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 Taking Care of some Stinky business

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Lexie Ellwyn

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PostSubject: Taking Care of some Stinky business   Wed Nov 11, 2015 2:01 pm


Lexie Ellwyn  the rest of the marshmallow off the side. "I need to find a stick for some roasting" she had now idea if or where the marshmallow would land nor did she even think about it.  " Toasted marshmallows were the only thing on her mind at the moment.

Eoghan O’Flynn was running through the woods, sniffing at the air. There had to be some kind of food around! The mighty wold continued on, bounding through the brush. That being until sweet white mana fell from the sky, as a gift from the gods! The sweetness pervaded his  nose, and he began snorting through the underbrush. Hoovering up every tasty morsel that me managed to snoot out. Happy whimpers leaving as he continued to rummage about, hoping for more.

Lexie Ellwyn  grins as she finds the most picture roasting marshmallow stick. Taking three from the bag she holds the stick just slightly above the flame. She wished she had thought bringing some grahams and chocolate and would definitely add that to her must keep in the emergency bag next time she came up this way.  The marshmallows hovered just over the flames getting a golden brown on side before she rolled it to the other side.  She glanced down at her phone, which up there was really only a clock. She sighed a little still wondering if people were just late getting out. She started to hum a song as she sat there letting her marshmallows get gooey.

 Luna Hale  looked at the time, she knew that it wasn't time to get to there but after eating she could do with a hike to work off that onion ring burger.  Working her way past the boarding house and around a secluded house behind the garage.  She'd pass through the covered bridge and around through the woods hoping to get to her destination.  Still having a joint tucked into her lips, after her fight at the bar she couldn't help but need more relaxation and thought she should have gotten some shots.  Already having snapped at one person today, like she needed to do that to someone she didn't know but could possibly get to know and could help her for all she knew.  At this point Luna was cussing at branches, grass, and leaves that were in her way and on the ground; well atleast she tried to have a positive outlook but will try to be nicer when she gets there she hopes.

Luna Hale  walked through the vines, slightly wheezing thanks to her addiction to weed.  Gasping as she stumbled finally over towards the logs.  Climbing that steep ass hill never got any better, and her head hurt more than it did earlier.  "Fuck I hate... that climb" she groaned as she combed her hair with her fingertips.  Some of it was knotted and never made it through until she forced it.  Looking to the fire and the seating looked like there might be more than just her showing up.  But where was everyone?  She looked around seeing a woman over off to the edge by a larger rock.  Luna just sat there catching her breath, she wasn't going to wheeze all up in someone's face.  She did like the air up here though, seemed thinner and more calm unlike the air down in town.

Eoghan O’Flynn  had just gotten done eating all sorts of stuff a wolf shoulder never eat. Including mushrooms, who were currently executing order 66 in his gut. A slight whine leaving as he clutched his stomach, still moving through the woods. Only sopping when he had returned to the scene of the crime! Whining as he moved closer to the rock ledge, unable to take it anymore. All the booze and people food, with mushrooms on top. He had no idea a party was about to take place above him.. but hopefully their ward would keep out the smell. As the wolf happily evacuated himself on the rock wall below those above. Sighing with relief, he would turn to give a quick sniff. And with nod of approval, ran off. May the winds be ever in their fortune or die in the mustard gas of a wolf.

Lexie Ellwyn  enjoys the sweet yummy marshmallows, well all but one as they were just too sweet now. She sets the stick down next to the fire while she goes through her bag looking to find her hand wipes. Once her fingers are clean. She poors herself makes herself  a rum and diet coke. Then settles back on the log to enjoy her down time.  She looks up at Luna from her fire trance at the mention of the hike "It's good for you.. gets the blood flowing" she says with a giggle.  " I suppose it is me and you tonight.. Tabs and Skips will be here later.  I have brownies and alcohol, you are welcome to help yourself. I call the brownies my hippy brownies, they are pretty tasty" Offering Luna as smile "It is a nice night though. I am worried about that storm that could hit. " taking a deep breath, there seemed to be a foul smell in the air. It wasn't pass out, water eyes smell but she didn't want to be any close to that then she had too nor was she going to wait and see if the smell got stronger. She began to pull the energy

Luna Hale nods gently as she said something might have died and that other people were coming.  "Yea the blood pumping but not my mind from being fucking quiet" she mumbled the last part as she was hoping that it would subside after being slightly buzzy and high as all hell.  "Got anything for a killer headache?" she asked pointing to the brownies hoping they were pot brownies.  Luna never hid her joint obsession "I've just got some monstrous mind melting things going on.  I've thought about going over to Seattle to see if maybe get a cat-scan or something.  I think I'm going insane or something" she said feeling on the brink of tears cause of the mental pain she felt.  "Well sometimes less is better, who are Tabs and Skip?" she asked swirling her hair to her back and just let it stay there

Lexie Ellwyn swirls her fingers a little in the air. As she focuses her thoughts on moving the spell away from them. A slight breeze would move of the two women and then pushed away the awful smell. She then allowed the wind to start tapering off. " I really don't know what made that smell but nothing I want to experience again. Pausing a moment " oh yes I do. " she moves the containers she had set out earlier, checking each label before selecting the two she wanted. She then grab a cup and pour a little water into. Taking a pinc h of calamus root and some lavendar she dropped them into the water. She then searched out one of the koolair packets in the trunk she had stashed and dumped it into the water. The energy was still flowing through her has she held the cup. Once it had been mixed she handed it over to Luna "this should help at least for tonight" she said with a smile. "Tabs and Skip are friends." she would let the other two elders introduce themselves formally to Luna. " They be come along at some point. Just beware.. the old man can be grumpy and a stick in the mud"

Luna Hale takes the cup and would pull the joint from her lips long enough to down the drink, she wasn't waiting for much as she smiled back for once today.  "Thanks" she groaned before refitting the joint back into her lips.  "Nice" she nodded and would lean her one arm on her leg as she studied the woman.  "I could use this like daily, I don't know whats wrong.  Voices seem to just" she said moving her hands to her head shaking her head.  "It's like I have a million people trying to talk up here and I swear I don't know what the fuck to do half the time.  Other than get high and drunk and boom they mostly subside.  I take heavy drugs to sleep" she shook her head some more.  "Oh don't worry I'm always grumpy mostly grumpy" she nodded to her.  "Thanks again, where can I get like a lifetime supply" she joked with a small laugh.

Lexie Ellwyn  cants her head to the side " you are hearing people? " wiggling her nose some. Thinking at first that Luna may be getting the ability that almost drove her crazy, empathy. "so I had something like that. First you have to learn to force yourself to relax.. the more you fight it the worse those headaches are going to be. I can feel and sense peoples emotions.. I had to learn to block it out and only let it in when I need to use it. " folding her arms across her chest "but you are hearing voice.. " shakes her head " that could be something else. Do you know what they are saying? "
Luna Hale  takes a nice big toke on her joint, "dude like I hear lots of them and sometimes I can't focus on just one cause they are all talking over each other.  It's so hard to pinpoint one.  I like used to, and I used to talk to it but people then looked at me weird cause they said I was talking to myself" she shrugged.  "Anyways whatever yanno?  I just sooth it out with drugs and alcohol.  The only way to really drown it all out, kinda why I'm bitchmode all the time.  Some asshole at the bar earlier.  I was calmed slightly down until he shoved his tampon further into his anus and well" she sighed.  "He found out how much of a bitch I REALLY am" she growled that out.

Lexie Ellwyn  laughs at the remarks about the man in the bar. "There are plenty of assholes out there, especially in this town. All with their big egos and shit " she laughs before finding her rum and coke and takes a sip " oh so you need a focal point that is easy. For me I would used a stuffed animal.. when I wanted to feel just one. I would focus on the animal and push energy towards it, my mind pinpointing that one person. It wasn't easy and took many tries. I eventually got it. I think that could work for you. having something to hold really helped me with that. Even if it sounds silly"

Luna Hale sighs, "I may invite you over to my house.  I got this thing at Seattle and the woman who sold it to me said that I could drain myself into it.  Meaning that I could drain those pesky voices into it, I just haven't figured it out.  But you" she said taking the runt of her joint out and tossing it into the fire.  "You might be the one who can help me figure it out" she nodded.  "If your up to it" she sighed and reached for a brownie?  "So people I hope are coming? Even your friends right?"

Lexie Ellwyn  cants her head again " I am up for trying. I will see if I have a few books on draining the voices. Frowning a little that none of the others came " I did invite but I suppose they didn't understand or get the message. There is just something in the air right now that makes my hair stand up on end. " Shaking her head a little " It has been far to quiet. I think we need to have a little fun and stir up some trouble. It maybe good for all of us instead of waiting to see what happens. " She sat back down and took another long sip of her drink.

 Luna Hale grins and nods, "now trouble I enjoy getting into trouble."  Luna nodded to her "oh yea if you want I got this pool thing that was told to just" she said making a hand gesture like her head was exploding.  "What trouble could we do?" she asked tilting her head to the side.  Luna got up and looked around stretching, her head didn't hurt right now and felt almost a numbness as if she could get stabbed and that wouldn't feel pain.

Lexie Ellwyn  grins and raises her finger to tap her chin. "Well I think.. "stepping over to her bag and pulling out a bent up composition notepad. She starts to flip through the pages "I have been writing down spells that look interesting and we could see if they work. The hard part is deciding which one. " she is almost giddy at the thought. " you know that smell early.. I am sure it had to be from an animal or something. wouldn't it be cool if we could focus enough energy to move it to that animals home?" Laughing a little " have the animal step in its own poo" laughing again perhaps the alcohol was taking effect. "I don't know if that is even possible and I am certainly not going to go down there and pick up.. but I am thinking about maybe this return spell for lost objects might work to do that trick. What do you think ?" letting out a sigh " although we would never know if it did or didn't "

Luna Hale watches her carefully, "ok thinking is good" she said with a sigh leaning her body on her knee.  "Yea I got a wiff of it, think something is dead" she laughed and then stood up moving over to see her notebook.  "Oh yea no no I like that one" she nodded pointing at her.  "Wait what if that spell goes a little off and well" she bites her lower lip.  "What if like lost things return to you" she said blinking and then shaking her head.  "Would be odd but nice maybe?" she laughed.

 Lexie Ellwyn shakes her head " well I didn't lose that thing so hopefully it wouldn't return to us.. If so I think we need to run" she says laughing. " I suppose it could return something that me or you have recently loss but I am thinking we could avoid that if we could keep focus on the source of the smell and sending it away" She starts to shift through the pages looking for the spell.

Luna Hale  laughs,"umm yea I really hope it doesn't cause then I'ma duck cause it was your idea!" she laughed.  "Yea that smell might deter anyone from coming up here anyhow" she sighed.  Putting a hand to her nose she shook her head "what in the ever loving fuck did that thing eat?" she felt her eyes water a bit.  "Fucking thank god the fire isn't closer or we'd all be up in flames right?" she shook her head and sighed.  "Anyway we can maybe smother the smell?  I know that's weird but I could probably write a spell on the sly if I need to for that if it doesn't work" she sighed thinking that wouldn't be a bad spell.

Lexie Ellwyn  folds back her composition book the page "Then it is settled, we will send back the somethings stinky they lost and then you can write a smell to kill any left over residual smell. Just don't make it to fruity .. to much fruity smell is blah" Shaking her head "man I wished I had thought to bring some crushed flowers from the shop" Heading back to her bag she sets a white candle, black candle and a white candle at different points on the pentagram. "So what this says is we the words three times, each time lightening a different candle. Pulling a pen from her back pocket she rips out a piece of paper and writes the word stinky poo on it. She then makes four folds of the paper the last being the hardest and lays it down into the center. "once all the candles are lit, we light the paper and then if it works we won't smell it anymore." According to this, it should go back to its owner, meaning it will be found somewhere in or near the thing home" laughing a little at the thought. You can look at my cannisters,  I have a little lemon pepper, lavender and mint.. if you need something to help mask the smell" She then turned and read over the spell a few times, wanting to make sure she had the wording right.

Luna Hale  nods and thinks about a little ditty in her head, while listening to Lexie she is trying to get her thoughts collected while then looking through her cannister.  "Sure thanks ummm" she said then finding a bit of mint left over.  "This will do" she said then waiting for Lexie to continue the first spell.  "Need my help or do you have this?" she asked trying to hold back a laugh.  Oh man whatever it was that left that big ole crap was gonna not like them.  Thankfully it won't know what hit itself... literally.  She watched how smooth Lexie moved around the pentagram and lighting the candles, she was a natural which was nice to find.

Saphy  was in the middle of doing inventory at work, when she felt this pull from her. Like a calling. Saphy looked around and stopped what she was doing. She turned to her bartender and patted her on her shoulder, "Hey, I need to do something. Can you take care of the inventory for me." When she asked, the bartender agreed. Clearly, she didn't feel the pull since she didn't say she had to go as well. Letting the pull take over, guiding her through the way Saphy needed to go. Passing people by as they waved to her. It was a hike, but the pull was guiding her all the way into the woods and up the mountain. The pull was getting stronger the closer she got to the circle. The vines opened as the ward sensed a witch nearby. Upon her arrival, she seen a couple of her fellow sister witches.

Lexie Ellwyn  finished setting up and stepped back to double check her work. She couldn't help but grin. Then the smell blew again over the fire and towards them. " that is just wrong." she says as her hand goes over her nose and mouth " we need to do this quickly and no we should do it together, it will increase the chance of it working with us and maybe move it faster" she says this time gagging at the smell. She starts to pull the energy from the source again.

Luna Hale  watched Lexie work her magic when a waft of the smell grew and it made her gag as well, "oh fuckkk" she said cringing as she tried not to vomit.  "What the fuck stupid fucking" she growled wanting to do the smell spell right then and there but she digressed and waited.  "Yea it was wrong so wrong ugh" she said then turning to see Saphy arrive.  She smiled and nodded to her before turning back to Lexie, "you ready to do this?" she asked clamping her nose shut but that somehow made it worse as she tasted it then.  "Fuck there is no escaping right now" she said moving the collar of her shirt over her nose and mouth to act as a filter for the strong oder.

Saphy  entering the circle, there was this foul stench that roam over here. She immediately gagged and almost threw up, herself. There are certain things Saphy can't handle and that smell is one of them. In between gagging, she managed to spill out a few words, "Why does it smell like someone's ass blew up?" She lifted her hands to cover her mouth and nose at the same time, trying not to throw up.

Lexie Ellwyn  waves at Saphy as she enters " hold your... " she starts just as Saphy mentions the smell " I don't know, nor do I want to . I just want to get it gone. Come help us send it back to its owner. We are going to get rid of it and try and cover up the smell. " She could feel the energy now running through her, with a swipe of her hand she would call upon the wind once again to help push the smell the other way. A breeze moved through the air, their hair blowing this time, taking the smell away from them, at least for a few seconds "We don't have long before it comes back. Lets get rid of this now, while we can breath for a moment." She motions for Saphy and Luna to come and take her hands to form a circle around the pentagram and candles.

Luna Hale watches Saphy about vomit, and that made her gag a little too until Lexie thankfully helped to move the smell from them.  "Yea lets before one of us has to clean up vomit and dear fuck I hope it's not me" she groaned and held up the mint.  "For afterwards" she sighed and then moved to slip the mint like a pencil balancing on hear ear.  She moved to the pentagram and moved next to Lexi in the approximate distance to where Saphy could join.  "Lets go" she said wincing as she was anticipating the awful stench to return.

 Saphy  was afraid to remove her hands from her face, but as she felt the wind blowing, her hair blowing toward her face and around, she moved in closer to Lexie and Luna and grabbed each hand and formed a circle. A moment of peace..a moment of fresh air. A moment she can think on something other than the smell. Yes..let's get rid of that funky smell she thought. Is this why they was brought here? She could have definitely done without. Enough with all these thoughts running through her mind. Saphy closed her eyes and began to pull energy from deep within. The sound of the wind blowing, was always so soothing to her, so it extremely helped with keeping her concentration, when ready, she will push her energy towards them.Taking deep breaths waiting for the go ahead signal.

 Lexie Ellwyn took their hands as they approach. Then gave them a smile. "This will be a piece of cake" she grins once more "So concentrate on the source of the smell the best you can. We want to make sure that is the only thing we send back and focus your energy on to the paper. She began to speak in a soft voice but each time she said it her words grew louder. The others were welcome to join her in saying the words

"Return what has been lost,
Return what has been left behind,
Return what has been misplaced.
Send the item that is written, the item that is gone.
Let the owner find its home in it's owner space.
So mote it be"

Lexie would say this three times before behind down and lighting the paper of fire with the flame from the red candle and made sure it burned completely before she started to pull back the energy.

Luna Hale  followed suit in saying the words, "return what has been lost, return what has been left behind, return what has been misplaced.  Send the item that is written, the item that is gone.  Let the owner find it's home in it's owner's space. So mote it be" she started chanting it softly focusing on the words and the smell while her body worked on focusing her energy with the others.  Continuing to say the spell over and over she'd wait until one of them stopped so she could in turn do hers wanting that smell to be gone and covered by anything else.

Saphy opened her eyes and pushed her energy towards the paper as mentioned. After hearing Lexie say the spell the first time, she went ahead and said it the next two times. "Return what has been lost,
Return what has been left behind,
Return what has been misplaced.
Send the item that is written, the item that is gone.
Let the owner find its home in it's owner space.
So mote it be"  After they was done, she pulled back her energy. Waiting for the next step..which was to get rid of the nasty stench.

Lexie Ellwyn  once there was nothing left of the paper. Lexie started to look around. She released the others hands and moves toward the cliff.. "well we won't know for sure it is gone until the air shifts again and then again the smell may not tell us anything as it could be a little left over. I really don't want to smell it again. Luna are you ready with your spell. She steps back to the others once again pulling the energy back to her. As she stood their waiting to follow Luna's lead on the new spell. Lex would do her best to memorize it so she could add it to the her book. Mostly for those moments when Elvis has an accident, it may come in handy.

Luna Hale dropped her hands and sighed, "yea we won't but I sure hope it got a lesson on leaving shit where it's not supposed to" she laughed.  Moving over to the edge of the cliff right above where the whatever it was defecated.  Luna would pull the mint from atop her ear, putting it between her hands like she was praying.  She took a deep breath before letting it out.  "I can't breath, I cannot smell.  What is that awful damning smell, for breath of mine and others around go far away and not in this town.  Fly far and wide and burst into pieces, take that smell to the thing that left it!" she chanted over and over again.  "What I give to you, in replace of the smell.  Please give back our one sense of scent so that we can smell again" and with that Luna would take her hands and thrust them out over the edge opening her hands and letting the mint fall towards where the smell came from.

Saphy looks towards the girls and takes a deep breath. Once more, gathering her energy within as she prepares herself for the next spell. Staying silently for now, though in her mind she's thinking, I hope that made it to him and it's in the owners home with him/her. When Luna went to toward the cliff, and said the spell, she watched her closely, after all, we can't have her slip off off the mountain.  That would be very very bad. She repeated the spell in her head in hopes she can remember it as well. Never know when it comes in handy. She inhaled deeply one time just to see if the spell worked

 Lexie Ellwyn  focus her energy on the words spoken by Luna and the idea of removing the smell. She stood silently eyes closed. When Luna finished,she took in a deep breath. She caught a deep smell of mint. "Well seems the smell thing worked. The mint is not bad" she says with a smile before bending down to blow out the candles. "If it worked then whatever it was went back to its owner. I am thinking back to where ever he or she lives. I hope they step in it" she laughs at the thought. She continued to slowly let go of her energy and she reached for her drink. The euphoric high feeling she gets when doing spells with others was a doing her well. It had been awhile since she did a spell with another witch.

Luna Hale laughed clapping her hands as she nodded to Lexie.  "No that's why I picked it.  lavender makes me tired so" she shrugged.  "Shit... I need to get home before it's too late" she groaned and looked at her cell phones time.  "I hope they step in their own shit too whatever it is.  Smelled like their insides died when they did that" she groaned and still slightly tasted the smell.  "I think I need to eat something to get rid of that taste I still kind of have in my mouth from it" she wrinkled her nose and sighed as the energy within her flowed out of her slowly.  She could feel herself draining almost as if when you get really tired, "you two should as well.  Hell knows whats up in these woods especially if it shits like that" she nodded.

Saphy  had not done a spell with anyone else in such a long time, let alone pulling energy for two spells with in minutes of each other. So it was a little draining for her. Stomach queasy, and a little light headed. But the smell was gone and that was the best thing ever right now. Saphy moved toward the log and decided to sit down for a moment. Giving herself a break before finally saying anything. "Is this why we was called  here? Over someone's feces?" She placed a hand over her head and closed her eyes. The earth was spinning at the moment. She wishes she had the feeling Lexie gets but Saphy does not have such luck. Taking a quick look to Luna and nodded, "Yea, I agree." She went to stand and slowing felt a little dizzy so she remained there for a few minutes. "Uh, ya two go ahead. I'll catch up in a few minutes."

Lexie Ellwyn  takes another sip of her drink and smiles at Luna " I think we should all probably go together. If whatever it was that left that nasty thing is still down there I don't want to run into them. She starts to gather her supplies. " Safety in numbers. We will help you down." then turning her attention to Luna. " The brownies should work for the taste thing but if they don't sound good there is some gum and a granola in my pack if you want it. " Her attention then goes back to Saphy " I called the witches to see who was here. Were there any witches in Ravenhurst anymore. Kei, Moxxi, my sister.. they just left, so why not the others. " letting out a sigh. " I know Tabbie is here and the old man. I guess time will prove if there are others out there but tonight.. we dealt with shit." laughing again " it is better than some of the other shit we had to deal with before. Let's get back to town.. If you can't make it home Saphy stay at my house tonight. Taking another breath " I like the smell of mint". Once she was packed and Saphy could she would be ready to go. She didn't know the effects of the spells they cast. A day of smelling minty for the girls and things lost being returned but she would worry about that tomorrow.

Luna Hale nods and lunges for the brownies, "yea cause that shit can just jump out of NOwhere again yanno?  Whatever shit in the woods, can like come at us and just yea" she said before letting her mouth work in other ways and eat the brownie.  But Luna took a few, cause hell it was gonna take a lot or maybe she just wanted brownies at that point.  "Thanks" she nodded liking the smell of mint too.  "Thankfully I'm not too far from the boarding house" she sighed.  "I'm ready... though I'm kinda the shortest here so I don't know if me going last is a good thing" she laughed.

Saphy  was not to concerned with getting home, but Lexie was right. safety in numbers. She pushed herself off the log slowly and stood there for a brief moment, to allow herself some time to adjust. She still felt sick, but she can handle it. Definitely going to have to get used to doing spells with other witches. She feels like she lost her touch. Not with casting, because she tries to practice any time she can, but pulling energy for more than one spell so soon after one another, she is not used to. However, she will overcome it. Just some rest is all she needs. "No, I can make it home. It's not to far from the bottom of the hill. Behind the dinner." She smiled to Luna and nodded, "I'm ready too." The spinning stopped for now, so now is a better time to get moving.
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Taking Care of some Stinky business
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