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 For Our Protection

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Tabbie Blackthorne laughs " smart ass.. " she dangles the keys to the shop.. " you can lock it but do you think it will keep me out ?" she waltzed into shop. " Hiro .. can we put this mess to bed once and for all. Like tonight .. like now?"

Scipio Zelin shrugs as he throws up his hands. 'sure...let's handle this guy i don't know. he's certainly managed to cause more problems than william puck, and for that, he should either be rewarded or burned alive. maybe both. what's the plan, exactly?'

Lexie Ellwyn head down the road, bundled up, backpakc on her back. She has her keys in hand as she tries the nob, catching sight of the old man in the woman as she passes the window. She would give it test before trying to unlock it

Tabbie Blackthorne cant help but Skips ass look fine in those pants. " looking fine oldman.. " she teased in a wonderful mood " I am down for burying him alive, as those polyester slackkz?" she smirked and headed behind counter bending down to look for the supplies she left here from the night before . " anyone see the chain of seeds. Did we manage to get a photo. ?" she was still hidden behind the counter. She was shocked how bad her friends were hoarders the drawers were a mess of magical goodies. " should we do it here. or ya wanna go to my place or yours.. " she was talking and on a mission to find the supplies she needed.

Scipio Zelin steps away from the window, head cocked to the side as he laughs at her comment. 'polyester? this isn't the 70s, tabbie. he opens teh door to the back room and flips on the switch, activating the silence ward within their storage area. 'i think we can handle it here; the back room is already warded and secretive enough. what are you looking for? if you're looking for another black candle, we're out. the damn things are backordered.'

Lexie Ellwyn turns the knobs and heads inside the shop. She would lock the door behind her, giving a warm smile " How is everyone tonight ?" she would reach over an pull the window curtain shut them head to the counter to remove her jacket and back pack

Tabbie Blackthorne peeks up from the counter. " well I had the chain of seeds .. we used to call the familars to us. I need the chain to break him from the circle..I am wonderful sweetheart. Did you see Skippers spiffy looking pants.. " she smiled and went back to sorting through the things under the counter. " so we need to put a plan in place . Any ideas Skip. Like I dont trust him. at all so I wont teach him anything. So we cloud his mind.. do we teach him a lesson.. keep him in the dark .. check on him from time to time. Or just wall it all off to him?"

Scipio Zelin turns back towards the door and offers a tip of his imaginary hat to the perky redhead. 'i'm waaaaay behind on my drinking, but other than that, it's a disturbingly uncomfortable and frigid night, much like every other night in ravenhurst. thanks for asking.' he glances back at tabbie and shrugs. 'i'd say at this point we have two options; throw him out completely or punish him while giving him the option to mend his ways. i'd say lexie has a better idea of what we should do since she's the only one that's actually encounterd the little shit.'

Lexie Ellwyn laughs softly " well I promise to help you catch up on the drinking later on tonight but right now" takes deep breath " seems we have other business we need to figure out what to do " looking back at Tabs "He didn't show up either nights, its like he isn't taking this seriously I worry with what he has told the wolves , making claims to being a healer and making wraps and such. He really could hurt someone. From what Rie said he isn't really doing it because he feels a pull to help someone but he is doing it as a means to further himself " frowning a little she heads over to the teapot

Tabbie Blackthorne found the seeds she was looking for.. " found them. " she chimed happily. " I am leaning on clouding his mind like a punishment. Make him feel his path has come to an end.. " she held the string of seeds in her hand. " something that lets him know .. he is untrusted. prehaps even a test later on down the road. to show he is worthy.. " she seems to ramble and goes quiet as lexie speaks." he is a loose cannon with a bladdering set of lips if he leaks such information.. not good at all.. Shall we head up stairs .. let me lock the door and draw the curtains. " Said and Tabs will pivot on her heals and do just that..

Scipio Zelin sighs impatiently as he crosses his arms and stares over the top of his glasses. 'while that's all very well, lex, that wasn't particularly helpful. do you think we should cut him off from the source and wipe him clean, or something less drastic? maybe something temporary?' he glances over towards tabbie with a smirk and says, 'i don't much care one way or the other, but obviously, we need to be committed to what we do, otherwise the spell isn't going to work.' he turns on his heel and heads into the backroom and dusts off their altar.

Lexie Ellwyn shakes her head " why do I have to be the decision maker.. you know it is really hard to do when well.. when you are me ? " letting out a sigh " if we give him a warning spell to teach him a lesson it should be something that will make a huge impact.. so what ideas do we have for that ?" she would turn and follow Skip to the back room as she spoke.

Tabbie Blackthorne aided the seeds on the alter and mauled over some sort of plan since they all seemed preplexed by this wingnut. ' well get the alter set. " she smiled and stepped upo beside skip. Taking the bottle of salt water as she wipped the alter down. Pushing away anything that might remain. " shall we blood bond first then proceed with the spell.. " she worked setting candles on fire. Pulling a stream of energy from the source so raw in around them.

Scipio Zelin calls over his shoulder as she enters the room, catching only part of what she said as he was already behind the silence ward. 'you want to give him a warning spell? that might do the trick, and it might backfire and cause him to go rogue. i'm leaning towards something more permanent if only because i don't want him figuring out things that can hurt us even more later. he sounds vindictive from all the stories i've heard.' he looks over at tabbie and nods, helping her set up for the spells. 'blood bond?' he asks, curiously.

Tabbie Blackthorne tucked the seeds away in her pocket. " I will need the photo of him. His full name. " she says scrolling through the pages of the book as she searched. opening her mind and believing now they has made the right choice for thier coven. " you and I are the ones not bound.. and certainly enough time as passed. That Lexie and the three of us should bond again. Keep the circle between us as tight as possible. " she placed a brass dish on the alter. Along side the dagger. Pushing back any negative energy she felt on her fingers away from them as she worked.

Scipio Zelin shrugs as he takes a step back and lets her handle the setup. 'alright, let's get this business over and done with. have you ever had to do this to another potential before? locking them out?' he plucks the cigarette from his lips as he stares down at it and then puts it out by crushing it out in a hidden ashtray, one of many scattered through the back room where he liked to research at when trying to get away from everyone.

Blaise Ellwyn lets herself into the shop and locks the door behind her, leaning back heavily on it as she tries to catch her breath. "Oh.. my.. gawd.. walking.. with a 16 lb.. bowling ball.. in your stomach.. is.. not.. fun.." she pants out to herself, then fans herself some and pushes her sleeves up to her elbows. The prospect of walking any farther was a daunting one at this point, after walking all.. the damn.. way.. down.. from the house. With a sigh, she continues to fan her face, wondering when this would finally be over. Then flashes of what it would take to be over enter her mind and she abruptly stops thinking of that for fear of giving herself child birth nightmares again. So with lingering thoughts about the many horrors that lie ahead, she trudges to the back room.

Lexie Ellwyn nods her head her face showing a bit of nervousness, fear and just out right emotion. The whole thing was very confusing to her. Her expression said nothing less than that. She would let out a sigh " I am ready to start when you all are" she would then begin to call the source to her as she sat there.

Tabbie Blackthorne reached for lexies hand to pull her close. " we will need the photo after this.. " she smiled and just forceable took Skips hands. Holding her energy firm. Did she feel a familar fire within the magic shop. " I think we need to make some more room in this circle. " she pulls back slightly as the heavy comes up the stairs. And spying the size of the little momma's belly she steps back alittle more. " yep room for three more. " she teased waiting for Blaise to join them.

Scipio Zelin grunts a greeting to blaise as she steps in, then looks over to tabbie and says, 'we're not going to be bonding with the little bastard, are we?' he gives blaise a bemused stare, then says, 'alright. let's get this over with.' he begins to draw in the energy around, collecting the source inside for preparation for the two spells they were planning.

Blaise Ellwyn wrinkles her nose at Tabbie and grimaces some at the thought, trying not to burst into tears at the idea of two things tearing their way from her body. "No.. no.. just two. Me and the snowball." She swallows, rubs the side of her face then smiles and swallows her emotions like she's been doing around Lexie and moves over closer, poking Tabs lightly in the side. "Bitch," she mutters, then gives Skip a disgruntled look and flips him off. "You know you want to bond with my bastard. It's one more magical battery for you to pull from." She draws the source as well, in great big fist fulls.

Lexie Ellwyn takes Tabbies hand moves closer to Skip and Tabs offering her other hand to Skip. Then looking up as Blaise comes into the room "Hey sis, snowball, moving a little to the side to give a little room for her sister to join. The energy having fully built up in her. She waited to start.

Tabbie Blackthorne well up another pull from the source settling the energy they would need around them. There would so much power in this room lets hope the old shack holds. " We are one mind, me and thee, together when apart; near when far, Thoughts within thoughts, aware when unaware; bound within the circle, Now until whenever!" she gently squeezed Lexie's hand pushing her protective fire towards the coven.

Scipio Zelin takes lexie's hand and releases his energy towards tabbie as she begins the chant for the bonding spell. he listens to her words as they begin to shape the copious amounts of energy flowing through the room and contemplates how good of a battery one of blaise's spawns would be. eh, no point in worrying about that; he'd probably be dead before the kid was old enough to be of any use.

Blaise Ellwyn takes Tabbie's other hand and reaches out grab Skip's as well, letting her energy flow from one to the other. A sigh escapes her and she draws up the soothing babbling brook energy which was more like a raging waterfall at this point. Stupid hormones, stupid pregnancy. But, BUT!! she manages to only let loose a tiny little mist of the energy. Mostly. In Skip's direction. What a joyous thing, circle bonding. Right? Here's a napkin.

Lexie Ellwynfeeling the warmth of the protective fire from tabs come around her. Then the slight mist of water. Taking in a breath she would call on the air to join them as well. Letting a small breeze come over the in circle. Closing her eyes she would focus her energy on Tabs and begin to repeat the chant, matching Tabs word and rhythm as she stood there.

Tabbie Blackthorne closed her eyes drawing on the others letting herself feel for once at peace. As the spun the spell that would bond them all once again. All elementist now. And she smiled rather proud of them. As she sucked in a breath saying.." We are one spirit, me and thee, together when apart; near when far;Will joined to Will; felt within and without; bound within the circle,Now until whenever! her focus was on Skip more as she spoke. Since she was never bound to him like the others. A calming breath as the flow of the elements in room.

Scipio Zelin wrinkles his nose at the watery discharge coming from the pregnant woman. he sighs, thinking pregnant women were just gross in general; even lilly had been a mess of emotions and bizarre illnesses, from throwing up repeatedly to other more disturbing body ailments. he wondered if it was even safe for a preggo to be doing magic; he had read about how pregnancies with wolves who shifted caused miscarriages. oh well, he thinks; blaise should know better than he, having been a witch for long enough. of course, her large belly hardly belied the ability at making wise decisions. he shakes off his random thoughts and siezes on tabbie's element, linking his with the flame with his mind and letting the spell's effect wash over him.

Blaise Ellwyn murmurs along with Tabbie, echoing the words softly, the elements washing over her and sinking in. The feeling of circle completed again and balanced by four was a big sigh of relief, sort of like coming home.

Lexie Ellwyn continues to chant along with Tabbie, letting the energy flow from her. Feeling hte bond strong among herself and the other. She would smile softly as she stood there. She actually felt relax for the first time in awhile, the irrational roller ocaster of emotions she got from her sister , nor did she have other peoples feeling butting in. She knew it would only be for a few second but for those seconds she would be free for a moment.

Tabbie Blackthorne pulled the calm from the air if thats even possible at all. Continuing her chant to bind them once again. "We are one body, me and thee, together when apart; touching when separated; Flesh of the same flesh; bound within the circle,Now until whenever!pushing her focus towards Blaise. For this circle had been to long apart. And she hoped her sister in the craft would continue like she did so long ago.

Scipio Zelin feels the spell begin to settle around them all and he begins to slowly pull back the energy until he had let the last bit of it diffuse into the air around. he was already starting to sense tabbie's hot mess of emotions, which was disturbing enough when he wasn't already experiencing the unstableness of lexie and blaise, one due to her empathic ability on the fritz and the other being a crazy pregnant chick. he takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly, trying to send out calming thoughts to everyone around him. luckily, he was seriously lacking in empathy, so these strange emotions should pass soon enough.

Blaise Ellwyn speaks again softly, "We are four souls, four minds, traveling down life's road. It has come to us to be closer than most. Allow me to travel with you as I allow you to travel with me. Mind, body, soul, all are as one. We are four souls destined to act." A breath drawn in and she squeezes Tabbie's hand, voice rising as she finishes the words, the energy slamming home with a resonating reverberation.

Lexie Ellwyn would continue to stand there, repeating the words of her fellow sisters. She felt safe and protected there in that moment. The ward Skip had set up was holding strong so no one outside this group of people would be able to hear what was said or done. Taking a breath she continued to concentrate on the words. She would give Tab's hand a light squeeze. The soft smile still on her face.

Tabbie Blackthorne breathed steady holding her focus mind and powers open to the other.Till her body jerked slightly from the blast from Blaise. Sucking back that raw force and she continued the last of her chant."
Travel with together be each others guide as I shall be yours. Let us not be four but one refletion of another, one mind, four souls, moving closer,ever closer never, to part, We are 4 acting as one. allow your natural shields to lower as I allow mine to go down for you. By this power drawn for the four .. This is my will so mote it be." she spoke knowing her words fall only on the ears of the inner coven. This was a night for them. And she pushed her air towards the ward that protected them in silence from the world beyond.

Scipio Zelin remains silent as he starts to go over the words in his head, committing as much of it to memory as he could for future reference. he mostly hoped he didn't have to actually run a bonding ceremony as he wasn't much inclined to do that, but it was always a good idea to keep track of these things.

Blaise Ellwyn lets out a deep breath as the feels the energy fade away, and she slowly withdraws her hands from Tabbie and Skip and shoves them under her own arms for safe keeping. A sheepish look given to no one in particular and she chooses to bask in what was going on rather than admit her magic had serious issues at the moment. "Stop that snowball," she mutters under her breath, and tries to shake off the excess as she looks from one to the other of them with a faint smile.

Scipio Zelin stares down at blaise's belly with mild concern, half imagining the baby about to burst out of her body like that alien did from john hurt's chest. this next spell was going to be a lot more intense, so he was starting to worry about what that was going to do. he didn't want her to go into labor right here in the shop. she definitely wouldn't want either remi or quinn applying a bandaid on her, let alone delivering a baby. he stares over at tabbie as she begins the next spell and slowly begins to draw the source back within, breathing steadily as he begins to store the source for the unpleasant business ahead. he glances back at blaise silently, waiting on her cue for the spell.

Blaise Ellwyn wrinkles her nose and nods to Tabbie as she realizes the decision that was made before she came in. She begins to draw her energy once more and visualize the source and the mage in question's connection to it. Watching as Tabbie begins the physical enactment of it, she herself begins to envision the source being cut off and withdrawn from the mage, channeling the power straight from the source into the task at hand as she starts to speak. "The source withdrawn, Your power gone, No longer part of the collective. You'll forget who we are, Memories plucked from your mind, Of each and every mage." She ignores Skip's face which was so blatantly screaming PREGNANT WOMAN GOING TO POP FROM STRESS, ABORT, ABORT. She continues to gather her energy and reach for more from the others as she begins the spell.

Lexie Ellwyn pulling the picture that she had printed from the one Rie sent in her phone, when Tabs asked for it. There was a frown on her face as she stood there. Once again pulling the energy into her she would concentrate on the picture and the words her sister spoke.

Tabbie Blackthorne held the energy that rose in the room from the inner coven. Closing her eyes as Blaise spoke. Calming cool air danced around them as the candles on the alter rose to their calling. A steady hand poured more wax from the candle forming another circle as the spells is further spoken and face becomes clouded to them as the wax cools upon the photo paper. " by our earth, air,fire and water. So be lost.. till then we desire.." she repeats her chant once again enforcing her fire upon the photo totally covered in the cooling wax. As she pushed them forwards. Holding her face truth in her mind and believing for now this right course of action.

Scipio Zelin finds the connection to the other three, well, three and half, oddly helpful in concentrating his energy towards the man in the photo that tabbie was working with. while he had never encountered this youth before, he was having no problems channeling the energy towards the altar to complete the spell.

Blaise Ellwyn breathes in slowly, her voice rising in octave as the power grows. "From this night forth all memory erased, Not a single face will you remember, Of the mages of Ravenhurst no details will remain Names and powers all a blank, None of us shall you recall." She continues to visualize the process, the source being cut off and pulled back, memories beginning to fade as she speaks, and the inner circle only strengthening and enforcing that, speeding up the process as they all join in their own way.

Lexie Ellwyn closes her eyes letting the energy, lending to the spell and what they were doing. She was still calm, the circle among them still providved her with the comfort from the emotions. She was able to remained focus.

Tabbie Blackthorne knows this task was needed to protect the coven. The inner circle pulls it powers with a force tonight as there is a steady pull from the source upon them. Easing back the wax as she layed it over the photo. Focused on Blaises words adding her own. As she nudged Skip with her elbow. She was sure he would have something to say she had never seen the oldman so quiet. Turning her head to nod towards him should he catch her dift. But he was a dude so selective hearing at the best of times. " mind be clouded. Your way is lost. Shall you not cross this coven.. for thy will be done.. this is the power of the four.. " she finished the last layer of wax upon the photo. But she held his face firm in her mind.

Blaise Ellwyn swallows as she feels the spell rise to peak and she glances over with a nod to Tabbie that it was almost done, glancing briefly at the wax clouded photograph as she speaks the final verse. From this night forth it will all be a blur, Nothing said nor done will you remember, Of what transpired while you were in touch with the Source, Or what you might have learned in the process. Do this swiftly for the safety of all involved, As we will it so mote it be."

Lexie Ellwyn takes in another breath listening , keeping her focus on the words, the spell his picture. Letting the spell take its effect. Whispering the words just after her sister " so mote it be" her eyes would slowly open and she would look over to Tabs, continuing to lend the energy till it was no longer needed.
Tabbie Blackthorne nodded as the spell was close to done but she added more. Holding what energy she had left. " by the moon and sun.. this spell be done.. this is our will so mote it.." she could feel the energy drain from her now. Stepping back slightly from the alter. Before she leaned forwards blowing out candles. Closing the circles cast upon the alter. "Our will be done.. " she said softly washing the alter down with the salt water, Cleansing the site. " I am starving.. " she yawned.. And looked so physically drainned.

Blaise Ellwyn exhales slowly as she finishes, and feels the spell complete. The source completely removed from the mage in her mind's eye, all memories of the mages and things that might have been learned from them clouded and faded, erased from his mind like they planned. "So mote it be," she whispers, then lets the rest of the energy dispell and disperse from her into the air. Of course, that was when the magic lag set in and she leans heavily against the altar, trying to catch her breath. "Oh.. gawd. I forgot how draining." As Tabs yawns, she does as well, and slides a hand over her belly.

Lexie Ellwyn lets energy slowly tapers off. She was slightly high from it but also dizzy and tires at the same time. Taking a few deep breathes, she starts to sit down. Then looks over at her sister and then snowball " Blaise are you alright?" she would say softly. Hoping that she was alright.

Tabbie Blackthorne would offer place a hand if she needed it. " I will take the photo and bury it .. Till such a time .. We might reverse it . I suppose we need to keep an eye on him from time to time .. its a shame the coven could use another. But the trust and .." she sighed letting her words trail off. " I think I am gonna head home and find husband. " she smiled and looked at Blaise to tease her sister in her coven. " but no little Snowballs for me " she winked and smiled.

Blaise Ellwyn nods and waves at Lexie some dismissively. "I'm fine, just hits me harder right now when I do magic. It's so damn tiring. Never ever get pregnant. Never ever ever. Don't do it." At Tabbie's teasing she grimaces and flips her off, then smiles some, biting back another yawn. "Isn't husband like.. yeah. No snowballs for you. Good plan. Just keep that photo safe and.. who knows, maybe things will change."

Lexie Ellwyn gives her sister a soft smile " not planning on having any snowballs on my own for a long time. You don't have to worry about that" Taking another deep breath, looking back to Tabs " That is true things could change, you just never know. Be safe Tabs, will clean up here and head home" still feeling a little shakey but had started to do better. She would sleep well tonight.

Tabbie Blackthorne hugs them both. " be safe babies " she so wanted to pat that swollen belly of Blaise but can only image the ward around that baby. So Tabs just reached for a hug from Blaise then Lexie. " Love you both. " Looking at Skip ." oh you too your hard not love no matter how cranky you are !"

Blaise Ellwyn chuckles and hugs Tabbie, kissing her cheek before pulling back. "Love ya, woman. And we won't talk about the cranky old man." She gives Skip a disgruntled look she usually reserves for Nicky, just because of his pregnant comments that have been made since she came back. "But it's good to have the inner circle all nice and snug. I missed this feeling." She smiles and rubs the side of her face, trying not to get all emotional and cry. "Be safe on your way home, Tabs. I mean it." There, lump swallowed. No no, those weren't tears in her eyes.

Lexie Ellwyn looks back to the old man and shakes her head at him. She would give Tabs a hug and kiss back. " be safe". I will get the others together soon and let them know what has happened so they aren't all surprised " trying her best to give a smile " this was the right thing " she would say out loud mostly to help with her own nerves, as the emotions from people around her started to creep back in.

Tabbie Blackthorne smiled and took the hug and kiss from Blaise. Before she was careful tucking the photograph in her backpack. " its amazing. I am so glad we managed to get the bond done again. I miss Caleb. " she sighed and furrowed her brow. " maybe we can work on earth together?" she purposed to Blaise as she pulled on her heavy winter jacket. Tabs seeing the tears form. " aww sweetie.. no tears. " cause now the tears were forming in Tabs eyes.. Sympathy tears at least she didnt have morning sickness. " okay going home to totally sexual abuse my husband .. So get yourself good and high. I so need a ward from Lexie. " she joked and shouldered her bag headed down the stairs and out the door of the magic shop. Locking the door behind her. As she sucked in a breath from the cold winter air.

Lexie Ellwyn looks back over at Tabs at the remark about the sexual comment " we promise not to watch this time " laughing once again at the time they had caught her doing just that.

Blaise Ellwyn continues to lean on the altar, sighing softly. "It was the right thing. It's best for everyone." She wipes her eyes and gives a I totally wasn't crying look, then blows Tabs a kiss as she goes. "We can work on it for sure." A slightly puzzled look about a ward from Lexie and she stares at her sister with a confused expression. "Huh? Ohhhh. Crap. Right. Yeah, we need to block that." [strike]
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