being ripped out from under then and went wordless. The confidence that had built over the last few weeks faltered and he was in that moment just the 18 year old kid he was. One who hadn't gone through this system and stood there dumbly before turning his eyes toward Rabid . THe mans own fear only feeding Judges own. His heart beating in his ears drownding out anything else he'd hear Rabids words in some part of his brain but at the moment wouldn't respond to them. Nope in fact pretty much all he could do right now was parrot the mans movements his hands going first behind his head before his body lowering to the ground. He'd expected to possibly be arrested on the bomb charges and had known Rabid had it set to fight. But this...well this wasn't anything he'd even thought really could ever happen. He was still an invencable teen. Just one who was facing the best years of his life in prison now.

Keliah Angelis (keliahangelis) kept her gun trained comfortably down the middle between where the prisoners were, and unbeknowns to anyone, she kept her concentration on both blokes equally, watching for any sign of /anything/. Shifting, mostly. Rage. "Deputy.." She says calmly. At this point in the game, she has no smart ass words to say. Nothing to rub in their faces. No smirks of victory. Now she's all business. Dugan holsters his gun and makes a quick attempt at cuffing Judge. Quick..for a human, that is. " Judge Khun, You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say or do can and will be held against you in a court of law. You have the right to speak to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you. Do you understand these rights as they have been read to you?" With Dugan attempting to cuff Judge, it was Keliah's person pleasure to do the same to Rabid. She'd move towards him in a quick dance of steps, holster her gun, and reach for her cuffs, attempting to lay a cold hand on his wrists and guide them behind his back, "Rabid Calhern, You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say or do can and will be held against you in a court of law. You have the right to speak to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you. Do you understand these rights as they have been read to you?" To Remi, she simply gives him a look. It's brief.

Rabid simply breathes in and out. So much like five years ago when the then fourteen year old shorty had gone down for his first bit. A nickle already down he lost his childhood the last time and here he was again. He needed to hold it together for if he broke it and shifted Sho himself would hunt him down and that was a fate he could not risk. The mantra of nothing personal over and over in his head but soon enough those words proved to be lies. The deathly cold on his skin causes him to recoil, "This aint over" he growls though for now it looked as if it were. Letting her ramble off his rights he would nod quietly and remember that in the joint you only did your first last day. Well, if you had a last day.

Judge Kuhn (judge.evermore) started to panic as soon as the cuffs slipped on his wrists.He was panicing and started to react like a cornered animal would and a growl would start to come off of him. Only supernatural hearing would pick up on it. Rabid would but he wasn't sure what vampires hearing was like. He wouldn't be lost and out of control yet but he very quick was losing his logic for reaction and his whole body would stiffen acomponing the growl and would jerk away from any hand that moved toward his cuffed body not as if he was going to attack but protectivly and no verbal answer would be given to his miranda rights. Nope once those cuffs were on he was bordering lost in his own thoughts and reactions.

Dr. Remi Laborde (jingy.blinker) nods from the look and relaxes against the wall, he would pull his phone out aqnd begin to pretend to start frantically texting on it. Simply in case Quinn told him anything he would need to share. He would keep his gaze on the two wolves though. All the rage before drifting away to a momentary sense of accomplishment and glee. He had to hide it, but he gained that sick bit of pleasure one gained from seeing their enemy forced to kneel. If only he had the ability to chastise them, but he highly doubted he'd be able to get eye contaqct when the main one causing it was in front of him. This was a pleasure he didn't believe he would ever get.

Keliah Angelis (keliahangelis) of course she was eating this up. With the cuffs securely attached, though what little good it would do for her. He was an alpha wolf. Cuffs meant very little, save for show. That and there was something sublimely satisfying about have him in her bonds. "You're not staying here," She says. Mostly to both of them. Taking her sweet, sweet time to go through his pockets, though she'd make more swift work of padding down his legs, his ass, and between his legs. She fished in his kicks. Dugan gave Rabid a little warning glance for his words - in his eyes, it was. And like Keliah, Dugan made an attempt to pat down Judge. "You will be transported to the county Jail in the city. There, you will await your initial hearing...stand up," She says, and if he does, Keli would begin to lead him towards the cell for lock up. Dugan was not so nice about it. If he is able to, he'd haul Judge to his feet and push him towards the cell. She turns to Remi once again, and then gives him a pronounced, single nod towards the door. Leaning in a hair closer to Rabid from behind, "You're friend going to be able to keep his cool?" She heard the minimal growl. Watched his reactions. "Dugan, cool it. Do your job." She felt sorry for admonishing Dugan, but she also didn't want a shifting wolf on her hands.

Rabid was raised from age eight, maybe younger, to not fight an arrest. It was a lesson his grandfather and the debauched Parnell had beat well into him and one that was so natural he almost was suprised to feel the energy off Judge. A growl in responce, "Chill Nigga chill" would shoot out though not a civil word could he give the Sheriff. In cells he would work on keeping the boy even it would help him from losing his fucking mind. It was a living nightmare but not one he was unprepared for.

Dr. Remi Laborde (jingy.blinker) nods and makes his way out to go to the clinic. With quinn on scene he would need to be there in case anyone got hit by raining debris. If the damned wolves made him have to actually do his mortal job there was going to be hell to pay.

Judge Kuhn (judge.evermore) wouldn't go easy for the fucker who got the lovely job of dealing with him. And whenever his cuffs would eventually came off there would be some distinct weakening and stretching in those chains. He'd jerk away from the mans hand his growl starting to grow. It was only the cold water of Rabids words that broke Judges panic. There was a safety in the tug of the bond that jerked him into awareness of his alpha's orders and the stronger will in that moment snapping him out of it. He'd stop dead in his tracks so to speak. His tence body not fighting and the thought of ripping those cuffs off like kids dollar store toy cuffs and bolting out the door...well that thought would go right out of his head. Instead he'd let himself get tossed into the cell. The rough tossing around not really bothering him. The helplessness is what got him. But he'd move tencely but would move where directed and finally start to tune into the world around him

Keliah Angelis (keliahangelis) really, really needs to learn Rabid's language. What was it called? Some primitive form of English? The handhold she kept on Rabid was ceremony - keeping one hand curled around his captured wrist, but she squeezed more than was necesscary. More than what she would do to your run of the mill man simply because he was not your run of the mill man. With the other hand, she opened the door of the cell for him to step through as well as his 'nigga'. She shifts her gaze from Rabid for a moment, though she kept him firmly in her mental concentration, and regarded the approach of Judge and Dugan. "Doctor," She bids Remi farewell, watching him move by in the back ground. Once both blokes were inside, she slammed the cell door shut. The 'cage' rattles. "Transport will be here for you in two hours." She says, and then makes to turn away from the cell and move back to her office. She wanted so badly to go down the the light house...but she'd finish up her files to send with the officer from Seattle.
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The Arrest of Rabid Calhern - Alpha of the Aces
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