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 Testing His Lupa

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Chase Calhern

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PostSubject: Testing His Lupa   Sun Feb 26, 2012 12:44 pm

Setting Deep in the Asshole of the Universe.. Lost in the warehouse district in the darkest parts of Seattle.
Ace Survival Testing.. Day 1

Naz (nazeeya.yven) was alone now, and she continued to draw in deep breaths as her her rested against the bars. She wasn't sleeping now, the darkness being her only friend. In side she was searching in every corner of her soul for the girl she was, for the strength she once possessed. It was still there, lingering in her gut. She could feel it growing stronger now, though it still lay weak in the pit of her being. But it was feeding now, feeding on all the hate, all the anger- oh there was so much anger. It was eating it;s way through her now, ripping a hole through her sadness, tearing apart her dis pare. This was her time now, it was do or die. Though she not know what lied a head of her she knew she needed to gather the strength to destroy it. She'd been through so much all ready- truly at her young aged she'd done enough living for three lifetimes. But she wasn't done yet, oh no. She wasn't anywhere close to being done, and as her strength fed off her weakness, her fingers tightened around the bars. The rage was still welling inside her now, but directed inward-at herself for showing such blatant weakness. She'd worked to hard to go out like that. Fuck no, she was meant for greatness, she knew this now. She had been the only thing holding her back, and for the first time she wasn't standing in her own way. She was ready to face whatever it was coming her way. She knew this now.

Tucker Barcelos nodded to the Calhern in return he was sick and Calhern had no clue that Tucker was fucked and more of an monster then the young Calhern would remember. But him and Ty had been a fair buck to complete the task. He had seen the small woman being lead into the warehouse hours prior to now. " she is probably resting soundly. Lets go. " jerked his jaw and popped. He had a crazed yellow hue in his darkening eyes. " nikka chained the door.. we are going in through the roof. " he said to Ty as he bent his knees and jumped to the escape ladder climbing hand over hand and foot on rung till he reached the roof top. Sucking into some air which was the foul stench of the industry district.

Tycho Aramis (tychoaramis): He waited till the were out of Calhern's earshot, following his brethren up to the roof, foot falls sure and quiet."The thing about garou I like so much? They last so much longer". The voice of a man who could not inflict enough pain and hate on the world to ever fill up the hole at the center of his soul, A doomed reckless, seething machine of destruction. "I want to draw this out Tuck..not like last time...I want to enjoy it".

Naz (nazeeya.yven) finally broke away from the bars, muted hazels scanning the small cell. Chase had to leave something in there for her to use, every task required tools of some sort..right? Nimble fingers reached for the old canvas book, flipping it over to spill it's contents of the floor. She really had no time to waste. And she'd only sigh when all she found was clothes and an ipod? Really? An ipod? The fuck was that for? Still, she'd pick it up and shove it in to her back pocket. Who knows when she could need it. She'd kick the clothes ant the bookbag its self into the corner, her eyes moving throughout the inside of the cell. There wasn't much inside, still the corners were dark, and she'd move to their dark depths, hoping Case had hidden something there for here. She'd be mindful of loose bricks, or anything looking out of the ordinary.

Tucker Barcelos turned his eyes towards Ty spoke. " she is one of the Calhern’s crew Ace. nawers from a different ghetto. " he sucked back a lung cookie letting it fly as he pry-ed off the grate to the ventilators system. He could smell something in the extension system. Was it fear/hate or death he was not sure. And the rats would scurry as the large man or was he crawled into the dusty, rat shit covered metal shaft moving swifting on all fours so speak. he was hungry he could feel it in the pit pit of his stomach. Growling a little like a rabid dog. Till he climbed lower in the system winding its way through the building till he could find an out.

Tycho Aramis (tychoaramis): sniffed at the air, hands eager to grab hold of something, tear it apart, feed. Anything to abate the miasma of corruption coroding anything that made him vaguely human. "I don't give a fuck who she is, or who she belonged to, she's ours now". Crawling along without complaint or notice of the grime and shit with a singlemindedness.

Chase Calhern couldn’t sleep he stopped for pizza and beer and skipped the whore. So not like him. He lay on the bed in the dumpy motel, he stirred flicking through the channel aimlessly not waiting a dam thing. Only downing another beer and crushing it in h is hand before he tossed it towards the wall. He lay his head back on the pillow sure enough the nawers from the gang would be inside now. He wanted to reach out to her. But he breathed heavily and fought it for now. He could just picture her little face covered in sticky ice cream as she mushed in his face as kid. Running feral with her through the fields and forest beyond the Hathian chasing chickens at the farmers place before they tore down rows of corns and spending the night curled up till the sun kissed the land.

Naz (nazeeya.yven) growled again when she found that there was nothing in the cell. Well, this was less than settling. How the fuck did he plan on her getting out? She moved back to the bars, fingers gripping them tightly. She'd muster all of her strength as she pulled at the old metal, hoping she'd be able to bend the bars enough to squeeze her small body out of. But, much to her disappointment, the bars didn't budge, She didn't sense the strangers coming for her just yet. No, there were too many other sounds, a plethora of smells that masked the men who were to face her. “The fuck,” she mumbled in frustration, her head coming to lean on the bars once more as she thought on the matter. Surely in war form she'd be able to break free, but she'd also lose all control-in a warehouse-in the middle of a populated city. That might not be the best idea for her either.

Tucker Barcelos eyes yellowed flicking with red for his blood lust. He rolled his tongue over his lips as his fangs popped into place. Baring them like a dog but he was a creature of the night. And he busted through the first vent into the lower parts of the warehouse, landing on his feet he would be a blurr of speed but the noise of the grate giving way under his weight would be the first sign of trouble. He flashed a set of fangs as he raced towards the cage seeking his prey with both hands on the cage he growled and grunt muscles ripping as he pulled back with all his might potence that can bend steel and he was doing just that. Steel bolts cracking and bending under the force of his me-er human .. was he really now strength now he was far from human he was a monster like she would never seen.

Chase Calhern felt like he was lost in a nightmare or worse dream ever of the memories of growing up a life in the street. Life in prison. But alliance and family met everything to him and leaving his soldier beyond like that was ripping his soul apart. " Fucksakes.. " he rolled over and pulled the blankets up over his head like it would help the vision in his mind pass or fade. His eye honed in on the movement in the corner of the motel a rat in the corner feasting protectively on some scrap it had found in the dumpy motel six. " I am doing the right thing ain’t I.. back to the basics right back to the pits of despair. " the rat gave him her attention as it dropped its tiny paws that gripped around crumbs. " she can do this. " but he had no clue he hired the other nawers to kick his lupa when she was done. He knew nothing of the abominations the gutter rats had become. And sleep would not find the young Alpha on this night.

Tycho Aramis (tychoaramis): Ty was a step or two behind him, he could hear her heart pumping, thick hot blood coarsing through her veins, lips parted and fangs extended. He landed on the balls of his feet and sprang forward not wanting to be outdone by Tuck...or let him get to the prize first. Gnawing hunger gave him a surge of strength gripping the bars beside the other male, souless gaze on the small woman on the other side. Fists closing around bars he yarded with all his strength, roaring. Metal squeeled and bent in protest, concrete anchors giving way.

Naz (nazeeya.yven) 's attention was instantly drawn the the sound of the crashing gate. Ready or not, it seemed as though her fist test was here. “Here we go,” she mumbled to herself as her muted hazels cut through the darkness of the room. She heard him coming before the first mans form broke free from the blackness, rushing at the bars of her cage. And where she had failed, it seemed as though he would succeed in ripping the door from the hinges. And when the other man emerged from the darkness, she took a few steps back from the door as she swallowed down the lump in the back of her throat. Fists clenched at her sides as a low growl emitted from her lips, bearing her own fangs for the men to see, granted they were not as long as the males, but they were used as if they were. They were both pulling at the door now, it being the only thing separating her from them. So, she did the only logical thing and let a furious cry erupt from her lips as she rushed towards the door, Her small form lunging at it. She was hoping use the door as a barrier of sorts, using her momentum in addition to the force of their pulling to force them back against the railing, pinning them between the door and the rail behind them had she been strong enough.

Tucker Barcelos orbs flipped from the yellow from his wolf to the red and black of his timeless side. Muscles in his thick jowls clinched as he tore at the bars that held him from his meal. And with the added strength is bro the bars pulled away with more ease then he hopped .With both hands on the cage he could see her coming trying to use her body to knock him off balance and he would step back slightly with the heavy cumbersome door in his hands. Snarling as sunk his own fangs into his bottom lip causing the blood his of poison to drip from his lips. He could swing the door and her with it if she dont let do. His hands held the potence to bend steel and his rage at the fiesty fire cracker mounted tossing the door aside if he can.

Tycho Aramis (tychoaramis): He'd expected the little thing to hide in the corner of the cell or grabs the chair and wait for them..instead she rushed them as the bars came unmoored surprising him and throwing him back a few steps before he could recover, the remains of the door were flung to one side clanging and ringing sending the young thing for a ride. "Get on your knees bitch, this will all be over soon" his command echoed in the halls fueled by need. Each beat of her heart making it harder thing clearly, giving way to the Beast,.

Chase Calhern just tossed and turned he didn't even feel like yanking his own chain he was so spent from the trip and the task. he had a lawyers appointment in the morning, a trip the prison and he left a packmate to handle a task they may see her dead before the sun rises. ~ can you hear me ~ he couldn’t take it anymore. So many hours had past since he left her. A tweek of hope in his mind he would hear. Would she reach out was she strong enough to survive them. Would she call for help. It was all on her. As he flicked off the television and sunk his face into the pillow. He was to young for this shit. Now he knew why his dad had retired.

Naz (nazeeya.yven) hit the steel bars like a brick, the two men proving to be stronger than she anticipated, much stronger than her. Her only literal chance was to move to a place where they had to face her one on one. As the cage was flung to the side, so was she. But she had the smarts to press herself off from the metal, sending her small form crashing against the back corner. She could not let herself be cornered by them. She'd ignore their verbal taunts, not foolish enough to waste any of her energy on speaking to them. No, they were not worth her words. She'd quickly scramble to her feet, mutes hazels quickly searching for anything she could find to use as a weapon- nothing in this corner. And with another jump, she;d move to hop over the rail hoping to get into the larger area of the room.

Tucker Barcelos let her heart beat drive him more motivated for the taste of her thick sweet blood she was better then the drugs he candy up his nose. And he wanted to ravage her like a rabid animal. Snarling a spitting as his fangs snapped and clicked. " we can make his easy on your knees. " he said jerking his head as he muscles twitched and flexed on his face in neck. Growling louder at the sound of the scurrying rat already fleeing the scene in the rodent in full survival mode. He lowered his body and caught her movement from the corner of his eye. His scenes strong in both sound and movement and lunged towards the railing were she stood. Pushing forth a set of claws from his fingers tip. one of the many gifts given to him by his embracer. " CMERE" he snarled from the pit of his hungry belly. Driven by rage and a lust for blood. He was coming from her at speed of 30 mphs.

Chase Calhern couldn’t find a moments peace. As his eyes flickered under his lid. Trying to force himself into some kind of sleep. ` you can do.. this.. be smart..~ he had spoke to her in his link. But was tossing and turning in a mess of sheets and sweat on the grimy old mattress.

Tycho Aramis (tychoaramis): The hounds were on her, jaws snapping, fangs gleaming in the pale light, he was a blur but he wasn't working with Tuck now. The blood was his only concern and focus. He'd swipe at the other male if he got in Ty's way. He flowed up over the bars intent on cutting her off arms wide, crouched low. He grew no claws wishing to waste none of her precious vitae.

Naz (nazeeya.yven) heard Chase ringing in her ears, but she was a bit too busy at the moment to speak back to him, she was doing all that she could to keep herself from being ripped to shreds. Trying to keep her head clear, ignoring their taunts, she'd hit the ground with both sneakered feet, Tucking and rolling towards the boiler. It was at this very moment she was very happy she'd worn pants. They were rushing at her now, they were bigger, and stronger- and both converging on her in a speed she didn't think possible. She didn't have much of a choice. But the boiler was right there, and it was very very hot. Keeping low to the ground she kicked at the pipe now, the first time denting it, the second time jolting it from its' fixture, and the third one- well the third one was the doozy. In the third kick the pipes snapped from the boiler and she screamed as she pulled her leg back from the scolding mist that now danced before her, hopefully it would spray them in their faces and blind them for enough time for her to pull her injured from from the corner they'd thrown her into.

Tucker Barcelos had longer claws then when he his in crinos form. Jaw snapping like a raged pit pull but he razor sharp fangs were his meat eaters should be. And he was fast and strong and ruthless swipping at her body and trying to tare into flesh he was a messy feeder it don’t matter to him were the garou bleeds from he will eat from it. Still driven by his lusts which are worse then any monster she has seen. And when she tucked and rolled out of his way his eyes caught her movement swiftly right behind her as he leaped over the railing landing in the eyes of the burning the steam. Screams and growls as his skins seered like a roasted pig on the spit. Burned flesh and hair smoking. as his clothes melted to his body. Even as the ultimate heat cause his skin to peel and blister in this form. but the rage and frenzy from the pain was worse. As skin peeled on his face and hands to make look something from alien he was still coming. As dark fur strung up through what pours were not damaged. His claws on his hand swipping to, grab her as his change was in motion.

Tycho Aramis (tychoaramis): Howled as the steam boiled out of the pipe, blistering skin, he put his arm up to protect his eyes and turn away from the heat. He was fortunate enough to be wearing cotton. Howls of pain, hate and rage echoed as he stumbled back and out of the way muscles shifting, bones cracking as skin gave way to the Beast inside.

Naz (nazeeya.yven) could not believe they surged past her through the steam, and she screamed as one of them caught hold of her burnt and blistered leg. She could not fight it anymore, her will to live breaking through above all else. She'd never faced creatures of the like before. She had no clue what they were. And as the beast began to claw into her leg, he'd feel the muscle tensing and growing bigger. Pain coursed through her now as her bones began to snap, the sound even audible over the sound of the sizzling steam. Her clothes began to rip now as her body began to grow in size, limbs growing, shifting. She began to growl now as the beast with in began to break free, and as she shifted she'd lick the leg the thing had a hold of, hoping to break free from his claws that were digging into her skin.

Tucker Barcelos body jerked and twitched as his bone crunched, popped cracked rage and pain fueling as his skin in his human formed is closed to healed. His beast was second in the making as he sprung to life in full in war form. The smell of burned and scolded flesh would linger long as the steam and heat from the broken pipe filled the room. He could see easily through tuned to the beating heart of his prey. As he circled around avoiding the leaky pipe. Hind legs sprung off the wall as he gave chase during her shift he came at her jaw open saliva dripping from his canines he would try to tear into the shifting garou. Clamping a thick heavy jaw into the meat of the girl. Blood blood was his goal.

Chase Calhern woke up in the worse dream no peace tonight. And he lit a smoke sitting on the corner of the bed as he flicked on the televsion, to drown out the moans and groans and headboards banging on the walls. His mind was blank of she was dead he would feel some void in her lose. As he sprung from the bed pacing the room. giving orders in his head as he almost screamed his concern. ~ talk to me~ he spoke as he inhaled and sucked back the better part of a smoke.

Naz (nazeeya.yven) pulled her free hand up to block the fist coming at her face as best she could, but the giant beast was quick, and came down on her, his fist striking her across her face. The pain was intense, but it was only a punch to the face, she'd survived worse at this point. Another howl of pain was released as she swiped at the beast that had punched her, massive paw aiming to tear into his genital region. Oh yes, she'd taken it there. She was too busy fighting off his friend to avoid Tuckers advance, but as he rushed at her, he'd be met again with a kick from her hind leg, again she was aiming at the family jewels.
Tucker Barcelos lapped at the blood on his jaw and raged back for more. Heavy body slamming at TY as he sprung forwards towards the target which was anyone at this point. Blood lust and mind crazied. As the felt the sharp claws from the garou rip through his fur into his skin that tore in seconds pouring blood down his chest and onto the floor. Lapping tongue dropped from his maw trying to feast on his own blood. As heavy thick left paw aimed at her back jerking sharp claws fast and furious across Naz's back if he can.

Tycho Aramis (tychoaramis): cuts on his shoulder marked where tucker had swiped at him, the shot was barely noticed, male instinct alone saved his twig and berries not that he really needed them anymore, stepping a leg forward to take the female's attack on his thigh, blood poured from the wound soaking down his leg and filling the air with foul potent smell of corrupt blood. He'd have retaliated but Tucker got in hes way. The Beast had no allegiences , treasuring only blood and destruction he snapped at the other male trying to close his maw across the back of Tuck's neck.

Naz (nazeeya.yven) growled in pain as the creatures claws tore into the muscles of her back. But the pain was only feeding her now, driving her, fueling her rage towards them. It was only in the face of death that once could feel this alive. She'd turn towards the beast who'd ripped into her, leaving Ty alone for the moment now, she had not idea the creature would go after the back of the neck of one of his own. Paws would reach for the blood thirsty creature, large form lunging in it's direction. She'd try to grab him as she lunged, snapping maw aiming right for the creatures throat. And if able, she'd aim to bite into it's flesh, hoping to rip a chuck from the creatures body.

Tucker Barcelos throat would be exposed meat looking like it was run through a buzz saw. Blood quickly slowing but it was there oozing past the healing wound. There was not mind left of right and reasoning. He had a need and was to feed and he would sink his jaw into Naz's shoulder, needing blood for the vitae lost in his wounds. A body so quick and blurred in his movement lunged with weight and speed at anything now. Growls of pain and frenzy and the adomination Ty sunk a thick set of canines into the side of his neck hitting the vital as he lost more blood entire body a matted mess of blood and ripped fur. The third bit and rip to his throat had exposed cords and veins dripping from the wounds. Gutterly growls no more as his throat was and destroyed spinal cord exposed like a prize in the blood and gore that once was his pretty face. Withering on his feet to fall with a thump of 1900 pounds at the feet of the frenzing beast.

Tycho Aramis (tychoaramis): Nothing stood in his way now, there was no compassion or thought for his downed comrade other then licking his blood from his muzzle, he'd feed from both as soon as the woman was subdued. He stepped to her flank moving faster than his form had any right to, punching rather than clawing, the first into the side of her head the second a body blow to the ribs. The strength to pulverize cinder blocks and throw trucks, the worst and best of vampire and were focused into each shot.

Naz (nazeeya.yven) clenched her muscles tightly as the thing sank it's teeth into her, massive paw reaching for the things hear while it bit at the flesh of her shoulder. The pain was as blinding as the rage now, and she'd release a low growl from deep in her chest. And had she gotten hold of Tuckers head, she'd keep it in her grasp as he fell, aiming to flick her wrist and twist the suckers head clean off if permitted. She sensed the other once coming at her now, turning away from the badly injured one to focus the other. It was by pure lucky really she avoided the first punch, her head moving to look during the beasts swing, literally turning so that the fist wized past her ear. But the other punch fell solid against her ribs, causing the center of the beast to shatter and splinted.

Tucker Barcelos massive head popped free part of the spinal cord coming with it, his blood smeered the floor as his head and meat was thrown clear across the room of his body. Body twitching and jerking like a chicken flopping on the floor. Till the body lay still. Crinos head lay on the grate to the sewer dripping his tainted blood drip drip into the sludge and filthy water, that flowed below the boiler room..

Klaus sniffs and his head jerks up. There was the smell of so much blood and raw meat, and it instantly had his attention. A low growl ripples forth from guttural throat and he moves toward the sewer opening. It drew his attention like some grotesque moth to a raging inferno. Long, spindly fingers slip through the grate, gnarled digist curving through the opening like claws itching to sink into the heap of blood and gore that was so close he could almost taste it. There was a disgusting slurping noise, wet and sloppy, lips sucking at empty air. It made him hungry, so very hungry. What should have been a vicious snarl escaped him, but it was more a desperate, mangled, garbled noise of impending doom and violence that broke its way past his raspy throat.

Tycho Aramis (tychoaramis): The assault was unrelenting, the Beast came out her with little reguard for its own safety, raining blows down on her, trying to use its size and overwhelming strength to push her back to the wall and beat her into submission, body and head blows, its massive arms moving faster then the human eye could follow. The wounds on his thigh, and shoulder were already closing, the blood spilled matting on his fur

[18:49] Naz (nazeeya.yven) got knocked the fuck out
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Testing His Lupa
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