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 Finding The Totem

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Chase Calhern

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PostSubject: Finding The Totem    Sun Feb 26, 2012 12:04 pm

Chase Calhern (vendetta.roecastle) had spoke to his Lupa through the link she was to change and come home quickly. Gathering her things and packing. He remained quiet as she did as she told. In the truck he lite a smoke waiting for her. He drove as fair as the roads would take them.Before they got in the small sciff and travelled by water across towards the city. He spoke very little of the task he had planned. " you been alright out there on your own.. " he was not a man of many words and emotions wont be felt. He pulled his pea coat up around his collar and lowered his head as the cold winds off the water felt like they could cut through the bone. " any dreams at all. " he was trying to lead and guide her the best he could. Uncle Aiden has given some direction on the tribes , but Chase had a hunger to know more. So much on his plate for a young Alpha, but he seemed relaxed and focus on this night.

Naz (nazeeya.yven) had enjoyed the ride to the undisclosed location, really- despite the blindfold. Chase had rolled the window down for her, and the cool air felt nice blowing across her face. He would not tell her where they were going, and while a small part of her was somewhat anxious over his secrecy, she was not really that worried. She was still getting used to walking on two legs after being a wolf for so long and now the world smelled a bit bland to her in human form. She didn't question her alpha, she simply nodded and answered his questions. “I had many dreams, but mostly of rabbits and things of the like,” she'd try not to smile, not as if she were making light of the situations, but rabbits were a silly thing to dream of. She walked close to Chase as they sliced
through the cool, night air-muted hazles locked on the city in front of her.

Chase Calhern (vendetta.roecastle) manouvered the boat into the docks twisting the turning the bow with ease as he pulled up along side the old wooden structure. He killed the motor and tied off the boat. " we gotta bit of a ride. . dreams and rabbits that's it .. " he kind of sighed as he pulled another smoke from his pack.Guiding her with one hand on her arm. Back in another truck that backfired when he slipped the thing into gear. " I was hoping you would find the path or something would be leading.. healing and finding your way better. you got a family you dam near failed.. I don't take lightly to that at all. " he said driving and punching down the accelerator to the floor. Like many knew he was not a man of many patients or words when it came to feelings. But he hoped sooner rather then later she would find that path that was her own spirit. He just drove further into the darker seedy side of the city. Finally pulling into the seven eleven. " don’t move " he spoke to her like she was prisoner and got out of the truck heading inside.

Naz (nazeeya.yven) only sighed with his response, her head hanging to the ground in shame as she was lead from the boat to the truck. His tobacco smoke tickled at her nose and enticed her senses, but she would not dare ask for one. And she could tell no amount of joking would be able to smooth this one out. It was going to take time to rebuild things, to fix the trust she'd so foolish thrown out the window with a simple flick of a silver blade. “I was alone for awhile out there. I saw many things in a form that allowed me to appreciate life with out any of the emotional baggage. And now that I am in this form, I find myself want nothing more then to reach that very same sense of well being,” she'd say slowly, choosing her words wisely for once in her life. She would not move when Chase got out of the truck- no, she was no fool. She'd simply wait for him to return.

Chase Calhern (vendetta.roecastle) gathered a bunch of supplies he figured she would need. Can goods, first aid kit, smokes, bottled water, he would gather up the purchases in the bag. This plan had been weeks in the making she had no clue the tasks that would set out before her. All designed for her to fail less she found the warrior and solider she used to be. " not much further.. " he grumbled and dropped the bags on the seat reaching for another smoke he lit and leaned over and offered it to her. " smoke.. open your lips ?" he growled and would set the smoke filter on her lips if she let him. He slipped the truck in gear heading back down the poorly lite road, cranking the wheel to head down the narrow alley as he slowed the truck looking for the right building.

Naz (nazeeya.yven) smiled with the offered smoke, and she'd in turn part her lips and take the smoke. And her taste buds danced when the nicotine laced smoke danced across her tongue. “Thank you,” she spoke softly to him as she moved to rest her head against the door so that she could feel the wind while she enjoyed her smoke. “I'm sorry for my weakness, and for losing myself to pity. I will never do that to you again, I would sooner die,” she spoke again, the words coming out in a mix of smoke.

Chase Calhern (vendetta.roecastle) looked over at her, before pulling the truck to a stop. Slamming the old clunker into park as he turned off the key the old truck back fire with a loud bang sounding like a gun shot. " I don’t hate you babe. I don’t know were shit went wrong.. if I did I would nipped it in the butt the moment it happened. " he carried a bit of heavy in his heart. Its not like he cant love. He just did in his own way. Chicks never met a dam thing to him. He got attitude from his father and brother. But he a soft spot when it came to Naz so he would not give up to easily on her now. " your not weak Naz. that’s the thing you never were.. so I don’t get shit . But we are gonna fix it no matter what. " he said speaking with a affirmation that failing was not a option here. " finish your smoke.. aight. " he pocketed the keys and gathered up the supplies. Letting his words sink in. He left her sitting in the truck as he used his keys to open the door to the warehouse. Heading inside he placed the goods in the cell set out for her. He would walk around the warehouse. He could hear the rats scurrying away as he flicked on the poorly dimmed lights.

Naz (nazeeya.yven) drew in the tainted air as if it were to be her last chance to enjoy a smoke in this lifetime. Her small form shook with the motions of he truck, slender fingers clenching on that smoke all the while, hand guiding the tube from her lips to the window and back again. Then again, the truck smelled to be old and musty, so it probably would not have mattered if she ashed on the floor. Her heart was still aching, and Chase would surly feel that from her- but more so he'd feel the fight with in her silence the inner turmoil. It had been much to loud in her head for much too long now. His words laid heavy on her soul, and once again her head hung in shame as she was left to sit alone and finish her smoke. She'd never been weak, he was right. She didn't know where she'd gone wrong. A wall had broken, something fell- and all that she had locked away for so long had just broken free. And instead of looking to her pack for help, she'd looked to silver as a mean to an end.

Chase Calhern (vendetta.roecastle) looked over the cell and walked through the warehouse. Looking for the objects he had ordered and place. Something to pick the lock of the cell if she was smart enough to salvage for supplies and weapons. He flipped open his cell phone and called his contacts two brawny thugs. " yes its Calhern.. the rats in the hole. " he sighed knowing his hands would not be tired to this place cause if any of this shit went south this place would torched with the bodies inside and he would back in Ravenhurst sipping beers with Noah in the fishing shack. Once he had checked out the warehouse he would go back to the truck open her door. " grab your shit.. this is your home for awhile. " she said lifting her blind fold. Slinging her pack over his shoulder. Leading with his strong hand towards the warehouse. " your gonna be fine.." he said walking her down the poorly lit corridor. She was a tiny runt on his arm. But he knew the strength that lay under neath.

Naz (nazeeya.yven) finished her smoke just Chase returned, and she'd simply nod with his words while her blindfold was removed. It took a moment for her eyes to adjust to the dim light, muted hazels eventually coming to land on the shanty old warehouse. “Well, it's quaint,” she chuckled somewhat to Chase as she leaned into him. And her small form would rest against his as they moved into the damp, decrepit old building. Much to her surprise, the warehouse was warm, unlike the cruel outdoors. “So I will be staying here. I brought nothing other than the clothes on my back. Is this like a mental facility or somethin?” she asked. She was a bit confused as to what was going on, she only knew that her Alpha was doing this for her betterment. And she trusted this.

Chase Calhern (vendetta.roecastle) he walked and let her talk not really answering her right away. "its not really a mental place.. but its certainly going to be a place to test ya.. " Once inside the lighting was poor in fact more the balusters were missing or flicker the potential of the failure sooner rather then later. " I wont be staying. but you will be. " he had her stuff on his shoulder and offered a weak smile questioning his motives now. Was she ready... he remain silent for what seemed like hours, Sucking breathing and channeling his own emotions. If the time was not right she would not make it out alive. " hey cmere.. " she said before tossing her pack into the open cell.

Naz (nazeeya.yven) didn't understand why she would be left here alone, but she wouldn't question it. And she'd take a moment to look around the musty boiler room. “Guess that will be my room, eh?” she asked him, shrugging slightly as she watched him toss her pack into the cell. And her small form would move closer to him, her hand leaning against his chest if she'd allow him. “I will be here when you return,” she reassured him, though she knew not what it was she was about to encounter. Still, she felt the angst flowing from her Alpha, and she felt the need to reassure him.

Chase Calhern (vendetta.roecastle) pulled her into an embrace wrapping those thick heavy pipes around her. Pulling her head to his chest. As he pressed his lips to her head. Breathing only as he closed his eyes in this moment his motion was just there under the surface. But most of he wanted her to feel his strength. " find that warrior and solider you are Bean.. know I wont be here. I wont be back. These next few miles of your life will be yours. " he spoke softly for a change he was not giving orders. He was giving guidance the best way he could. " dying is not an option.. Bean. take each task head on. Like your last breath depends on it.. " he said but knowing it was the case. he would prepare his solider for her battle the best he could. And once he had said his peace. He would look down at her. Waiting for her reply. There was nothing but the hiss and humm of the boilers clicking and clacking and thunking it drowned out the sounds of the warehouse district.

Naz (nazeeya.yven) let her small figure sink into him with the embrace, his warmth sinking into her, his strengths calming her nerves. Closing her eyes as she listened, she'd only nod as he spoke, fully understanding now why he had brought her to this place. And she'd stay silent for a moment, just listening to his rapid heartbeat. “Well if that is the case, I will see you soon then. When I make it back to town,” she spoke softly now, finally pulling her head back so that her eyes could make contact with his. “I'm ready,” she nodded, drawing in a long breath after that. And if he let her, she'd pull away and willing step into the cell, shutting the door behind her. At least she was accustomed to being in one of these.

Chase Calhern (vendetta.roecastle) looked at her as she spoke. That was the fight he needed to see. " love you.. " he didn’t hug and kiss her good bye and he would deny the love statement if ever questioned about it. But in his own way he did. He couldn’t look at her in the cell. He only walked down the long hallway. Locking the warehouse. Chains and dead bolts placed on the door. Starting the truck as he nodded to the three men at the corner of the warehouse. He give them the thumbs up and climbed into the truck. Lighting his smoke and heading towards his motel room for the night. ~ this is the last you will hear from me. if you wanna come home..your on your own from here on in.. your worthy but tonight become the rat.. tomorrow be the rat.. in your dreams. see the rat and each step you take listen to the rat?~ he spoke to her in his mind as he drove out the way he came. Had he done the right thing. Will she make it. Was she ready. She had not choice the path for her was chosen and she would have to take it or die fighting it.

Naz (nazeeya.yven) closed her eyes as while she pressed her forehead against the bars. She listened to him leave, her heart sinking somewhat as she was left alone again. “Love you too,” she could only bring herself to say once he'd all ready left the building. The message through the link could have brought a tear to her eye, but she fought it. ~I will do as you have instructed. You shall hear from me soon. You're not that lucky to be rid of me this easily,~ she forced a joke through the link, and a chuckle would actually pass through her lips as she forced open her muted-hazels.
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Finding The Totem
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