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 Dinner with Chase

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Tabs Blackthorne

Tabs Blackthorne

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PostSubject: Dinner with Chase   Tue Feb 28, 2012 9:33 pm

(tabbie.blackthorne) had booked the restaurant in the high end busy section of town, the Georgian Restaurant rated triple A and four Diamonds. Formal dining at its finest, this move to throw the acting Alpha to the crew off his game if he has one. Time and meeting set for 6;00pm she had to pay extra for the large round table in the middle of the room. She demanded two servers as well. She could not be overly careful with a Calhern. She had been two days in Seattle now and not enough time had passed since she met with Rabid and Judge. Tabs arrived early at the, having called Chase one day prior to there meeting. He was rude,ignorant and threatening on the phone. No matter how much she tried to convince him, she had been to see his brother and this meeting was a must. She hadn't much sleep having worked round the clock on getting a new lawyer for the Ace. Her funds were running out quickly. Tabs was dressed in a classy off white linen pant suit. Hair up swept and spilling golden curls down her back. She kept her i-phone on the table in front of her. Tabs took the liberty of ordering for them as she caught her first glimpse of the younger Calhern, as he enter the restaurant. You can' miss a Calhern when they entered the room. Course she had to smile when the matra dee made the large black man wear the suit jacket offered to him. " Seared Foie Gras with Peppered Black Mission Fig Tart, Lobster Salad with Sherry Vinegar Mousse, White Truffle Mache, Preserved Late Season Tomato Jam, Butter Poached Lobster,Black Truffle and Celeriac Gnocchi, Carpaccio of Aged Pecorino. House Red. " she was ordering without looking as she kept a set of icy blues on the acting Alpha. He walked across that room and most heads turned to look at him, for he stuck out like a sore thumb in this upper echelon. She sat back in her chair as the waiter served the wine and bread. His eyes set on her and she could read the hate in his eyes. But she did her best to hold her own just like she would with Rabid. Retribution for her actions in the past slowly set to mend..

Chase Calhern hated the fact the blond haired witch seemed to get her way. What was with his brother couldn’t Rabid, just give the order to kill her. Cause it would take this wolf less then fifteen seconds. He shoved the waiter away from his chair as he sat down darkening eyes seered through her if he can. " You need to make this quick and don't waste my time” . He had no clue how many of the people in the place stared, with jaws a gape towards him. Lucky for her there was a fair distance between them and the restaurant was a buzz with wall to wall people, The serving staff weaving, food and drinks to the tables around them. He reached for the glass of wine in front of him and downed it. Groaning at the taste. " No more of that shit.. bring me a beer.. your excused.." he barked at the waiters who seemed to loom over the table. Both scurried like scared mice. As he leaned across the table, placing his elbows on the table as he glared at her. " I can draw my gun in this position in about three seconds, shoot you right in the baby maker.. give me a reason to let you live.. give me a reason to let you walk.. give a good reason not to rip your throat from your pretty face and skull fuck you while I drink the last of this shit ass wine. You got thirty seconds. " he voice has been low and authoritative. He would lean back paying not attention to the folks around. Draw his gun under the table and cocked back the hammer. " times a wasting bitch.. " he might not even wait for his brother to order this piece of meat dead. His was mixed bag of emotions. His mind still drawn in both directions , his brother, the lupa trying to get the guns going again. Working nine to five at the fire hall now this one back in his life.

(tabbie.blackthorne) sat back further in her chair as she tried to remain calm. She could easily see the hate seething in the mans eyes. " We can work this out together. If you only stand to reason. He asked me .. " but he would cut in as she spoke. with his threats and comments. This was the worse task Rabid ever gave her. Her phone vibes across the table and she read the text, Replying back as she was texting with her banker. Sighing a little as she gave send her reply back to remove a hundred thousand from the Blackthorne Holding Account. " Don’t make my job, easy for me Chase..by following through on the threats I have heard for four months now.. I been working around the clock on gathering a retainer to land the best lawyer this state has. Last I heard Calhern Holding was seized. Your just about broke. So .. you can skull fuck my dead body when this is done and over with it. " she said wetting her lips on the potent flavor of the rich red wine. Icy blues never waiver-ed as she spoke to him. She was a woman of conviction and she would get this task done. Or would killed if she failed. So failure was not a options for her. She leaned forward a little mindful of how close she was to him. " lets enjoy this meal. " she smiled and nodded. " Be as civil as we can be to get down to business. " she raked a set of frustrated fingers through her hair as her vibes again and she replied..in her text.. " sell the Red Dragon Inn.." she lifted her glass towards Chase.. " to your brother. " was it a matter of love, probably not. was it matter of loyalty, of why she did this. Most certainly it was. They had a bond forge when they were younger, she had lost count of the times he dam near died for her. So given light of her actions against him and crew. When her mind was clearly not her own. This was the very least she can do now. " Enjoy" and she did just that. working on the first course keeping there talk to a minimal between the course. Less threats of hate and despise as the night wore on. Second bottle of red wine place between as the entree was served. " I wont give up.. were there is a will there is way to line pockets and get shit done. " she was not sure how much she was getting through to him. If he would ever trust to. But conversation went well over the poached lobster entree.

Chase Calhern put his gun away and let her talk. The conversation after he drop his defense with her seemed to flow easy with the plans and tasks. he even made notes in his blackberry when he needed to. reminding himself to call Koda and look into some bribes. The food was amazing and the wine grew on him after awhile. As they sat and spoke. She was a clever brood and was easy on the eyes. Okay so if his brother had a weakness this was not a nad one. Plus he heard she knew voodoo and shit. He jotted down her number. Settling into the fact maybe the brood was on the up and up. Plus if she wasn't. Tabs wasn’t that big she would be easy to dispose of. He had not problem devouring his food, picking and at hers from across the table. he was so lacking on manners and this was place was far out of his element. " Stayin at the six for a day or two before I head back to Ravenhurst." he kept a watchful from timt to time around the restaurant more aware of presence and affect he had on people. Chase would wave off the waiters.. " did you pay them extra to have to two servers who don't leave our sides for long?" he smirked after he spoke watching the waiters scurry more then happily away from the gangster. " Tell me Tabs is worth the trouble your going through..?" he leaned back burping loud enough as he relaxed with the full belly. " Bag this shit up. Wont ya ?" he had ordered and severs came running back to clear the table. As he watched her nurse the wine. He hadn't missed a beat when it came to the set up of the evening. " You set up the prison meeting not sure if they will let me in. But you figure away to get it done. I will look into the other accounts beyond the Calhern holdings. I am sure you remember them. Anyways leave some digging for this dog and together. We might have alliance. " he smiled and nodded. Leaving her the check with it arrived at the table. He would push it towards her. Chase knew the witch well enough to know she would have to have the last word so he waited for his doggie bags. Wishing for sleep now since he had a rough one the night before.

(tabbie.blackthorne) had her plans in motion. Koda was next on her list to call and hopefully she could just talk to him and avoid any greasie contact what so ever with the old warden. " I will be in touch. let you know when we are cleared to back into the prison. I hope you enjoyed your dinner Chase.. " she said gathering up the check and searching through her wallet for her credit card. She figure the shorter the good byes the better when it came to this Ace. And lucky for her he took the cue and left with his doggy bags. She quickly paid the hefty dinner bill and headed out as well. A long black limo waited for her in front of the entrance. She ordered the drive to drive around fora good hour. The whole time making sure they were not followed. Once she figured she was safe enough the limo dropped her at the airport and she flew home on a private plane.
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Dinner with Chase
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