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 Leath Gealach

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Rie Trager


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Join date : 2012-01-30

PostSubject: Leath Gealach   Mon Feb 06, 2012 10:11 am

i listened to his message 3 times before i actually understood it. the family will hear it soon enough.

who was this on the other end? was this really the male i loved? was this really him who i shared my bed and life with…my rock for the last 6 months? the person who had believed in me when i had not even believed in myself? that saved me from the abyss i was drowning in?

i pause and listen to it again as i write and it's like i am freezing from the inside. i suppose if i ever wondered if i was anything to him then this is when i have received my answer. i am so tired of loving those who lie to me, who just disappear.

his things were already gone from the house. i assume he sent someone to get them or he snuck in, like a thief in the night, and took them and simply refused to face me.

refused to look in the face of his Mate and say he was leaving for good. that the things we said to each other that night on the deck had been nothing but ashes and dust.

i am weary of this. i would choose to be flayed by silver again then to feel how i do right now. they all leave in the end.

i will break the bond soon, separate myself fully and have nothing but heartache and memories left.

i am Alpha, i am Harper. i am everything and nothing and i stand alone
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Rie Trager


Posts : 2
Join date : 2012-01-30

PostSubject: Re: Leath Gealach   Sat Mar 03, 2012 10:14 am


it is a land of snow and ice and darkness. though the time has come where the days and nights are becoming more evened out…it is still dark here.

i don't go out much during the daylight. the sun blinds my eyes as it reflects off the snow, makes it hard to focus on the job i'm up here to do…the hunt that i am on. i see why the leeches prefer it here, they have greater freedom though their risk is that much worse.

this town is small, the leeches here run the helos and that allows them to have the odd hours they need. my arrival was met with panic from them and curiosity from the locals. i am, apparently, an oddity. i know you cannot hear it but that has made me laugh. i have always been an oddity in the world of the bleeders, have i not? but they have been welcoming and kind. this is a quiet time and i have done my best to preserve the innocence as i've dealt with the Hunt i am on. this town is too small to tolerate the leeches interfering in our shipping lines…and one, in particular, i have unfinished business with.

they hardly know what hits them when i find their hiding holes and let that sunlight blaze inward. i think this town is used to supernatural oddities, which tells me the leeches haven't been holding the Veil very well. they don't even blink when another person disappears. perhaps that Darwin fellow was right and the idea of survival is played out to the extreme here. better them than i…is that what they think when they realize a familiar face is gone? and do i care enough to bother explaining..that is an easy answer.


i hear rumors from my contacts keeping watch over Ravenhurst. rumors that bother and even disgust me. Carrie is here in Alaska with me, using his friends for whatever they give him. but the others did not join me and now i am glad for that. this is not a town that could handle the full family and i do not need anyone in my way. luckily, we are leaving soon, moving to a city torn by war. this is where He has gone and so i shall follow. this time He will die and i will laugh in his face as He burns. then Carrie and i will decide where we will go…return to Ravenhurst and see what pieces can be picked up…? if what i have been told is true then i may not desire to pick up anything, just move through like a vengeful wind before disappearing back into the night.

i see Dawn breaking old friend. i have been settled by these trees for hours, watching a pair of leeches come and go from their hidey hole. i love this moment, reminds me of the old days. the sun will rise, flooding the land with pure light. Darkness like myself will cringe at it but i am greater than it…and will harness it to destroy.

do i think myself a god? hardly, but i am the Half Moon. i walk between the worlds, Gaia and Morrigan's wills guide me always.

the Sun rises, Death comes to your door
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Leath Gealach
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