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 The thing that chase did

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PostSubject: The thing that chase did   Mon Jan 30, 2012 11:16 pm

Chase Calhern pulled his jacket closed alittle hand on the pay as you go phone in his pocket. He came to the tavern opened the door and walked in quietly for a change. If no one stops him he will head up the stairs towards the top floor in the tavern. " evening Sam " he says to the npc bartender in passing.

Chase Calhern didnt mind doing the dirty deed alone. The plan had been action for days now. So he was up the stairs two and a time. Hand on the rail. Sending his big bro a message through his link with the pack. Once up stairs he pulled a smoke from his pocket. Lit it and stepped outside. He leaned on the railing reading his cell as he brother had just texted the whole crew. He only looked out into the night. Face chiseled and void of emotion. He played the plan in his head over and over again. Sure the explosives had been place right, the lighthouse was wired up the old pay as you go phone set to charge the blasting caps. wooden support beams had been sawn and notched out so the structure would crumble easier. There was enough C-4 to implode the place maybe level to the ground he hoped. Another smoke pulled from the pack. As he continued to wait the orders. Pulling the phone he would use to set the blast in motion. Checking the charge and signal on the screen as he snapped it shut. Leather gloved hands lit his smoke. And when he heard his brothers orders their link. He tweeked a smile, grinding out his smoke in the ash tray. The pay as you go phone in hand as he dialed the number. Hearing only a second ringing. Before the first explosion was heard forty some odd bombs exploding one after the other. The ground rumbling and shaking as the smoke, dust and debris begin to fill and cloud the cold night air. He stepped back from the railing gathered all his cigarette butts from the ash tray pocketed and tucked the pay as go phone away. Chase had some disposing to do. The tavern was less then busy but there was Sam at the window. Yelling what the fuck was that. Easily enough Chase slipped out of the tavern as the locals begin to fill the street. It took dam near eight hours of planning and implementing the bombs so carefully in place. But it seemed like second and it was all over. Nothing but a cloud and dust loomed over the huge pile of rubble, formly known as the haven.

Chase Calhern coughed as he walked towards the grocery store. He had to take a look as more people seemed to fill the street. Trying to find the source of the explosion. He could hear the sirens from the station house. Little over time never hurt the fire department. Coughing more as the cloud of dust was thick in the market. he walked into the grocery store. Gathering up some chocolate bar that he pocketed while the npc clerk stood side in tears rambling on about a historic buidling.. the good old days guided tours and shit. Loosing her cherry to the pastor when she thirteen in the secret chambers below. " shame aint it .. probably bad electrical wiring for an old place like that.. " he shrugged and watched with the others as the fire trucks pass the narrow and poorly kept roads, cause the mayor was a cheap old fishing cunt.

Chase Calhern walked through the crowded streets. Heading the opposite direction of the gawkers. Naz had booked him a room at the motel. Had some sweet little pussy tied up in the motel he had been raping for two days now. So it back playing alittle hide and seek with the general in the unwilling. Bound and gaged on the first date. Is there any other way. And as he walked across the bridge. He pulled the pay as you go phone from his pocket. Opened the flip. Crushed, crumbled and twisted the plastic into pieces. He would drop the phone on the ground. Crush his heavy boot on it before he kicked it into the water. A handful of cigarette butts was the next to be disposed of. Seeing how the town was focused on the aftermath of the explosion. Chase headed to the motel. He walked into the office smiling affectionately at the night clerk. " hi ya .. I am in room seven on my honeymoon. Cant seem to make a call my wife.. would like to order in from the diner. Can ya make that call. Get some food. Have it delivered.. " he smiled and slide the woman some cash. " keep the change babe.. its Calhern room seven.. checked in two days ago.. " his fine leather gloves ran over his name in her ledger. " my Sister is in a few rooms overs.. Right there Naz with her boyfriend Val. Actually send them some food as well. " he winked and slide some more money across the counter. alibi's in place he turned in for the night.
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The thing that chase did
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