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 Severing of all ties. I have no Sire.

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PostSubject: Severing of all ties. I have no Sire.    Tue Feb 14, 2012 12:17 am

:: This RP took place last year, when Reen returned to Ravenhurst after the prince died and he was approached by the man who killed his sire. I always liked it::

Bratcher (thomas.greycloak) leans on the rock, waiting for something that only would likely make sense in his mind as he puts nose to the air, breathing deep he pushes off and puts boot heel to ground and stands to his full height as he begins to walk closing distance as he follows the scent and stops just short of the bank, he had smelled the boy about, but their paths never seemed to cross, well that ends tonight as his bestial gaze falls on the other and a low rumble emits from deep in his throat in a thick Appalachian accent "Evenin'. Yer a bit far out dont ya think?"

尺乇乇刀 wanted to run and hunt and not feel so useless. What he hadn't counted on was running into another of his kind out here—one much older. He looked up at the other vampire and felt as well as heard his words. He wasn't sure if he should bolt and shift, or stand his ground. "Evening—no. Actually, I like to come out here and enjoy the woods. Is there a problem?"

Bratcher (thomas.greycloak) grins at that, full of teeth and menace "reckon not. unlike most people I don't say where a person can and cain't go....man needs to know his limitations. You go where you ain't shouldn't, you'll learn from the experience. Give me yer name and we'll be well met"

尺乇乇刀 frowned. "Why don't you give me yours first?"

"Because I asked. And when I give mine It'll likely change things. if you are who I reckon you be." he passes through the cat tails as lithe as a panther, his eyes holding his beast, ruined by two many frenzies and never again to pass as human as he keeps his sole attention on the other "I reckon you be Reen, childe of the dead prince....I'm kinda hopin I'm wrong."

尺乇乇刀'd taken a step back as the man was suddenly before him. He'd moved so quickly, and yet every nuance had seemed languid and smooth. But when the stranger called him by name, and then told him his sire—his gold eyes widened and he felt his already sharper than usual teeth slide down. He narrowed his eyes as his face became just a touch more wolfish. "How do you know who I am? Who the fuck are you?" His own voice would sound harsh, mixed with both shock and frustration. No one but Keliah had known who he was.

Bratcher (thomas.greycloak): "You used to wear the same badge I did, under the same Sheriff....it ain't hard boy. You left mighty quick after yer sire passed from this world. We never got a chance to talk about. I'm fixin to remedy that." he makes no other moves, standing there almost like a statue as he considers the other "Have you talked to Niko yet, he told you what is goin in between the three of us?"

尺乇乇刀 frowned. Same badge? He tilted his head to the side as he sorted the through the mangle of memories Linzee had helped him with. But it wasn't until he mentioned Niko that he considered who this was. "You're Bratcher—yeah Niko mentioned you. But," and he felt his fear wane. "He—he said we all needed to meet, because we're gangrel."

Bratcher (thomas.greycloak) "well there is that. But it goes a little bit deeper for you and me. I'm going to say this and you can set yer watch and warrant on it. If I wanted you dead we wouldn't be talking. If I wanted to her you we'd be clawing right now....ken it?" tilts his head then and gets to the damn point "Yer sire....we didn't see eye to eye on our clan, on this island, on anything really....she forgot what it meant to be Gangrel....when you were a boy...probably just discovering the fairer sex, there was a man named Xavier and he got up from the table of all the vamps and said "fuck you very much, we're leavin" and for the most part it's been that way ever since....we go where we want, we pay lip service to the rules of where we go and we in turn aren't asked to bend knee to any would be Kings. Your Sire got that taste of power and became a mad king and when I wouldn't kiss her ring she decided it was my time to leave this world....I had a difference (cont
[09:47] Bratcher (thomas.greycloak): Of opinion. One of us was wrong. One of us left that argument, and it sure as shit wasn't her"
[09:51] Bratcher (thomas.greycloak) looks the boy straight in the eye and finishes his words "It wasn't my intention for her to die, and for that I'm sorry...but you can take my word for it, she had it coming. If you are raw about it, here I am." he waits then, watching the other, ready for either possibility

[09:57] 尺乇乇刀 (reen.nyoki) stares as Bratcher's words echo around him. How many months had he told Connor he wanted to know who killed his sire? And always he'd been told..... "They told me a wolf killed her. I thought....I thought they meant a werewolf." He blinked. "I think there was a time I was angry. I don't remember it. I know I left here, went home. I was brought back here to discover the details of their death. But ...." he shook his head. "None of this is what I imagined. I'm sorry but...I don't have a single memory of her. Another vampire took me in—not as a sire but as someone who told me once that the one who made me was insane and damned and she didn't want me to grow with that same kind of twisted thinking. My sire was long past her expiration date. So if there are raw feelings...they're long gone. But what I do need to know is what happened, because I don't want her blood to cause me to lose myself." He put his hand on his chest and felt the old ring there. The two hearts hung there as well. And somehow,
[09:57] 尺乇乇刀 (reen.nyoki): they no longer carried the same meaning.

[10:05] Bratcher (thomas.greycloak) nods a t that as he considers looking now at the water "I think what pissed her off most was that I was trying to mend the rift between her and others that wanted her gone. I was talking to her pet Tzimisce about what could be done to fix it...and she pops up and it's a fight.....then one night there is me and Keliah hanging out, and here she comes...she almost killed the Sheriff, she almost killed me....but she didn't. Now she's dead and her Tzimisce is who knows where. That's the skinny of it , Fred. Sometimes you get in yer mind that someone needs killin and you go to do it. Sometimes it don't work out the way you planned." spits on the ground then at her memory and moves along side him, looking at the water now as he considers "you are my blood, same as Niko. I reckon that's all I need to worry about around here. So no, a wolf didn't kill her, that blood is on my claws . The wolves got enough piss in them without us adding that

[10:11] 尺乇乇刀 (reen.nyoki) turned and looked at the water as well. She'd nearly killed Bratcher...and Keliah. She really had been insane. No wonder Linzee never wanted to talk about her, and told him to build his own future. He looked sideways at Bratcher and gave a half smile. "Then I owe you a thank you. I've grown closer to Keliah since I've been back, and she's taken me in as close as a brother. I would destroy the world for her." He looked back at the water, reached up and pulled the chain from his neck and shoved it into his pocket. He'd burn it later, and reguard his sire as a footnote in history, and nothing more. "So..." he grinned. "Can you turn into a wolf?"

[10:16] Bratcher (thomas.greycloak): "Keliah I respect. One of the few. You could do worse than to know her....but that's completely true. You are the master of yer destiny....you choose your path in this world but I will tell you now, we ain't like the others....we are closer to the beast that drives us than they are...and if you don't come to terms with that beast, it'll overcome you and you'll lose yourself in it. You'll kill the people you love, you'll do things you never thought possible, and that'll be your tale. " he looks over and grins "I can turn, but if you end up a wolf and bat I'll blame it on your maker's common blood. Wolf ain't bad though, could do worse. " doesn't answer the question out right to his forms, he merely let's the boy wonder about it

[10:23] 尺乇乇刀 (reen.nyoki) half turned and frowned at him. "It's hard sometimes...to not act when I'm angry. And I don't often want to follow the rules. I was told much the same by another gangrel—bout us being different. That we're truer creatures of blood than the others. I can't imagine any other existence though. But I don't understand what you mean—" he narrowed his eyes. "What's wrong with being a wolf? There ain't nothing common about it."

[10:27] Bratcher (thomas.greycloak): "the turnin is...it's the common form. Don't get yer britches in a bunch....I don't mean it's a bad thing, it's just what most people turn into. Tis all" grins a bit as Reen gets hot about it "one thing I want to get straight though....I think me and Niko may be closer than age than you, pup....but we ain't wolves....we ain't a pack....and we don't think like pack animals....when two gangrel meet up, they usually sit by the fire and trade knowledge and move on but we have the unique situation of having three in a small place....so officially you won't get any alpha wolf bullshit from me. I know Niko is laid back ...but that don't mean if you ain't smart you won't get scuffed from time to time....that comes with being a pup"

[10:27] 尺乇乇刀 (reen.nyoki) clenched his hands into fists. "I ain't no pup—stop call'n me that."

[10:34] Bratcher (thomas.greycloak) turns then and looks him up and down and just grins then, unhealthy "you are what you are, boy. Embrace it or change my mind. I ain't yer daddy but I will take you to the wood shed if you get lippy."

[10:38] 尺乇乇刀 (reen.nyoki): "Don't look at me like that! I'm just tired of everyone thinking I'm weak—I'm not. Keliah made me one of her body guards. I can take a hit just fine and I don't have to convince anyone of anything. I'm not a pup. I hate that."

[10:40] Bratcher (thomas.greycloak): "But yer missing the bigger point here.....I'm able to push her button with something so simple...and people will find that out about you....and exploit it." tilts his head as he regards him "So ignore it. It's just a word."

[10:43] 尺乇乇刀 (reen.nyoki): "How am I supposed to ignore it? Are you trying to push buttons?" He took in a deep breath. "I'm not exactly... fuckit...I don't have a manual on this shit. And if there's one thing I've learned at this is that it sucks—being a vampire. I remember what it was like to human. My dad said I had a temper then—but now it's just worse. It's like..." and he paced a little. "It's like I feel everything more than. I can hear things I shouldn't. I can smell things that confuse me. It's like everything closer to the surface and I don't know what to do with it."

[10:44] Bratcher (thomas.greycloak): "Have you eaten a bear?" he considers for a long moment and looks at Reen "I mean have you just found yourself a big pissed off bear and just took that bitch down and filled your belly with it?"

[10:45] 尺乇乇刀 (reen.nyoki) blinked. "No."

[10:47] Bratcher (thomas.greycloak): "well when you have you'll know that someone calling you something is insignificant....because you have faced down something deadlier than every human standing and most vampires you'll meet." crosses his arms and considers "I don't care if you can take a hit if I can rend you to ribbons with my tongue "

[10:49] 尺乇乇刀 (reen.nyoki): He'd been an MBA student before he'd been ghouled. And he was a bit sharper than he looked. He took a step back. "Oh. Point taken. Was this something my sire was supposed to teach me? Because..." he ran a hand through his hair. "That never happened."

[10:52] Bratcher (thomas.greycloak): "Not to get bullied? I reckon you shoulda learned that in school, feller" grins a bit and considers "you have time...and you have two gangrel to teach you what you don't know about yourself. That's more than most get. "

[10:53] 尺乇乇刀 (reen.nyoki) shrugged. "Well... I'll be around. And let's meet again." He grinned and took off running into the woods.

© 2011 Thomas Greycloak / Reen Nyoki
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Severing of all ties. I have no Sire.
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