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 Basic Combat 101

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Scipio Zelin


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PostSubject: Basic Combat 101   Tue Jan 31, 2012 8:59 pm

Hello, everyone! Going to open the floor real quick by saying first I'm going to go on a little bit about combat and then afterwards we will open the floor for questions.

Welcome to Combat Class 101! We're going to talk a little bit about your basic combat moves here on Ravenhurt. Ravenhurst is a freeform player environment. This means that we do not use meters to determine the outcome of a battle, nor do we use dice in order to guage if offensive or defensive tactics are successful. This means that it is up to THE PLAYERS to work together to determine the outcome of your battle. You have to flex your brains and rely on your creativity in order to have a satisfactory outcome for your particular fight, relying on your wits. This, in a sense, makes it a bit more realistic and in my opinion - more enjoyable as a lover of writing.

The first thing we need to discuss is the reaction/action of each post. In each turn that you take, you should sensibly react in your post to your opponent's actions as well as execute up to two offensive actions in your post. Any more than that is a no-no. Not only does this keep things simple, which is important in combat, it keeps players on an even keel with the other.

Lets take a moment to discuss reaction posts to your opponent (or opponents). The key here is to keep it real. Remember, your in combat. Even though posting takes considerable time, you must think in 'real' time. Your actions should reflect the realism of real time. For instance, if your opponent slashes your arm open with a knife, and you take that hit, your reaction should not include taking the time to properly bandage up your wound. In actuality, if that was the case, your opponent reaslitically speaking could have a field day with you.

Any questions about reactions?

OFFENSIVE ACTIONS! Okay, lets move on to my favorite part of combat. Attacks! Like your defensive posts, your attacks you also be realistic and simple. And remember, you only get two per post! Your action posts should always consider the golden rule. You never want to speak on behalf of the other player. For example: Attacker: *Strikes Opponent with a fist, breaking his/her nose." Your action post needs to consider the reaction of your fellow player and should be written thus. For example: *Attempts to strike opponent, aiming to deal a crushing blow to his/her nose.*

Now, if your character has a weapon other than a gun or you wish to perform an action that enhances your combative abilities, it needs to be done in two separate posts. Say you are drawing a knife. You should not draw your knife and attack in the same post. They need to be two different posts. If you have a specfic ability, such as a vampire who can grow claws, then the claws should be treated just like any melee weapon and the act of producing them should be in done in a post prior to using them.

Guns! Does your character have a gun? Have you filled out a gun app yet? Please IM Tabbie here or myself after class if you not have a gun app and plan on carrying one.

Guns are just like Melee weapons except that you MUST account for your bullets currently loaded during combat as well and it takes three separate posts to fire your gun. First post: draw, Second post: Aim at intended target, Third post: Fire gun. Likewise, if you have to reload your ammo, that starts the whole thing over again. Load. Aim. Fire. Firing the gun is to not exceed more that two shots per turn, and the shots fired are considered your action posts. (Like, you can not fire your gun twice and then kick your opponent.)

The one thing about combat as that it's very involving. It is easy to slip up in the heat of battle and perhaps over post, or even perform an action that your fellow player might question. This is nothing that an IM can't solve. The last thing we want is to have the word 'powergamer' thrown over our heads because we might have broken the rules without realizing it. In my past experiences during combat, sometimes we will IM eachother our posts to make sure they agree before firing it into the chat. However you choose to do things while you play, just remember it's important to keep the line of communication open with your fellow player - remember, you're here to have FUN! So have fun with combat! Be polite and keep it real.
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Basic Combat 101
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