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 Time to grow up Cele!

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Celeste Thompson

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PostSubject: Time to grow up Cele!   Mon Feb 27, 2012 7:59 am

::As I have always enjoyed rping with Remi, I decided that my last rp under the prince should be shared ::

Dr. Remi Laborde (jingy.blinker) chewed on his hair as he made his way up the steps from the dungeon. His body language showed he wasn't all together. Twitches, fidgets, the chewing of his hair, the occasional grimaces. The muttering especially, a vampire's hearing could hear it but it would take a moment to catch it. He was talking quickly, anyone who knew Remi well enough knew this was a bad sign. "Every turn I get a problem, every fuckin' kindred wants ta give me a 'eadache. Can't seem ta unda'stand what I do fo' dem. What I became fo' dem. Maybe I took dis wrong. Maybe dey don' need a political prince. Reason and kindness simply makes them believe they can walk over me. Ignore the traditions, ignore who runs dis place. Dey need a Malkavian Prince. Propa', deadly, wild, cruel. A dictatorship, a city run by fear." His rapid whisper of a voice cracked a bit. Not from sadness, not from a speech impediment. Madness made an odd crackling. As if a laugh was being held back between words. His fingers began to dance about and fidget, the glow behind his glasses showing strong. "Everyone is goin' mad. Don' know madness, don' know a warrior. Simply believe dey do. Changes must be made. Sabbat everywhere. Fuckin' children everywhere... Lets fix dis. Wolves, renegades, fools.." His flung flung out suddenly, body huncing over whigle his fist rested in a crator of the wall. His strength making short work of the stone leaving a hole into the foundation. "But how to begin. Who ta start wit'. A lab is waitin' fo' de first victim'a my kind.. Can I truly descend ta such a level? So few of my kind went unda' my knife. So many opportunities ta study dem, ta infect dem.. I could follow my kind's ultimate goal. Unleash Malkav's fury.. Would that be propa'? Maybe... Always a maybe."

Celeste was sitting in a chair waiting for him as she crossed her legs raising an eyebrow to his rambling and the fist hitting the wall. "Evening Remi, the night not treating you well?" she asked as she smiled raising an eyebrow. "You know ... and i don't mean to sound offensive, or anything, you sound a lot like Michael" she said as she as she looked at him wincing before the hit even came.

Dr. Remi Laborde (jingy.blinker) let out a dark laugh at the comparison. His head tilting in an eerie manner to look to Cele. A wide grin forming with the sides of his smile twitching a bit. "Michael's ultimate flaw was 'e was a Prince unwillin' ta lead. I tried my methods. I tried playin' nice. Wasn' even gonna kill de lil' veil breaka'. Only punish, only teach. Yet everyone is jus' pushin' me dis way 'n dat.. Might sound like Michael, but did 'e eva' go through wit' it? What I do will be fo' my kindred. I will fix dem all. Sabbat infectin' my fuckin' city. Ignorin' our traditions, threatenin' our way'a life. Children are ignorin' de peckin' orda'. People who should be strong act like hot shit, believe demselves immune ta my reign." His fist twisted into the wall. Bits and pieces crumbling before slowly being returned to his side. He suddenly twisted to face Cele moving to stand unnervingly close. "Such as you. Keep speakin'a 'avin' nuttin' ta do wit' me or somet'in' in a similar vein, yes? Dat why ya left a woman in my clinic? Left someone ta bleed ta death while I was gone and spread de tale'a de woman who decided ta completely ignore de propa' way'a feedin' from someone. Den instead'a killin' dem, jus' drop dem off where dey could regain consciousness and run off before I knew anyt'in'. Den I gotta strain my mind furtha'. It is already pushed in so many direction. Rippin' at de seams from my kindred bein' incapable'a thinkin' rationally. Even I can think rationally. I can act de part'a a pathetic fuckin' 'uman in orda' ta keep our kindred safe. Not you, not any fucking otha' vampire it seems! So tell me. 'ow else should I fuckin' act? Rationality ain' fuckin' workin'!"

Celeste jumped at his words and then calmed down as she clenched her fists hearing every word he said. "I did say that Remi, y'all pushed Reen away." She looked at him. "YOU AND KEL WANTED ME STRONG, WANT ME TO BE A BAD ASS WELL I WAS" she yelled back at him. "Quinn was there all curled up asleep, I made sure of that" She said as she looked at him. "He would have been up by the time she regained conciousness" She sighed "I am tired of being told to shut up, sit down, and be a good girl" She said "I tried to join your little council, I tried to warn people about things that were going to happen, but the only one who seemed to pay any attention to me was you" She said as she bit her lip, "And then when I make one little mistake BECAUSE I DIDN'T KNOW, you attack me, you hurt me, and you never told me why!!! YOU JUST ACT LIKE SOME SCARY MONSTER FROM A GOD DAMN HORROR MOVIE!!!" She said wiping away the red streaks that were falling from her cheeks. "Never once has either you or Kel, said "Good job Celeste," even after I tried to proove myself to you" She sighed "The other night for the first time, someone made me feel like I did good, like I did the right thing"

Dr. Remi Laborde (jingy.blinker) clicked his tongue again, listening to her with the patience he always carried. Even in the grips of his madness he held that. Another little chuckle escaping him as he listened. "I would love ta do dat, yet ya keep pushin' my patience. Like everyone in dis city. I went mad on ya, now ya a new woman. De gift'a madness. Though if dat is de case.. My anger towards de situation was not warranted. I was surprised. Ta see in 'er memories dat it was you who attacked 'er. You who ripped at 'er. I would 'ave been proud ta see ya showin' ya darka' side. Such cutesy cuddly be'avior does little in protectin' ones self. When people anga' me dey get dat side'a me. Dis side'a me. Dis side dat wants dem ta be crushed, ta go mad, ta crumble at Malkav's might!!" His voice grew Louder, darker. "You were a thorn in my side before. Did ya need a fuckin' pat on de 'ead woman? Did ya need us ta lead ya through de paces like a damned childe? Ya a fuckin' Adept! Not a Bairn! Not a childe! Do ya t'ink I do all dis fo' a 'good job Remi', 'Ya insight is clear Remi', 'Fuckin' genius Remi!' NO. I do dis because someone 'as ta! Anyt'in' any fuckin' kindred does should be fo' de betta' of dere Kindred and demselves. I see dat potential, dat drive. Ya need ta be certain ya push in de right direction. As fo' Reen? I did little. I jus' saw a problem wit' de fact dere were fuckin' dead bodies left everywhere. I needed ta question 'im, see if 'e were a threat. I neva' originally asked fo' 'im staked but if Kel saaid it was needed, I trust 'er. Knows de gangrel betta' ben me." He cleared his throat as his voice grew less harsh. Back into the odd twisted tone he held before. "As fo' Asylum? Dat little cat dat ya told such innocent information to? In a mental institution now. Ain' dat funny. wanna know why? 'is self 'arm grew directed towards me. Thinkin' I brainwashed Quinn inta lovin' me 'e threatened ta rip my neck out and tried ta set me on fire. Kept cuttin' 'imself and began runnin' around Sylk wit' 'is ears 'n tail out, luckily believin' it a costume, in a downward spiral'a self abuse, depression, and soon enough outright violence. Ya'd make a lovely Malkavian Cele, goin' down dis path."

Celeste pulled her knees to her chest. "Asy is just a kitten" She said as she put her chin on her knees. "Remi.. I just don't agree with what kel wanted me to do, I wasn't on the council, yet she wanted me to stake him" She sighed as she looked up at him. "And when I refused she slit my throat, I still don't understand it" She looked out the door. "I want to prove to you I can make it on my own, so the best way to do that is leave is it not?" She asked. "I left you a present in the clinic, I wanted to show you what a good hunter I can be" She shook her head as she closed her eyes. "So what I did caused someone to go crazy just great Remi, make me feel even worse. " She sighed. "I don't want to push you anymore... but Kel is the reason I am leaving, you know I care about you Remi, scared to death of you, but care about you" She said as she looked up at him. "Its why I haven't show Quinn what I really want to do to him" She said "I can't be around Kel, just .. can't" She said softly. Celeste sighed as she rested her cheek on her knee. "Remi... I am sorry" She said as she closed her eyes. "I understand if you want end me, but I just can't be Camerilla anymore" She kept her eyes closed not wanting to see the look on his face. "I thought I would give you the respect you deserve and come tell you to your face" She said softly.

Dr. Remi Laborde (jingy.blinker) stared down at the ground a moment. A crtazed laugh escaping him as he heard the mention of a present. "All'a Kel's children. Like damned cats. Leavin' presents." He would then quiet and continue to listen. Until there it was. That moment one prays never to see. The moment where you can look at someone and practically hear their psyche snapping. "All I ever hear anymore isn't it.." He'd say softly. Barely above a whisper. His voice beginning to grow louder as he spoke the next phrase. Starting as the same soft tone before beginning to build more and more. Cracking with his madness as it built towards that harsh, violent voice. "Implications of them. Signs of them. Everywhere aren't they? Can't have that. To many fucking Sabbat. To many fucking children. If I let this go on for to long den who knows what will become of my city? Know what this means Cel? Peole who do not follow the Camerilla seem to all believe dis is dere land collectively. De worse'a de worse. I may be crazy but I follow de Camerilla. I showed my worth and now dese lands are mine. Dis city isw mine. My huntin' grounds." His voice would start to build further. Emphasizing certain words by nearly roaring them out in a enraged tone before returning to the crackling, harsh and chilling one. "You all get to hunt on it. I FUCKING ALLOW YOU ta hunt on it. Dis is what it means ta be Prince. I regulate it. I keep it from de grasp'a CERTAIN FUCKIN' PEOPLE who decide dey can simply ignore dat. Presented dis position by de past Prince. I hold dis by de Camerilla. De closest thing ta government our kindred 'as. Wanna be a fuckin' regegade Cele? Wanna fuckin' TEST ME Cele? WANNA BE ON MY BAD SIDE CELE?! Dem illusions were me cross at ya. Dem illusions were me believin' ta be simply taught, a lesson in what it is like ta 'ave me peeved... WANNA SEE ME PISSED CELE?!" He began to chuckle softly. A unnerving giggle evolving into a bomming laugh radiating through the lighthouse. He gripped his cane and swung the head to slam the end against the side of her cheek."Upon the rejection of the three angels of god, Cain's descendent's was forever cursed by the weaknesses that made them the Cainites. Once more Cain was given a chance to repent for his sin. The murder of Abel, the creation of homicide. The angel offered Cain the way of Golconda, the only way to light by the mercy of the lord almighty. From there he rejected the way, giving birth to our dfark father Caine. Gifted with the disciplines that make up us all. The angel cursed Caine with a curse that will follow us all." His speech, what he remembered from the Book of Nod with a few things forgotten and change,d suddenly turned into his mad speech once more. "Cursed ta be betrayed by all he loves. all he knows. Betrayed by everyone. A man once told me I reminded him of Caine. In many ways I am not, but in that way I am. Betrayed by my sire, my lover, my childe, my family, my first Prince, my city, my coven, my brothers in arm, my KINDRED, my FOLLOWER, my FUCKIN' CITY!" He glared dead at Cele. Hatred beginning to t ake over. Remington didn't possess him though. The beast mixing with the man. He saw so need in taking over.Remi had begun to cross the path his sire had laid out for him.

Celeste was taken by suprise as the chair was moved, she hadn't seen him move as her eyes were still closed. When she felt the can hit her head went flying back and she heard the bone break. Tears instantly appeared in her eyes as she put her hand to her cheek. She looked up at him listening to all his words and finally catching on to what he was saying. "You really think I am leaving you, I am betraying you???" She asked her hand covering the already bruising skin. "Remi if i was going to betray you, if i was going to leave you... I WOULD HAVE JUST LEFT!" She said not being disrespectful, just trying to get her point across. "I can't be in same building with someone who talks about family, who says they are my mother.. who won't listen to me... who slits my throat because i don't agree with her, who uses the excuse that I was under fey manipulation... I haven't touched a drop of Fey since you tortured me" She said her hands shaking now, thinking about Jake, and not being able to at least kiss him once more, Celeste knew that this was the end, but she wanted Remi to understand why she was doing what she was doing. "I can't do it, its better to go stay in that church with that man, then be around her" She said softly. "Its better to leave you, then you have to see it falling apart between me and her." She was sobbing now as she stared at a man she respected, who she was watching before her eyes break.

Dr. Remi Laborde (jingy.blinker) clenched the cane as his side. The only thing keeping it from splintering being the titanium-silver combination that made both the blade he used and the casing with in the wooden outside. For this very reason, his own strength. Fear of bending or breaking his own blade. He was quiet a moment. Contemplating or fuming. Complete and utterly still. That lack of a need to breath made him completely immobile. Even the beating of his heart had stilled due to his lack of focus, or care, to keep it going. He just stared at space. Head tilting to the side so slowly it would take closely watching him to notice it. Finally he began to speak once more. A whisper, another tale of Caine. "By the wrath of god came the great flood. Born from the sins of mankind and prompted by Caine and his childer. The waters consumed the first city, Enoch. With it fell the children of Seth. Consumed by anguish and rage Caine disappeared. His childer and followers sought him out. Only to be cast aside to fend for themselves and Caine locked himself away in his own depression. The third generation, the Antidiluvians, had killed his children. The three of the second generation. Eventually Caine discovered this sin against him and sought out the 13 to do so. From his rage.." His mouth began to grow twisted. His rage, his madness, the corruption of his mind soon effected his body. His cheeks seemed to rip away as his teeth grew into terrifying fangs. The only part of his face that was visible thanks to the brim of his hat. Whether this was but and illusions branching out, taken from being started at and unknowingly creating a view of how he saw himself or truly the disruption of his body was up for debate (and me seeing if I can actually do this as my beast consumed me, once Tabs logs on.). "He cursed those who betrayed their creators. Betrayed his chosen three." He slowly tilted his head back to a straight position. Staring down at her with that grisly smile."Ya claim not ta betray me, den go one ta follow de ways'a de ultimate traitors'a de Camerilla? De ones dat cast aside dere ways, becomin' de Sabbat?" His voice had lost its rage, lost its harsh tone. A cold, flat tone. Devoid of anything but that same whisper. "Madness truly consumes dis city. Not how I want it to. If you believe such a thing. Because of de actions of my Stewardess, ya cast my traditions and rules aside? There is no logic. I have tried so hard. So painfully hard to keep my sanity because it was the logical choice. De smart choice. Hold onta it. Yet.. Is dat de propa' way?" He suddenly snapped again, foot flying up and out aimed for his favorite place. Her gut. "BULLSHIT! Is THIS why people decide ta test me? Is dis why dey all act like pathetic, squabblin' children? Mommy and Daddy issues? Mommy slit your throat? Wouldn' listen? My sire rearranged my organs. Showed me my nonbeatin' 'eart and pushed me down a path'a madness. I killed off my own mortal bloodline because'a 'im. I was skinned by 'im. Did I stray from de Camerilla? NO! I stand as PRINCE, I fight FOR de Camerilla. Ya little sob fest only shows you lot 'aven' been given ya propa' place. Maybe Serge was right.. I can almost hear him now. I do hear him now.. All he did made me what I am. Strong, deadly, respect, despised. Yet once I change my ways, once I become as cuddly as a man like me can become ta such fuckin' ingrates, dey cast aside dat respect. Cast aside any sense'a grace or class. Dey become no betta' den de wolves!" His hand would reach out to grab her by her lovely red hair, to force her to stare at him. "Wanna join de Sabbat? Wanna spit on my title, my laws, my domain? Dem tears will do nuttin'. I've made betta' den you cry. I 'ave broken a wolf." He pointed to the chest to his dungeon. "I 'ave made Rie's Delta out kindred's bitch for what he has done ta our kind. A warrior ta de end, broken by only a few hours'a my time. I 'ardly even 'ad ta raise my 'and against 'im. Yet 'e sits down dere. Whincing when I raise my 'and, when I raise my voice. When 'is war form comes around? Wit' a bit'a sedatives it FEARS ME. Dis city wants ta corss me? Wants ta push me inta madness? Wants me ta lose control? Dey will fear me. Wanna stand against me? I am everyt'in' ya don' want in an enemy! I can be worse den ya eva' dreamed I could be! I am de epitome'a everyone's fears, everyone's nightmares! Because I won't kill ya. Death is to fuckin' good fo' a traitor to fuckin' cowardly ta admit dey turn dere backs on my law, who will leave my court, my kindred, and become jus' anotha' 'eadache dat 'as created de maelstrom'a horror dey 'ave unleashed. I will make ya twitch at every sound, scream at every lock'a blonde 'air, neva' be able ta look a soul in de eye fo' fear it is me who will make ya dream ya neva' cross me woman. Dey all fuckin' will. Dey will all know de traditions. Dey will know de laws. De only fuckin' way ta 'old me back is ta return ta orda', ta de way things should be." His hands snapped back to grip at his head, he seemed to be confused now, fighting himself, hearing himself. Uncertain, fearful, joyful, emotions flooding from every which way as his mind ripped apart. Finally coming out in a loud, echoing scream.

Celeste screamed out as the boot landed in her gut. She fell to the ground on her hands and knees coughing and spitting up blood on to the pretty carpet. When she had caught her 'breath'" She turned to look at him "You think this is just some petty mommy daughter shit???" She asked staying low to the ground waiting for his next attack, and it soon found her as she was pulled to her feet by her hair screaming out as she looked up at him. "This isn't like that, I am not being a little baby!!" She said as she clenched her fists. "You think I am going to fear you???? I ALREADY FUCKING DO!!!!" She yelled back. "It took everything in me to come into her just to give you the common curtesey!!! You just aren't getting it through your thick head, just like Kel... you won't listen!!!! WHO WARNED YOU ABOUT MICHAEL!!! WHO TOLD YOU EVERYTHING ABOUT ... SORROW.. EVERY HORRORIFYING DETAIL OF MY RAPE!!!" She looked into his eyes blinking back the tears. "I am crying cause I don't want to leave you, I want to be away from her" Celeste took and unneeded breath as she closed her eyes trying to gain the courage to tell him everything. "Reen is the only one who understood me." She said as she shook her head. "He is gone..." Her body shook as she looked up into his eyes once more. "Remi..I care about you, you are the person I can tell anything to, why are you not understanding that if I stay... it will cause you more problems...." She shook her head as he let go of her hair. "Just listen to me for one freaking minute... and stop looking at me like a little fucking child... cause I am not being like that right now"

Dr. Remi Laborde (jingy.blinker) let out a dark laugh. "Warned? Ya informed me more'a Michael. When did I need warnin'?! I NEVA' liked dat wannabe Prince at de throne. Couldn' govern, said 'e didn' WANT ta govern. Say de council as ignorance ta 'is duties. Not an extension'a 'is voice! My council fades away, my council all seems ta fuckin' die off. As fo' tellin' me 'bout Michael? TOOK A FUCKIN' PUNCH TA DE DAMNED GUT! Want me ta stop treatin' ya like a childe? Quit runnin' away. From Kel, from de Camerilla, ya fear adult decisions. Den expect me ta take it when ya make de dumbest one I eva' seen ya make? Avoid 'er. Don' run away from everyt'in' dat makes dis city. If ya side wit' de Camerilla? Ya live in peace. Side wit' de Sabbat, de ones who believe dey can up and ignore everything about us. Break de veil, attack de Prince fo' followin' through wit' 'er carelessness. My problems lie in people like you. Who wish ta ignore my laws. Get DAT in ya thick 'ead. Dis is why I 'ave fallen. Dis is why dey get an enemy instead'a a diplomat. Dey squandered dere chance. Dey cast me aside when I tried dat." He quieted again, beginning to pace. His fingers woven into his hair, pushing at his temples. He could hardly think anymore, madness biting at his mind. His eyes shooting this way and that. The books lining the bookshelf behind him beginning to rattle as his telekinesis gripped at the wood. "Whattadowhattado.Ce qu'il faut faire, ce qu'il faut faire, ce qu'il faut faire." He repeated the phrase to try and sort out his mind, all in vain. "Dey all fall, Sabbat can't win. Dis city can't fall into chaos. Dis world can't consume me.." He gave a cold laugh, body fidgeting as he tried anything to calm his mind. Little twitches, combing his hair, chewing on his bangs, playing with his tie, twirling his cane. Nothing helped. "So many claim to care. So many claim ta know what is best fo' dis city when I make de call. All betray, all disappear, all abandon, writhe in dere own fear.."

Celeste looked at the book shelf as it started to shake. She clenched her fists. "I am not running away... damnit" She said as she looked at him. She looked down at the ground. "I am trying to step away for a minute find a place where I belong, I HAVE NEVER BROKEN ANY LAWS, OR THE VEIL" she said "I could have left that poor woman in the fucking streets, but I put her where I knew she would be taken care of" She said as she closed her eyes. "Does that really sound like someone who wants to break your laws?" She asked "What do you want me to do Remi, be someplace where I am not happy, go after that fae again just so I can feel again, or try to find someplace I belong." She bit her lip. "I swear to god the second I break the viel, or break the laws I will bring myself here and let you kill me"

Dr. quinn Hodges ran into the lighthouse followign the link and went striaght to try to tackle clign to remi " The world is spining! cows are taking over the msuhrooms!" he said randomly. Yeah, it was clear where he had been but he wasn't happily frekaing out with what he was feelign through the link and the overload he got he was panicing and tryign to focuse throguh it to cling to remi " The birds are comming! they are plotitgn agaisn t me! can't you hear it?!" he said then looked at the walls and yelped then looked at celeste for a bit "... ZBRAIN EATTIGN ZOMBIES~" he shotued at her and tried to literally climb remi. " yeah .. I know it's not real but damn it! it's fuckign nut!" he said then got quiet and started to stare blankly into space like he did before. for a moemtn then looked at remi ttryign to bite him.

Dr. Remi Laborde (jingy.blinker) shook his head continuing to hold his head. "Don' know what ta think anymore Cele. All I can think'a.. It is takin' ova' everyone. Dey all losin' dere mind, crossin' me, angerin' me. It is gettin unda' my skin 'n rupturin' my thoughts. Can't stand it. Can't 'andle it!" hE straightened up, body fidgeting. "Stand by dat.. and I will not disturb ya. So long as ya stay away from my wrat. Otha'wise? I do not know what I am capable'a anymore.." He sounded tired, his mental chaos was making him wearing. He stumbled a little as Quinn gripped onto him. He didn't even notice him coming closer with the menta; disturbance. He looked back to Quinn as he tried to climb onto him, confused only to stop him from doing so and turning to hug him tight. His face burying into Quinn's shoulder. "Jus'.. Ignore it Quinn. Ignore it 'n 'ug me. Might shut it up. Might get my emotions in check. Can't t'ink'a anyt'in' more den dat stake drivin' through my neck. De Sabbat basta'ds comin' from all sides. Everyone crossin' me, everyone angerin' me.. 'ard ta think anymore. 'ard ta know what ta do.." He would not stop him from biting it, though another growl escaped him. The harsh tone returning. "De fey dat 'as ya unda' 'is spell.. Infested ya mind. Continue like dis. Continue wit' ya infatuation.. And 'e will be de first ta know who not ta cross."

Celeste raised an eyebrow as she was about to answer Remi when Quinn came running in and called her a zombie. She took that opportunity to curtsey old southern style to Remi and smiled up at him. "I promise Remi I won't disappoint you, I just need this opportunity to prove to you and Kel that I am not a child" She said as she stood up and looked at Quinn shaking her head. "You know you.. are little more strange than normal" She shook her head as she turned on her heel to leave, she would have to rush back to the church or she was going to catch the sun. She stopped at the door her hand on the door knob. "Again thank you Remi" And with that she was out the door.
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Time to grow up Cele!
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