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 Ottavio Santino Salvatore Most just call me Oz.

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PostSubject: Ottavio Santino Salvatore Most just call me Oz.   Fri Nov 13, 2015 8:50 pm

Ottavio Santino Salvatore Most just call me Oz.  

My  life, It was a simple one up to a few months ago, Complicated is a understatement. Some fantasie the changes I've gone through, Others are in horror of just the shear thought. Quite frankly id give it all up to anyone that would wish to take it . Let's just say be careful who you introduce yourself to in today's world. you may end up surprised or even horrified to who, Wait scratch that, To what they really are. however I'm the what now , I'm the fantasy of some, the nightmare of others.  

It was a calm night just after the sun dropped its upper ridge to behind the world. using the planet as its blanket. the moon as its night light. I remember that sunset so vividly I play it in my mind so much Cause I fear another like it, my eyes shall never see again. they were the perfect ones that I use to watch with my love  before we parted way's some years back. yeah we wrote, we called. but it wasn't the same. oh how I missed her. in fact I got a letter from her just days prior wanting me to come visit but. you know Law school and finals coming up. I couldn't pull myself away. though perhaps that was my mistake in all this. Sorry I'm going off again you have to keep me straight. After watching the last light disappear as if thin air gave away to for I turned there he was. A pale man neatly dressed. His buttons extremely detailed . Og I remember it well. Cause when I turned it wasn't even able to land my step when I collided with his form. Sturdy like a wall he so much as even a shutter. "Oz my boy" the voice deep rhaspy. Its time.  

Now my friend I tell you this I wasn't a hero but nor was I one to step down from a fight but something strange told me to get outta there and get outta of there I tried. But, Get outta there I failed to cause it only took him one hand on my shoulder to about face me as a soldier in the army. "hold up boy" the man demanded and something in me made me freeze I couldn’t move . Fear? Perhaps. His hold on my Shoulder? Oh indeed. This large man this stranger had all but drag me down the aly as my father did when I was younger . I had a fear of no man like that night since before my father passed away 10 years before.  

Now I wish I could say I remember every detail but I don’t . I remember feeling drained a pain sharp in my neck. And I am unsure why to this day how he got me to do it or remember why I did it but I remember that taste of his blood thick awful but at the same time so dam good. But I can recall every inch of the pain after that as my mortal self died it was a pain that no human could survive a pain I will wish to never experience again my whole being was transformed. The blood oh I wanted more so much more I had no idea why I wanted how I could get it . The sensations the sounds. I could feel things I never thought possible. See things never before seen. Hear things..

And there it was the sounds drowned my ears hearing what it was they were searching for . Out of them all a single human heartbeat of a nearby passer about to enter the alley. The large man never said a word he stood me up and that was all it took .. the tourist was baiting me teasing me his heart raced a rhythm that song out to me one phrase "Drink Me" and I moved twards him with pace and dug ito his neck .

Oh my friend I'm not sure I can continue. I hate this part myself. My first kill. Mind you before this night I hadnt even so much as hunted a deer. Well lets just skip that then.  

The gentleman that grabbed me yes you guessed it . A vampire, and now I was to. To this day I have no clue why I was chossen nor them first 3 months did I question it. Perhaps in time I would have asked him. But that last night 2 months latter was to late. We got traped for hours that night and when we were finally racing back to the cave he housed us in the sun was on our back peaking over the herizion . If he did not push me in in time .  wouldn’t be here to even share this with you. But he did. But not fast enough to save himself from the cruelest fate ever. I didn’t see it happen but I sensed it it was done I longed for him no more like a newborn longs for his mother. A switched died in me .  

And here I am Alone . Still unsure of all this is all I can do why I was made what I am made but he talked about this place raven hurst and I knew a girl here a human girl . And I figured why not come check it out see what I can lern about me make something out of this mess im in
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Ottavio Santino Salvatore Most just call me Oz.
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