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 Mind Control

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Keliah Angelis

Keliah Angelis

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PostSubject: Mind Control   Sat Feb 04, 2012 3:39 am

You’re on the dark streets of Ravenhurst. Typically and suddenly, the skies open up and it begins to rain. Running for cover, you duck under the awning of one of the town’s store fronts, half cursing out loud at the inconvenience of being caught up in the rain. Then, out of no where, it appears you are not alone. A person stands there who appears to be escaping the rain as well. You are bidden a polite ‘Good evening’, the voice of which causes you to meet that person’s gaze and suddenly…everything feels…so distant. Next thing you know, you’re waking up in the motel, languidly stretched out upon the bed. What had happened? How did you get there? The last thing you remember is seeking shelter from the rain…

What is Mind Control? Obviously, it is as simple as it sounds. The vampire has the power to control someone’s mind in order to bid them do simple commands, erase memories of an Encounter (or other potentially incriminating memories), etc. By utilizing this ability the vampire can compel a potential victim into obedience and then simply erase the memory of the encounter which makes this ability a top-notch hunting tool. However, like most abilities, there are complications and factors to consider in Role Play and so I’d like to touch on those in this class. Afterwards, I will open up the floor and take all your questions.

Mind Control: Telepathy or no? Is Mind Control a telepathic gift? I’m going to go ahead and say yes. It is a telepathic enhancement as it gives the vampire the power to see things in the victim’s mind – such as memories. In many different kinds of Lore, vampires have telepathic tendencies that are granted to them namely through the Encounter. For example; Anne Rice’s vampires can read the memories of those whose blood they drink while draining them.

However, just because the vampire has Mind Control does not make them telepathic as a whole. For instance, my character has Mind Control 1. If she establishes Mind Control on a person, she can see their memories. She can influence their thinking; she can command them to do simple things. She can not convey thought or communicate mentally with other individuals while walking along the street. Catch the difference?

Even though Mind Control has some telepathic characteristics it is mostly a form of hypnosis and in truth, that’s what its main purpose is: To hypnotize prey and render them compliant for the Encounter.

This is Role Play though. In my own adventures, I’ve used this gift a number of ways to further along story lines and the like. For instance, I play Keliah as being very psychically sensitive to other telepathic powers because her mind is ‘open’ in this way. For instance, Kim Ling’s telepathic link was able to easily take hold of Keliah’s mind. Keliah has done some ‘file sharing’ with other vampires who have Mind Control meaning she has established Mind Control with other vampires with this ability and showed them her memories. I see no reason why your character, if your character has this power, can not do the same. All it takes is an IM to the other player in your scene if you have concerns about using your enhancement.

Okay, so how does a vampire initiate mind control on an individual? Pretty easy. It’s just like any action post, with your intentions clearly stated and the use of your enhancement clearly indicated so there is no confusion. Example: The vampire peers at the person stuck under the awning, caught in the rain, and smiles. The vampire’s eyes would take on a faint glow, the effect spectacular and alluring, and attempt to lock its gaze on the person.

Eye contact must be established!

Things to consider: If a vampire is looking at you in this way, it’s rather difficult to look away. Vampires are the ultimate supernatural predator. Everything about them is appealing to humans. They are beautiful; their scent, their looks, and the sound of their voice. Moths to flame, my friends. They are just that cool. So how do you defend yourself?

Let’s say you’re a human. You’re a Witch, or a Hunter, and so you know much about the supernatural world. You know vampires are not very trustworthy and that meeting their gaze isn’t the smartest of things. You’re familiar with the lore, so you just know to stare back might mean your impending death. (Case and point: Keliah as a character is very friendly with some the witches and most of the time they do not look into her eyes.) It is the easiest means of defense. Simply don’t look back. But what if you’re a human with little knowledge of the supernatural world or no knowledge at all? Chances are, you probably can’t resist.

Memories go bye-bye? Yes. A vampire who has Mind Control can dig around your skull in search of memories. Usually this is the memory of the Encounter. It might be that your character saw something that constitutes a break in the veil. Or maybe the vampire just doesn’t wish you to know a certain something about them that your character might have found out. What ever the circumstance, your memories can be wiped.

In order to do this, the vampire must establish a visual connection between you and your character as previously stated. It’s also not an easy feat to perform this task. It’s not a 1-post job and voila! Victims have no memories. It’s story telling, people! Erasing of memories is serious business and has serious consequences IC’ly if handled poorly. For one, your plan might flunk and your victim might remember everything – including you trying to erase his or her memories. Or they might forget, but go absolutely ape shit crazy.

So who is susceptible to Mind Control? In truth, every one. However, those with Mind Control 1 can only influence humans. Mind Control 2 is a restricted power and you won’t see it often on the SIM, but those with Mind Control 2 can influence any supernatural creature – including other vampires.
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Mind Control
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