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 Annie Commits a Crime!

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PostSubject: Annie Commits a Crime!   Thu Mar 01, 2012 8:52 pm

[15:35] Áηηìë (anyanka.bisiani) wanders into the T.R, her hands tucked deep into her pockets as she lets out a nice, little whistle. Her destination? The pool table, and it seemed like she was all up into work as she reaches out to take the cue ball and the pool stick. With that happy go-lucky whistle still upon her lips, she turns and heads straight for the door, using her shoulder to part the ways as she steps right back outside.

[15:40] Áηηìë (anyanka.bisiani) didn't know what she was whistling, but she sounded like a bird as she made her way towards the bridge. She was showing off her ambidextrous skills, waving the pool stick in one hand, and tossing the cue ball in the other. She was skipping as she did this, but she stops abruptly as she spies inside the very place she just stole from, Tabbie! Lets hope the woman didn't see the circle breaker/thief, but to make sure she was missed, she crouched walked past the windows just to be safe.

[15:58] Áηηìë (anyanka.bisiani) skips nonchalantly down the street, a merry whistle upon her lips as she swings the bat at her side like a baton. She spots the happy couple upon the bench, a wide smile given in their direction as she offers up a brief salute. She had no time to make nice, she was going to do some damage, and that whistling kept up as she made her way up the hill towards the church.

[16:05] Áηηìë (anyanka.bisiani) stopped before the window to tuck the baseball bat beneath her arm, her other hand fishing upon her belt until she finds the goggles hooked there. She immediately places them upon her face, taking the bat from beneath her pit to grip it at its handle. She was calm as she did this, no hint of nervousness upon her psyche as she approached the window, bat raised high as she lets out a warcry similiar to Xena's. "AYEYEYEYEYEYE!" She shrieks out, bringing the tip of the bat down to the already ruined window, shattering the glass as she continues to bang the rest of it free. "DOWN WITH CHRISTIANITY!" She hollars out, "DOWN WITH CATHOLISMS!" *SMASH* "Fuck you right wing extremists!" *BANG* "GO TO HELL YOU RACIST WHITE CAPE DUNCE CAPPED ASSHOLES!" *SMASH* She went to town on that window, her little arms swinging for all their worth. Babe Ruth would probably roll around in his grave if she was so blessed enough to have him watching her. She moves towards the next window, continuing her mantra.

[16:14] Áηηìë (anyanka.bisiani) went to town on the church, if she had a permit for a wrecking ball, it would have been even better. She works upon the second window of the church, smashing that one in as well, "I'm PRO-LIFE BITCH!" *SMASH!* She was actually glad she wore goggles, she would have been running away crying blood if any of the shards had gotten into her eyes. "Take that you pedo boy fuckers!" Third window, *BANG!* Fourth window? *SMASH* For a moment, she almost felt bad for ruining a place of worship, but what can ya' do? Eh?!

[16:24] Áηηìë (anyanka.bisiani) was too tired to go for the last windows, her muscles feeling like rubber as she leans over to rest her hands upon her knees. She huffs outloud, dropping the bat to pick up a large shard of glass. She fishes within her pouches to retrieve a small, black marker, yanno, those ones you sniff to get high. Popping the cap, she writes in big, bold letters, 'ATHEISM RULZ!', then tosses that shard of glass into the broken window of the church. Picking up her bat again, she gives it the finger before she stalks off. That'll teach those vampire fucks to bite her friend. If it happened again, she'll come back with a flamethrower.

[16:37] Áηηìë (anyanka.bisiani) touched down upon the cobble stones that would lead her to freedom, still breathing heavily as she gives a glance towards the couple. "Screw politics!" She shrieked at them, appearing to be a mad woman on a rampage even though it was all an act. Despite not hearing their conversation, she cuts a smile and a wave, then breaks out into a light jog northward, heading towards the woods to hide her favorite Louisville slugger.

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Annie Commits a Crime!
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