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 Lexie's Journal

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Lexie Ellwyn

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Join date : 2012-01-31

PostSubject: Lexie's Journal   Wed Feb 08, 2012 2:40 pm

Sick days…..
So I figured if I was stuck here in bed, feeling like hell, I would start a journal. I suppose it is good to have as I don’t have anyone to really talk to here, well I guess I should rephrase that, the people I have met have been great and some seem that they could be good friends. It is just that I am not sure that any of them would understand why I don’t use magic. I have already been told that not using my gifts here was not a good plan, but why should I start back now. I have gone a little over five years without it, so really is there any point to it. Blaise doesn’t understand, she keeps doing things to try and make me, I guess find the “magic within me” and to her it really doesn’t matter what I want in that respect. I love my sister, I do, we are just, well wired differently I guess. I appreciate everything she has done for me but this is the one thing she will not let go. But really is there anything wrong with just being a person.
Anyway enough of that let me tell you about my graduation present so far… The Aunts were so excited when Blaise announced to the family that the two of us were going on a surprised cross country trip together. Alysse and Kit, our mother’s sisters, have such the bond between the two of them. I think Blaise and I have it too but with work and school and all the chaos of normal everyday life we hadn’t gotten the chance for a lot of one on one time. This trip was it. It started out great, When you spend quality time like that with a person, it can make you appreciate one another so much more. We live together, crossed paths everyday but most of the time you don’t take the time to really see a person. I say that and my mind drifts off to the movie I loved as a kid “Parent Trap” and the girls being forced to spend every waking minute with each other but in the end they became best friends, silly thought really. Damnit now I have the song from the movie in my head how annoying is that. I really need to focus here at least to get that tune out of my head. I think it is the cold medicine Blaise brought to me, who knows what is in it. I won’t complain at least not until I see pink elephants and a caterpillar sitting on a mushroom, then me and Blaise will have some words.
Ok so back on subject, the trip was going great and then when we got to Ravenhurst, we lost our bankcards. I was grateful we had already paid for a hotel room in town for a few days, but we were low on cash and the bank was being a pain about getting us new cards and freezing our accounts. The Aunts couldn’t even access it. So the thought occurred to us that we should probably get jobs at least so we could continue eating. Blaise suggested we try at the bar, I had been a waitress and her a bartender, it was perfect. After two days we finally caught up with Jericho or at least Blaise did and got us jobs. The next day however the Aunts came through, got our bank account up and going again and a temporary password for Blaise to pull money until we got the new card. I didn’t know any of this at least not till that evening. I had decided to take my sketch pad about to do some scenery drawings. The landscaping here in Ravenhurst is beautiful and drawing has always settles my nerves. I mean that is what my degree was in, I wanted to teach art, and maybe spend my free time working on my own pieces. By the time I get to the hotel, not only has Blaise rented a house but used the last bit of our money to buy and stock store in town. I can’t say I was exactly happy about it, I thought we were going home and the fact I had met a few people in town that talked to me about supernatural things going on, the use of magic, I knew that this was not the place for me. There is part of me that wished I had remained a bit calmer about the whole thing instead of just yelling at Blaise. She did support me and put me through college, but even a “hey.. I think we should stay here for awhile. I really want to run a shop, what do you think?”” would have been better than what I got “ Hey bought a store, got us a house, we are staying.”
She calls me a brat or a pain but really I think she has that backwards. Oh wow that medicine is strong think I need to sleep this off some.

Laying in bed…..

I heard Blaise come in downstairs, I have know idea what she has been doing. I am doing my best to just stay up here in bed. I am still light head from the medicine, but the nap seemed to help. Back to my apparent new life here in Ravenhurst. Well overall it hasn’t been to bad. Once I got over my initial anger I decided to help Blaise with the store. She told me if I wanted to go back east I could but right now there are no jobs really not for art teachers anyway and this is something new. I told Blaise that I would do the inventory, keep the books and even run the register from time to time but everything else was her. We had a few people show up and put in application for jobs. Blaise talked it over with me. I think that we have some good people wanting to work at Ellwyn’s and that will be nice having good help.

Well then about three days ago, she comes bouncing to me all excited like, saying she has to show me something. So she drags me to through town and there is this marking on the wall.. I was dumb enough to touch it and now these words roll on an on through my head.. Blaise says we have to find the rest then they will stop, which leads me to where I am at now in bed sick. Blaise dragged me all over the place, into the woods, through water, no wonder I am sick now. I so blame her and I still hear it going on and on in my head which doesn’t help with me feeling any better. Well I hear Blaise coming up will write more later, not letting her read this at all.

A New Day…
After a decent dinner and a good nights sleep I finally feel better. I have the sniffles a little but I think I am going to go to the shop today, getting a bit of cabin fever being in the house.

Back To Work and Gumbo…
Stayed at the store about an hour, it was really quiet that is good. I got to speak to Valiant one of the people Blaise hired. I so love his accent and he talks about being a good cook. I am going with my instincts on this and saying that I believe him. I added a hot plate to the list of things to buy for the store this month. I will slip it into cart when Blaise isn’t looking. I figure we get it there, and let him start cooking. She will not be able to say no and I know for a fact she has a weakness for the Cajun style cooking, which is what I am assuming he can do. She couldn’t get enough of it when we were in New Orleans, in fact.. I bet if he made her some beignets.. she would propose to him right there on the spot. Hell I might even, especially if they are as good as the ones we had every morning in Café Du Monde.


We were heading back out to the woods, this evening when we came across the sheriff just outside our door. Not sure why he was there but it didn’t seem to bother me. Blaise on the other hand, she was all up in arms about it. I mean really he is the sheriff, am sort of glad he is walking around. Our house, even though up on a hill is part of town, so him patrolling makes perfect sense at least to me. My thought is I am going to be cautious as I would with anyone new, but there is no reason to be rube or even an attack without cause. Blaise doesn’t see it that way, but what can I say, he is our boss and the sheriff not a person on my list to pick a fight with. If she wants to well so be it.
Ok so we are back in the woods again climbing and hopping over rocks.. what we found.. I can’t even write about it, I don’t think I need to really, what happened there will never leave me. All I can say is my eyes are more open.

Another day..

I have no signs left of being sick, I feel really good in fact a little more energized than I have been. I have found a few places to sit and draw. My favorite right now is on the Docks just behind the shops. I have caught a glimpse of a whale there on occasion. I wonder what would happen if it turned out to be like that whale in that movie “Orca” that terrorizes the towns, eats people right off the docks. I have know idea, but let me tell you I see anything coming out me from under the water while I sit here and write or draw.. whatever I am doing. I will be back up that mountain so fast. I will not be any food for a big fish. Blaise has been real busy with ordering and finding things for the store, so I have been on my own mostly. I can’t say that I am complaining.. it is nice sometimes.. not being a kid sister.

The strangest thing...
I was watching tv this morning, seems like every other morning and I heard this howl outside the door. Blaise had already left to go to work. Honestly it scared me quite a bit, I know we live in the woods, but aren't wild animals suppose to stay, well in the wild. Anyway, there was this really pretty wolf outside, I watched him from the window, it look like he was playing in the snow. Then for some reason he looked at me and then went to the door of the house, her started scratching on it as if he was trying to get in. He howled again. I was glad the door was locked, I ran upstairs and stayed there till I didn't hear anything else. I so wish we had a back door to our house. When I got back downstairs it seemed all quiet, looked out the window. There was no sign of the wolf. I suppose I was stupid to think it was gone, but I did and went outside. Just as I was about to go in he came up behind me. I knew for sure I was about to be eaten by the big bad wolf.. but instead he licked my hand and let me pet him. Then he just ran off. Later that night a fox shows up at the store.. there must be something in the water.
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Lexie Ellwyn

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PostSubject: Re: Lexie's Journal   Wed Feb 08, 2012 2:41 pm

I can't believe I found this after all these weeks, you would think that I would be able to keep up with a journal. I mean keep up with my sketch pad, well I do find that more entertaining. So it looks like I stopped writing at least a month ago. but who cares really.. I mean this is for my benefit, it's not like I am writing a book to be publish. ok so... lets see.. I think I will hike up the mountain a bit to find a quiet place to write.

I hate trying to figure out what is important.. or at least what I want to remember. Guess I will just do it by the people I have met.

(small drawing of a fox )

Let's see Blaise brought us home a pet, well a fox and I think he thinks we are more of his pets then he is ours. Well what is there to say about our little guy. He is a good listener, he doesn't say much so that is a plus. Although he tends to drive Blaise a bit crazy. He is very protective of us. We have been down to his den a few times. It is so beautiful with the hidden waterfall, my favorite place to go skinny dipping. Oh and he has this cool living are set up there.. in fact am looking at it right now. he also has this little puppy there to.. so terribly cute. He makes the best sushi.. I have told him that he should open a sushi restaurant in town. If he does that.. that will be my new favorite hang out. Oh and I do need to put this foot note in about him.. be very careful if you give him coffee.. he loves it but he goes a bit crazy when he has some. Oh and he steals shirts, he actually took my zombie tee-shirt. I told him no. So he got all mad and for some reason he had decided cigarettes were food, he drooled the tobacco all down the front. It was SOOOOO gross. Thank gawd it washed out. I am a bit worried about him though, last time I saw him he was pretty hurt, but Blaise told me he had returned and seemed to be alright. A few days later he disappeared again. I can't help but worry because it was before we got rid of the fog.

The Old Man

I have started a sketch of Skip in my sketch pad. I have almost finished the one he asked me to do of his missing daughter. He had given me picture to work off of.. I can't help but want to make sure it is perfect for him. I couldn't imagine what he is going through. My heart just goes out to him. Apparently his daughter Susan and two of her college friends went missing in Ravenhurst. There pictures are posted about town.. The fog had pretty much stopped the investigation. It surprises me that he was so easy to be friends with, I mean really I think there are only a handful of the professor I had in college that I would have enjoyed hanging out with outside of class and known of them were as old as Skip. I am not sure though I would ever want him as a professor though.. I think he would be the type that would just drive you crazy by being to strict. I do worry about him though, he has been telling me about this book that Blaise sold him. The more he talks about it the more I wonder if it safe. He has been translating a code in it. Blaise doesn't really put much thought into the conspiracy theory of it all, but that is just Blaise. It did however lead to him discovering that he was one of us. He has been letting me heal his leg. It was something to do while we were stuck up at the circle. There was alot of damage so it is taking sometime but I hope I can do it for him. Poor guy I have to give him tea with some herbs in it to help with the pain after each time I try. I think for being such a skeptic when he came to town..he has really been a good sport. He isn't too bad either... he helped me toughen up my skin for a day. The weirdest feeling but it worked.

Well I have found someone to practice with
.. oh did I forget to mention that.. I found my way again I fought it for so long but, then gave in. But I don't want to write about that, I got a feeling that I needed to be ready and that is where I am. The moment I told Blaise, she hasn't stopped pushing me. It had been awhile but I am getting it back, plus a few more surprises. Well anyway back to Nicky. He is been a good friend to me was there when I needed him before we went out into the fog. Although he does seem to find a bit of trouble and he seems to have a thing for vampires.. but that aside I think I found someone to have fun with. Just have to be careful not to scare my sister or if we do not let her know. I mean after all there was mention of some big love with a cute wolfy guy.. I am so there. My sis can be our maid of honor.

ok so a few other mentions... Caleb and Tabbie they have been around since the first time up in the circle.. my heart went out to Tabs when she went missing.. again there was alot going on and I don't want want to talk about it at least not yet.. but she is back with us and even though she will never read this journal I need to say this.. after what I felt up there at the circle that day ... I Love ya Tabs and will do whatever I can to not let that happen again.
Caleb well I most say he is very cute and nice to look at... this town seems to have a shortage of guys well at least guys that like girls.

well camped out with a few met some new girls they all seemed nice, a week in tents and then in the shop. I am just glad to be home.
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Lexie Ellwyn

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PostSubject: Re: Lexie's Journal   Wed Feb 08, 2012 2:41 pm

I start off the morning cleaning up the house.Surprisingly no hangover. Skip and I had a few drinks and spent the evening talking after my hand was hurting to much to continue working on painting. It is my left hand that is hurt, thank goodness, don't know what I would do if I couldn't write or well draw. Ok back on topic. I actually found my journal again this morning, It must have falling out of whatever hole it was in when Blaise redid the furniture.
Oh did I mention that.. Blaise surprised me with a all new furntiure in the house. Still trying to figure out how she got it all up there and arranged and managed to keep me out of the house. I think it looks amazing though. It was nice after the earthquake that took out the den, I had enjoyed going up there to think, hide, get drunk and skinny dip in the hidden cove. I do wonder from time to time whatever did happen to Zamian and the little fox Caine. I mean I know Zamian had to return to previous pack but the little fox I wish you my best boys. If you ever find your way back to Ravenhurst you have a home with me.
Wow.. I just read over my last journal entry, holy shit it has been a long time. So I suppose a very quick summary is in order than. A fog settled over the town, we camped out at the circle for over a week. We were able to save Tabs, then we had to battle the fog. Did mention it was full of monsters. We had to ask a pack of werewolves for help. OH OH and I got an element. I had seen my sister using hers before but this hit me like a pack of bricks and then I go thrown up front to push all the nasty back. I am so greatful the other witches were there, not all of them stayed in Ravenhurst from that night but with out them we would have been in trouble. It is amazing what we can acheive as a group. Honestly I had forgotten that power. I remember it the feeling when I was young and the Aunts would call the coven together to there home. We weren't always allowed to help but they let us watch the feel of the energy in there air.. is well there aren't many words there to describe it.. just whoa.That feeling came back to me that nice the high the buzz whatever you want to call.
Ok so still palying catch up trying not to get to far off but am rambling so yeah probably going really far off track. See what happens when I have to slow down on my sketches. There is a new sheriff in town.. yay.. and she is really my best friend here, next to the Old Man I suppose, Keliah's biggest flaw is being a vampire. Doesn't matter to me much, I mean she only tried to kill me, twice now I think. It wasn't her fault at all though.
The fog came back well some of it infected the vampires, it took quite the hold on the sheriff. The first time Keliah attacked me she gave me the hallucination of birds swarming in, like in that Alfred Hitchcock movie. Then I saw her attack Nicky, he set her on fire and she ran off. We were finally able to figure out what was going on, we caught her. The old man shoved a stake through her heart and then we were able to cure her. The second attack again wasn't her fault as another vampire, he goes by the name Remi may her think I was him. I know sounds a bit confusing. Remi was infected to. We had been able to catch him and tried to cure him but when the vampires handed him over they hadn't checked him for weapons nor let us know that another infected vampire would come and save him. I ended up being thrown down the stairs and fed off. Have had a few encounters with him since then. He isn't infected anymore. Again another epic battle with the fog thing.
Yet another battle with this nasty fog thing, hopefully it is gone for good this time. We did a spell with some Faes and were able to actually use their glamor to hide ourselves, the witches that showed up, a few vampires and a werewolf. Then we all went head to head with fog in the minds. Oh that was after Kione had to save us. I mean me and Skip. The old man had insisted on going down there He believed that was the power source of the zombie girls. Shit I am writing this all backwards the zombie girls that was the sad part of all of this. We are still not sure what happened but Susan's two friends somehow became infected by it. They had pulled them out of the mines. I knew it messed with the old man alot. His daughter friends being all evil. He started drinking again then. We still don't know what happened to his daughter or if we ever will. I really do wish there was something we could do to help him out. The one thing I do have to say is seeing a man shift into this huge ass werewolf and then having a few seconds to decide if it would be better to stay right there and hope he didn't it us or going back in the cave with a skeleton army, yeah so not a situation I want to ever be in again.
Other news Nicky has gone missing, not really sure he just one day stopped repsonding to my texts. Met new guy in town, Puck. He is sweet and funny. He is always a new mage. I so love hanging out with him, the energy of being around someone close to my age and being new to magic. Anyway he says that he has met Nicky. I don't know what to think about it though. I miss him horribly but if things or he has gone bad well then we need to protect ourselve. Nicky was one of my closest friends here. I hope whereever you are brother you will be alright and you know where to find us.
Ok back to happy well at least more wow really things. Puck, his real name is William. Any he tends to be one that finds all the trouble. It chases after him really. He got involved a Malkavian group of vampires and of course the leader of them is Remi but he wasn't the one causing the trouble. It was the town Doctor Quinn I am pretty sure he is very young vampire. The first time a met him a few months ago he was human. I know that for sure. Anyway he kept attacking Puck. I think it all had something to do with another guy but there isn't really any reason to go into all that. Puck attacked back and so began the back and forth, so I guess you would say at this point they were both to blame. We ended up capturing Quinn and staking him in the shop. That was after Tabs went to try and have a heart to heart to with Quinn granted she took her tire iron. I no idea about the tire iron part I just went mostly for back up. But nowadays things seem quite with them. I am not sure what happened with the vampires and Puck well seems he has found himself something else to keep him occupied. He did tell me he was thinking about being ghouled. I hope if he does he picks a vampire that will treat him right I mean I would hate to see him go but if that is what he believes he needs there is no stopping him.
Now I have to write about my new guy although while Blaise is away working in Seattle it is a good time to have him. She would have a fit if she knew I was well dating or sleeping with a vampire. Jarred is a one of Keliah's deputies. She had him watch over me a few times and things just went from there. He has been staying a few nights with me when he isn't hunting. He asked me to be his, his girlfriend but I said no. I am to afraid, what if there really is a curse on our family and if i fall in love with him and he dies it would be all my fault. I mean granted he is a vampire so a little tougher to kill than a human but still. Then on top of that there comes a point, that if I truly loved him, I would have to make a choice. He will never age and will live forever as of right now I won't so. Not that I am even there yet but damn it is always right their on my mind. Having a little fun at night right now is about all I can handle.
I can't believe I have spent the whole morning writing in this thing and I am just now catching up to what is happening now. So Caleb has been off on a book tour, Blaise is working in Seattle, and there have been mages that come and go for whatever reason. I guess they just aren't strong enough for the power that is here. Oh I did get a puppeh though.
A werewolf by the name of Ace came to us for help. She needed to leave her pack,we voted and agreed and now she is with us. I call her Scarlett when she is in wolf form. She is such a nice person as well. She went skinny dipping with me and Keliah a few nights ago. Any way she is now with us. I will do what I can to protect her. She has helped us before and was there that night Quinn was in the shop. I think she is a welcome addition.
There are a few new mages Arani. She is as cute as a button, hyper and excited to be a witch much like I was as a child. It is nice seeing that excitment in someone. Then I met this other guy Tristan. He is very nice, a little on the odd side, sometimes I would swear the guy is deaf or something as he doesn't always seem to listen or maybe just doesn't really pay much attention. Oh and there is Nyx. She is well my age, we have had fun, she seems to know her shit so that is good. Spent the evening shopping in Seattle with her a Kel. I am still not sure if Kel really likes her but she has promised to do some silly little spells with me like light as a feather some sort of something like that.
I do have to write about Tristan though, is partially why I am writing in my journal instead of drawing write now. I tried to test to see if he was a healer the other night up at circle. Just after Tabs and the others had left. Once he saw what I could do he asked if we could cut someone with magic as well that, sort of unnerved me a bit. I have to say though I had never had this happen, when he tried to heal me.. he made the small cut I had made with a pocket knife larger, instead of healing it he, well made the cut deeper. I told Skip and Tabs, sent Blaise and Caleb a texts about it. He ran off told me not to be mad, I did yell at him so I do hope he does show back up and I hope we can figure out what the happened.
So I am going to stash my journal now on my dresser hopefullly won't lose it again. My left hand is throbbing so need to take a break. I guess it is time to see what the day will hold for me.
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Lexie Ellwyn

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PostSubject: Re: Lexie's Journal   Wed Feb 08, 2012 7:13 pm

I always do this, set my notebook down and forget about it. It seems that I find it every so often.. ramble on a bit about all things that have happened and then get to a point and stop. I would like to say this time will be different but I am making no promises. I have enough trouble keeping up with the new mages in town, worrying who is coming after us next. New abilities and can't figure Blaise being pregnant.
Ok I said it my big sister is five months pregnant. She went back home to be with the Aunts and then told me at Thanksgiving that she was expecting, not that she could really hide it from me. I went back again at Christmas and then the next thing I know she followed me back to Ravenhurst. She has said that she will be heading back soon or getting an apartment in Seattle. As it is to dangerous here to have a child. I believe the Aunts will be helping her take care of the little snowball, when she arrives. I just hope if she stays here or close by I don't find myself playing midwife and delviering the snowball myself. Knowing my sister that is a huge possiblity so I grabbed a few books at a bookstore in seattle to read up on how to do it. For that just in case moment. I am not running around saying " I don't know nothin about birthing babies, Mrs. Scarlett"

I suppose I should move up to some updates.. Jarred disappeared, who knows what happened so many people tend to do that in Ravenhurst. Did he leave? Was he killed? I have no idea. Am I worried? I think relieved more or less. He had asked me to be his and I told him no. I don't really know if the curse over our family would effect a vampire but they can die and the idea of falling in love and losing that person. I am not sure I would be strong enough to deal with it. I think Blaise has it right, have fun, get knocked up, and just love the kids. The drama of relationships in general can be crazy. Besides I think my Aunts would have killed me bringing a vampire home as a potential suitor. Not to mention the more and more I am around the other supernaturals, the less predictable they become. Even with Keliah, I would be a fool to think that one day she wouldn't lose her shit and attack me, even it if wasn't on purpose, once they freak out that don't really have control. I learned that with the wolves.

I have talked about the werewolves in Ravenhurst. Zamian and there was Caine but he was a fox but they are different. There seems to be a large population of werewolves here. After the first interaction with the fog we had made sort of an alliance with some of them. Their leader or whatever they call him Kione was the one that initated it. Later on, a wolf by the name of Ace came to us asking for protection from him. She then turned up dead. The initial thought and still is in my mind, was that he had a hand in it. All I know is that she left that group. If there was more to the story, there was no talk of it. Tabs went after Kione and he grabbed her. I was able to track her. it really was the weirdest thing, feeling her emotion, the fear that she was experiencing. I was in a panic, when the feeling went through me. I found myself in front of the wolves home. Kione was at the gate. Skip had come with me along with a new mage. ( there are so many that come through and either get scared and just leave. I don't beleive they are killed but no one can ever know for sure. I don't have a link with them like I do with Tabs and Skip) So much for an alliance.... Kione opened the gate and attacked us. I was just glad we had on the wards that Skip had made and I was able to reach Kel on her cell phone before the ward broke. She brought a few other vampires with her and we were able to get out. I did manage to blow a female wolf into the side of their house and knock her out. I least she didn't get up after she hit the wall. That led me to practicing my element once more which helped at the Halloween Party.

So Halloween we have a party. I go as..... A WITCH!!!. I love how people in this town believe they know what you are because of where you work. Only the mages have seen me do magic and their have been only a handful of the others that have. So let them make the assumptions. I am not painting my face green and o yelling at people ~ I will get you my pretty and your little dog too~ . The problem I see is the fact that most people just do that assume. I mean I don't go around with a list of names in my pocket saying " her ya go, these are the people that know I am witch and these don't know so make sure you talk to them accordingly. In fact I don't even tell Blaise about every person I meet and I certainly don't fly around town on a broomstick so ASSUMPTIONS, ASSUMPTIONS, ASSUMPTIONS that is all they have. Looking back over what I just wrote I am glad to see I am not hiding my feelings on the things that have been going on of late but before I get there. I really need to finishing the catch up. So back a few months to Halloween.

Halloween we has a street party, did a spell with Tabs, I was little messed up. I am not sure it was a real spell or what but ghost started showing up in town afterwards. So who knows. We are still working on who those are and if there is a way to make them stop. The seem to pop up every so often. Trying to find if it is a certain date or on the moon cycle. Remi who is now the prince of the vampires from what I have been told, seems to be the only person that tried to talk to them and he came back with the name Joesph. Puck also got a vision of a large castle on a hill but that was before he became a ghoul. He still helps us some and it is what he wanted. But still miss him not being around all the time finding trouble. Oh yeah after the party a nasty ugly vampire attack me and a few other mages. I was able to throw her a few hundred feet away. Practice makes perfect and I plan on keeping it up. I also got a second element. water. It was a little slow coming but I am slowly getting it. I am no longer at the point of having small rain storms when I use the air element.

It also seems I have started to develop empathy, but I still have no control over it. That is when I don't smoke a little to take the edge off. For awhile there I thought I was going insane. I could feel Tabbie when she was being attacked and tortured. I mean really feel it, her pain, fear, at one point I even felt the air being choked from her. Then there was Caleb and relationship issues, so much anger and sadness. Not to mention the old grumpy man not helping when he got angry at Tabs. I really thought at one of the meetings with the new mages they would all run away with what was happening to me. I couldn't keep myself calm. It was only with those in the circle for awhile that I was feeling these things and then most recently, people I am around often or if their emotion is really strong. Blaise being pregnant, hormonal and an emotional roller coaster didn't help things. So for a few days especially at the house I stayed stoned. Blaise offered to do a ward on me to help, but I decided against it. I mean if it gets to bad then I will but I need to learn how to deal with it as I don't think it will be going away. I have been able to slow down the pot though. Chamomile tea has become my new favorite thing. Not that I mind being stoned and Kei and I always have a fun time.

Did I mention Kei is in town? she showed up a few months ago. It is great having her around. We has some much fun together in college and in our sorority. It was even better when she found herself doing the calling. She is a good relief from the everyday stresses of Ravenhurst. Oh and Nicky showed back up. He is seeming to be alright. I have spent time with him and he is answering my calls. I haven't had the courage to ask what happened. where he had been or if he was alright. I am just glad to have him back.

Skip went to London over the holidays, looking for more things about his wife's past. I was just getting used to him being back from his trip to the Twilight Zone and he was off to London. He gave me a call at my house and we talked, used the mirror link and I made a sketch for him. Let's just say I am glad he made it back home.

I did meet another man that is new to town. His name is Vern. I have to say very handsome as well. There is definitely an attraction there but will see what happens with it. He isn't human. I don't think he is vampire either mabe a wolf. He followed me up to the house the other day. Blaise would have kicked my ass for letting him in but hey..I just couldn't reset a handsome face.

Tabs and I have defintely gotten closer over the past few months. She recently got married. She told me things about her past and I really do think she has grown and won't go back to who she was. There was issue with who she married from her old friends.. She did marry a vampire and from what I seen she has alot of wolves for friends.

And that leads us to the most recent things. We had a new mage by the name of Hiro come to us he is welll was a healer. However we were told by other wolves that he was going around talking to people about being a healer all of sudden. He wasn't using magic but when people that have known you for awhile are like what? you are a what? it does arouse suspicision, that did lead to werewolves coming to me to talk about it. We asked him to come talk to us on two different nights and he didn't managed to make it. Tabs, Skip and myself made the decision to close the source to him for awhile. It wasn't a decision that was made lightly and I hated every moment of doing that spell. For now we clouded his mind from remembering us and he has not connection to the source. Perhaps someday he will be able to rejoin us but only time will tell.

That leads to the biggest cluster fuck situation of them all. The vampires and werewolves in Ravenhurst are in some sort of territorial battle or something. The werewolves took over the lighthouse. The vampires vowing revenege. In order to save the veil over the holidays. Myself with other mages had to set up wards around the lighthouse and the vampires new house. ( which was Kione's old house.. . Kione one day up and disappeared.. like I said.. it happens quite a bit in Ravenhurst) The ward made them feel happy and calm when they passed through it. The hope was to slow the fighting down and get them to place where they would just be like whatever and just drop things for awhile. Anyway it was only temporary and apparently they are still fighting. Someone blew up the lighthouse, Kel blamed the werewolves for doing it but I don't know they were living in it. Unless they are just really nasty people and peed all over the place. We saw a few the night we set up a ward out in front of the lighthouse. It looked like they had trashed the place at least from the front. I never made it inside nor had any plans of going there. To me it seems the vampires had more reason to but who knows. I am not sure they will ever get the real answer.

Anyway. I healed one of Tab's friend around New Years. She is a wolf. I saw her that night in front of the lighthouse. I went and visited her a few days ago. Her brother came to get me to bring herbs and things to help calm her down. Anyway I got a text message from her the other day. Telling me that, the vampires and werewolves had this meeting and during the meeting Remi announced to everyone there that my shop was run by witches and not only that but we serve as a refuge for the vampires. I asked her what vampires were there. She told me, Remi, the doctor, a few vampires she didn't know and Keliah. I didn't nor would trust an insane vampire to keep my secret. If he hadn't try to kill me three times now, he would have never known. At least I don't think he would have known. Do those we consider our closest friend offer us up to people within their own races? I know Kel has offered our help to others. Even if it is not Kel, do the ones that have accidentally found us, like Celeste do they keep their mouths shut. I can ask the same about the werewolves. Do they tell each other everything? Do they out the people that try and help them? I don't know. I would never make the ASSUMPTION that everyone in town knows what they are. I go out of my way not to let people know that the sheriff is a vampire or the local bar isn't run by wolves. Was what Remi said to the people in this meeting, meant to put us in harms way? Did he just ASSUME that everyone already knew that myself and Skip were witches. I think back, that just a few weeks ago there were hunters in Ravenhurst. I know all the races had been warned of this. I told Kione.. Kel told the vampires. Are the other races just stupid or very forgetful? I mean setting the cemetery on fire.. blowing up the lighthouse? I may not have been there but from what I understand those things were caused by them fighting. Does it matter who started it, who pulled the trigger? In my opinion, no they have put us all in danger. Yet they continue to point fingers at each other. And we are pulled into the middle of it. We have humans working in our shop, new mages that just found out they have power, if the wolves try and attack them.. because they ASSUME we are in an alliance with the vamps. Is that right?

Regardless of the reasons it was said, telling a room full of werewolves and other vampires that the Witches own the magic shop and that we are siding with vampires, in my opinion placed large targets on our back. Are those vampires going to protect us and if they do what will the cost be? Do they even care. From what I was told Kel said nothing about this out the meeting, just let Remi's statement go, never trying to throw the others off and rephrase what he said. Have I been wrong all these months in trusting her, she is afterall a vampire. I keep looking over the text trying to figure out what to do. What was the motive for Naz telling me this? to threaten me, warn me of danger that is coming our way or just testing to see how much and alliance we have the vampires. Skip doesn't seemed to concerned but it has put us all in danger and all because of what.. ASSUMPTIONS. My new favorite word and from what I can tell it seems most people in Ravenhurst make there opinions solely based on them. I am planning to try and get in touch with Tabs later on and figuring out want she wants to do. I am worried about our safety.

Oh got to smell my first rotting dead body smell last night, when we went to receive a piece of bloody carpet for a spell to figure out what happened to them. It is a smell I don't want to ever have to experince again.

Almost a year in this town now. I had expected to be teaching art to some little kids in a school somewhere. Amazing how just one little hiking trip can change your life. So I will end here. Can't promise the next time I will write in here but I will eventually remember to.
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Lexie's Journal
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