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 Aces in Prison

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Tabs Blackthorne

Tabs Blackthorne

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PostSubject: Aces in Prison   Sun Feb 26, 2012 11:43 am

Rabid had fallen asleep again. Most of his days had been yard, weight room and back to his cell. Sleeping made the time pass and as depressing as the news he had been getting from his lawyers had been lately it would be hard to say that there wasn't a big dose of depresion going on. As the familar smells of shit and piss mixed in with sweat and desperation wafted through the cells he kept in a semi doze. Shit rolling on tier would get him up in battle stance but for now he laid in a state of wait.

яabid ßedℓam (tabbie.blackthorne) had driven for hours to the state prison. Spend another hour or so in the visitor processing line up, been poked and proded in place she prefered not to be. And when the other visitors were escorted in one direction. A large black guard grabbed her arm and took her to the other direction. She walked speechless through door " In here Ms Blackthorne " he said leading into the small holding room like cell. " Ok.." she now felt like a prisoner herself as she turned away from the locked door. Peering into the larger cell. Craning her neck to see who was inside. Her only memories of the Rabid were from the photos and the pictures of him and his young accomplish that were published across the state.

Judge Kuhn (judge.evermore) did anything but sleep. In fact he was doing almost the exact opposite of Rabid and finding himself in a near perpetual state of anxiety. The scents and noise overwhelming his sences. He paced his cell like a caged animal which he pretty much was. He would make the familar walk across the cell the same amount of footsteps turn repeat. He was anywhere but close to quietly accepting the fate that in his paniced mind Rabid seemed resigned to when the guards walked up his attention turned toward them his eyes landing on Tabbie and a muttered "Rabid" coming out as he just looked over at Tabbie "Come to fuckin gloat?"

Rabid woke up eyes wide at the sound of doors opening and Judge's strange words. A sniff would let him know exactly who had enetered and srpinging of the bed he would be up and beside the bars in a matter, "Well well, my own personal Judas. Come for the crucification sweet cheeks? Might have bad news for you" even as he mocked the woman in words he would pushi that presence forward. Bars weren't keeping him contained and if she didn't feel the menace and terror he evoked perhaps the lust was still there With time only on his hand he still given the chance would have tossed her salad like Newmans own.

яabid ßedℓam (tabbie.blackthorne) froze when the large metal door in front of her leading into the large cell, had opened.. oh that's not suppose to happen. " umm guard.. she turned her head to look towards the door were she was lead in from. But it had been closed and she was certainly along or so it felt. She had been filled in on every detail of who he was and her part in the crime life back in the Hathian. Alot had change for her over the last few months the Aces had been locked up. " not at all.. " she sighed not remembering Judges face as much. A set of icy blue eyes flicked over the pair of them but mostly over the open door, that she stayed clear of. " no no no its not at all like that.. " her eyes darting between the bars the open gate and locked door were the guard had left through. She felt in utter shock and fear did tremble over her flesh. " came for the quite the opposite.. I am sure this was a good idea now. ?" she looked down at the floor then slowly up at Rabid.

Judge Kuhn (judge.evermore) watched Rabid move toward the bars with a sence of satisfaction. His own personal hatred and hit list had grown a mile long while in the prison and he forgot where on it Tabbie was but if she'd been forgotten she was on it now. Folding his arms over his chest he stops pacing the cell and instead almost begins stalking her. The prey he missed with every fiber of his being. As if the bars weren't there to him he moved from one side to the other a snarl in his voice "To late your here now don't matter if it was a good idea or not." oh he'd stay back behind Rabid and wasn't like he could actually do anything anyway. But the pent up frustrated angry thing he was could feel like there was something he could do.

Rabid was a desperate man in a desperate situation but that didn't mean he was taking it bending over. That was when he realized that the door was opened to him. Not surprised he had his payroll in this place too. He would have liked a heads up perhaps but well a gift or a paid service the offer of fun was there. Slowly pulling back the metal doors he would put up a hand to softly run fingers down a cheek, "The opposite you say? Here for a good hard fucking? You always were a randy bitch Tabbie. Not complaining but I ain't bout to let my boy go without so hope you ready for a lil train" There was a time he cared about the woman. Maybe a time he loved her. That was then those emotions killed when she had turned her back on the family. Betrayal was never an option.

яabid ßedℓam (tabbie.blackthorne) finally lifted her eyes towards him hardly believing the information about him she was told. But his presence at this point scared the shit out of her. Twisting her right hand to pull the air in around her body trying to lay a calm in her presence. She looked at Judge. " I should have come sooner.. or not maybe to much time has past..I just need to explain " she only hoped the gate to the large cell would soon slam shut and she could feel some sense of safety. " I jus.." she was going to speak but the Alpha would have his piece and she would fall silent. She was trying to remember all the things Naz and her cousins had told her about Zack. Tabs just held her breath and shook her head as he spoke back and forth in a no no no but the look on her face said hell fucking no..it was the touch that sent the spark of him through her memory and the fear of his capabilities like a waves of shock. She would feel herself moving backwards towards the wall, slowly if she can inching away from his presence which just seemed to loom over ever larger then life. Really not like he needs his echo stroked but it had to be said. " he took my mind .. he had .. I .. I .. worse then any spell I could ever cast. controlled even. " she sucked in a breath and her sentence was broken with fear. She wondered if she made any sense at all.

Judge Kuhn (judge.evermore) helped punctuate Rabids point with a nice lewd grabbing of his sack and a leer in Tabbies direction. "Drag her ass in when it's time" and he'd go on back to his bunk and let the two of them talk while he took back to his pacing and only muttered a "Lying fucking bitch"

Rabid 's hand staying on the cheek reveling in the fear he provoked. His head would turn to nod towards Judge and his suggestion, "F'sho lil nigga" a laughing reply before he would take the time to fully eye fuck what was in front of him Without warning his hand would leave the gentle caress of her cheek to push forward as to grab a big handful of hair. Hopefully that was no dollar store weave to match her lee press ons but whatever he was moving fast and hard and if his hand caught her he would slam back towards the wall with a growl, "I could kill you so quick right now. What do I have to lose" Louder now, "Tell me Tabbie what do I have to lose?"

яabid ßedℓam (tabbie.blackthorne) felt her despise for Judges mouth and action rise. Funny how certain things can tweek those memories she was sure were long forgotten. " that’s’ not true. I am not ly’in.. " she felt the panic rise in her chest. And her back to the wall. If Rabid was right in her grill she would have lipped off right back at Judge it was right there on the tip of her tongue a mouth of choice words.But she kept her attitude in check. As her hand still moving to draw from the air so much power in the raw element even if it was laced with scent of sweaty nuts sacks, ass cream and smoke. She was suddenly slammed into the wall staring up into the face of the beast she could hardly find the words to answer his question only making it worse when he was yelling at her. " nothing is stopping Rabid.. you just needed to know. it wasn't my mind.. it was trick.." she had spoke put unless you can hear a pin drop the chances are you might not of heard her. The fear welling in her body as her heart raced in her chest. Nothing she could do, would seem to calm her.

Judge Kuhn (judge.evermore) watches nice and epicly and maybe strokes off

Rabid takes a deep sniff of the woman her scent intoxicating to a man who has spent the last months in this cold hell. As quickly as he had grabbed her he would let her go, "So it was never you? It was this spell and never you! " Turning slowly from her he wills calm to his mind. Right now he was so close to the edge and shifting on the inside was never a good thing. "This is what I'm going to do Tabbie. I mean right after I tear you up" and toying with this one he would let her respond to there reality.

яabid ßedℓam (tabbie.blackthorne) tried to push the fear closing her eyes as her hair pulled and her body is pushed into the wall. Holding her breath till he let her go. She looked towards the door were the guard had left her. Time must be up and someone was watching weren't they. They had to be its the law. Wait they had let a known felon at the civie. Something was so wrong in this place. She had been reminded of the influences and his capabilities. " no the leaches can in your mind and trick you .. lead you down paths. you would never go on your own. Make you forget.. " she was not begging she may have no memory but she was a sally this feeling she knew for real. " you do what you have to.. I came.. " she looked in his eyes as she spoke feeling the helplessness of her words were falling on deaf ears. So maybe the law locks him away. She had to try. For she was sure she had lived a lot longer then she was suppose to.

Judge Kuhn (judge.evermore) rolled his eyes heavenword. The bitch really better not be talking her way out of a joy ride.

Rabid smiles as he gently lays hands down to shoulders to guide her around. Without force but firly spinning her around to look at the wall then to guide hands towards the wall, "I'm going to give you a chance to redeem yourself. All you have to do is get us out of this fucking place." Still working to maneuver the woman so she would have her hands up against the wall her ass sticking up he kept his explanation up, "I don't expect you to do it all alone. You know I have lawyers, law men, bad men, all on my side. But you I am going to let lead lead the movement to get us the fuck out of here" If she was in position the next sound would be one of a slow unzip.

яabid ßedℓam (tabbie.blackthorne) could hear the slamming and opening of cells door in the distance. the russel of bodies moving through the halls behind the locks door. A glimmer of hope that door would open and some would take her from this place. She could taste the fear in her mouth as she was spun around and faced the wall her hands placed like she was under arrest as she listened to the impossible orders. Death would easier and faster then the task she was just issued. " that will take some time.. " she said looking up at the ceiling she would sell everything she had to hire better lawyers. " I will do what we can.. " she was not about promises to him. She only hoped this was the moment he didn’t snap her neck. " I will come back next week with lawyers.. I promise.. that much. " her words were rapid and hurried.

Judge Kuhn (judge.evermore) blows his load with a grumble cause the cock tease leaves him hanging and falls asleep secure in the knowledge he'd get his go one of these days. She wanted him

Rabid was reaching down to pull the panties down past knee. He could hear the count round up happening knowing that time was coming to a close. Maybe he knew it but did she. Zipping himself up he would leave her with a warning, "I don't have time . I wasted to much time. Don't forget i have a brother who will finish what I can't." and backing up as he heard the door outside open. "You come back next week and you come with good news or Chase be bringing me your clit in a napkin" no soft words no more. She had so much redeeming to do.

яabid ßedℓam (tabbie.blackthorne) shook her head gently as he removed her pantie or left then around her knees. Only listening to the orders as he stopped man handling her. " next week.. " she pulled up her panties and turned to face him. Sucking in a breath as she looked at him " I will do as you ask.. but it wont be easy Rabid. The DA is trumping up your charges each time she talks to the media.. " she lowered her head slightly shaking it again at his final order if she fails. " you wont be getting that .. " she could feel a little bolder not overly offhanded with him as she could hear the click of the keys in the door behind them. " five more minutes Calhern " was all she heard before her fill attention fall on Rabs.

Rabid was finished and Tabbie was dismissed. Walking to Judge he would kick the cot to kindly wake the nigga awake, "Count in five." Mess hall if 30 wow fun times. As he heard the guard come back to escort Tabbie away he would not turn around. Sometimes silence said so much more than words. His brother had best be visiting soon but he would phone him tonight to make sure and if Tabbie had to sell her grama's antique diaphram to get his ass out of the clinker well she best be getting on kijiji tonight.

яabid ßedℓam (tabbie.blackthorne) was more then happy to leave and she didn’t look back. In fact she was not even sure she would be back. So much she can do from the outside. if anything at all. She just needed fresh air and a remind she had walked out of there with her life and face still in one piece. How the fuck she got hooked up with a monster like Calhern .. ya someone was going to have to tell her that story again. " shut the fuck up I didn’t smuggle anything in so a strip search is not needed on the way out asshole. " Calhern might hear her bitching as she walked off and the door closed on the cage he was living in.
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Aces in Prison
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