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 The Battle of Two Elders... Bloodhunt me will you!!!

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Elexa McMahon

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PostSubject: The Battle of Two Elders... Bloodhunt me will you!!!   Mon Mar 12, 2012 5:04 pm

Elexa McMahon was in mist form rolling along a thin line of dark cool mist slithered along the banks of the creek towards the old coverage bridge. Swifting moving up the banks to twist and turn among the cattails and the frosted grasses and sedges. Her goal is the lighthouse as she moved undetected, for now. The Elder moved with ease over the rocks, dips curves of the gullys in the landscape. Twisting her misty form under and over the stone wall. Were she thinned out a flat line of coolness to lunge for the crack under the door to the lighthouse. Silently still the mist move swiftly behind the furniture up and over tables and obstacles in her way. she could blend in well in the poorly lite chambers as great room beloning to the timeless.

Dr. Remi Laborde (jingy.blinker) came up from the dungeon to locate another book that he needed. Elexa's mist went completely unnoticed, far more focused on his studies. Muttering to himself he went through the collection on the libraryt, grabbing what he figured he would need and stacking them in one arm as he prepared to return to his beloved dungeon. He had much to prepare for his latest captive.

Elexa McMahon slipped swiftly under the carpet as she waited for her target. He had ignored her a full several days since unleashing the blood suckers upon her and her family. She lay dormant under the rug opposite the great room. If they paid someone to clean this place the dust kittens had been sadly ignored under the tacky victorian tapestry. She would find her prince confront and be done with this hulabulu..Only waited for her target as she stirred rather silently under the rug. A slither of dark mist poked from the edges of the rug only to be drawn back into its confines.

Dr. Remi Laborde (jingy.blinker) would head back down the steps once all the books had been collected. The one of key interest hovering in front of him, opened to a specific page as he read. The man was immensely distracted leading him to not even notice that the dust bunnies had seemed to have gained sentience and was now hiding under his carpet.

Elexa McMahon loomed in her mist form under the carpet, flat and silent but a small wave of motion in her actions. Her scenes lightened as she knew someone walked the carpet above her. And when she figured the time was right enough her mist figure darted for the lock on the trunk that lay on the floor. Long slender wave of coolness fluided through the old rusty lock. Aiming for the set of stairs thatlay inside the hidden entrance.

Dr. Remi Laborde (jingy.blinker) shuffled downstairs and began placing more books into the desk in front of him. He gave a glance towards his captive, Fen, before returning to reading. A corpse laid on his operating table looking like it had come across a horrific form of plague. Their body opened up and notes being taken of the effects of an unnamed virus.

Elexa McMahon part way down the old rickety stairs she begins her change. Cracking her neck as it poked through the black mist body rising up and out of the dark swift moving mound of mist. Saying nothing as she moved along and downwards into the bowel of the lighthouse. Finding a corner to complete her change back into her physical form.

Dr. Remi Laborde (jingy.blinker) pulled out a few jars, with in them looked to be bug carcusses that had completely taken over by fungus. Cordyceps. He looked from them to the plague infested body letting out an annoyed growl. The human that occupied the next cell with Fen wasn't even infected! How was he going to get anywhere with these results. He moved into the cell with his laboratory and began to continue his examination of the body. Though his attention was taken by the sound of Dolly. The mutated creature letting out a loud soud of surprise as the mist, as it believed, returned to the dungeon. It meant the prisoner it had let escaped had returned! It could renew its master's faith in it! It let out a watery roar and began to try and capture what little it saw of the black mist in its hands, a vain attempt but the creature had grown juvenile in madness. "Shut up Dolly, I can 'ardly t'ink wit' dat annoyin' squealin'a yours."

Elexa McMahon stood up full physical form as the mist faded away into nothing. As she cracked her neck a loud pop of the bones. As the good doctor was busy in his lab. " you are a busy man my worship.. " she spoke softly but loud enough for him to hear. As she took her first step towards the cell were he work on someone who was clearly not so fortunate. " perhaps you can speak and work at the same time. " she turned her head eyeing the contents of the cell beside her. Eyes darting between the Prince and the opened cell door. " can we reach an understanding. " she nodded her head towards the working doctor with affirmative nod as her lips jerked darkly into a crooked grin.

Dr. Remi Laborde (jingy.blinker) looked up towards Elexa as a person was formed just before him. He stared at her for a long while before, acting calm for a time, returned to his work. "Ya child goes and breaks de veil. One'a our most valuable traditions. Den, barrin' all sense'a logic and decency, you decide ta bust in, threaten one'a my council women wit' fire, den bust outta 'ere wit' said veil breakin' nuisance. Believin' dat not ta be enough." His tone grew more annoyed, tossing the scalpel away as he moved to head out of the cell. His stance strong and predatory as he watched her. "Ya decide ta send me a letta' dat, if I am not wrong, made ya believe dat ya were given de right ta question my orda's. As if you are no longa' in de wrong. as if you do not 'ave a place in my cell. I originally was gonna simply punish ya childe. I do 'ate killin' my kindred fo' dey neva' learn. Now?" He crossed his arms behind his back as he watched her close. His fangs being shown momentarily in a threatening grimace. "Gonna take de negotiation skill 'a a true masta' ta change my mind. Ya insolence piece'a filth

Elexa McMahon sucked in a pointless breath. Reaching for a smoke that she lit it. Keeping a set of darkening eyes on the man, as he spoke. " all that true.. perhaps emblished by the pancy of the council. For it fire was ment to say. dont get in my way.. it worked a triffle dandy I might add.." she noted the fangs and sucked relentlessly on the ciggy. " I am well aware of the veil and rules and thin line my leige walks when it comes to the outdated law of the camerilla. But we can debate the sometime respectfully over some blood wine." she mused softly and calmly. " I wrote with the upmost respect my Lordship. I was wrote with truth and honesty. Should you be readin something more into it . so be it .. my task to be be a heavy hand for ye.. should not be wantin it..then so be it . But as for my daughter like your own the day I met ya. I be not scolding yours.. you be not scolding mine.. Can this be an understanding. ?" she smiled and yet her lips as she carefully ground the smoke out under her boot tip. " you can rip the words and think what ya wish my Lord. shall we consider this unity at an end?" she replied to his last words. A steady calm about her voice as her temper was well in check. She was a thinker and a planner.

Dr. Remi Laborde (jingy.blinker) stared long and hard at Elexa, his eye giving the faintest of twitches. "I am sorry, are ya comparin' ya stupid fuckin' childe ta Quinn? Comparin' rippin' up a coroner wit' 'er fuckin' fangs out in front'a a group'a people ta jus' bitchin' at ya? Do ya really believe y'self so privileged dat ya childe not be condemned ta death fo' dat? She is a liability I will not 'ave threatenin' our way'a life. Dis 'outdated' law ya speak'a seems ta 'ave not been propa'ly taught to ya. De veil is 'eld because why we are superior, dey 'ave de advantage'a numba's. Billions'a dem run around dis world. In a world where manipulation is betta' den de foolish ideals dat dey be made inta cattle. Where dere numba's would dwindle, rebellions ensue wheneva' we tried ta pick one out ta be changed. Vampires would stand against us. Fae, lycan, mages, dere is a point in which even de most egotisical of monsta's stop and t'ink.. 'ang on. It might be fuckin' bad ta 'ave a race'a bomb 'appy people dat invented de fuckin' flamethrowa' ta know'a our existence. I'll humor ya. I am as fair as I am mad. Enlighten me why ya believe ya childe ta be able ta ignore my rulin'? Ta ignore de ultimate rule'a our kind? I'll let ya know one thing. Pissin' me off ain' a good idea. Quinn is but a student. I am de deadliest thing ta walk dis island. 'I am a call ya do not want ta be in de wrong wit'? Ya truly forgot ya place in our world Elexa. Ya neva' be a scourge in my city when ya show such poor judgment."

Fen Blacach (blade.syakumi) grumbled, stirring in his cage; The Wolf awoke from a troubled sleep, a soft groan escaping his lips has he realised where he was. Trapped. Caged. His vision cleared, the figures of Remi and some other person. He pushed himself into a sitting position; his spirit shattered; wishing the Aesirs would simply take him, so he could wake up in the Halls of Val; and that his pain would be over.

Elexa McMahon really wanted another smoke but she slipped her gloved fingers into her jacket pocket pulling out a string of safety pins she twisted and pushed into her lips clipping them in place. She was not the least but upset as the good Prince swore and ripped in her childe. " Dont sling mud my worship.. its so unbecoming of you.. " she said through a set of gritted teeth placing another pin through her lip. As Her potent vitae dribbled down her albaster skin. "I SAID I WILL DEAL IN THE WAY OF MY SECT.. trust me she wont go unpunished but she wont be hounded like a rabbit she will tested for her abilites and loyality to the sect.. I am sure you know the rituals of my forefathers.. " she explained calming her voice to a civil level.She let him rant as he must he seemed so political in his cause. " I am not saying what she did was right.. I am only saying she be mine to handle. I do believe I am very priviledge but I shall take up no more of your time .. And I know my place well in this world. I know this is your island. We would do best to walk side by side.. for like once said my Lord .. this single cell is a hand you want at your back.. Trust me to be truthfull..?" she nodded again. " now and again a cow going missing from the herd... tis been this way all our lives.. the weak ones linger behind and are scooped up and gone.. mostly sadly.. but its been the way of kind.. Effie will be punished.. cross my heart and hope to die .. stick a thousand needles in her eye.. I promise this to you.. " she bores now of the conversation.

Dr. Remi Laborde (jingy.blinker) growled darkly, his head tilting a moment as he watched her. Suddenly, and oddly, he straightened up. His stance returning to the noble and strong one that had been taken up by the anger and hatred of the past. "And dere is de problem. All'a de kindred in dis city hold a unnatural sense'a pride dat dey do not 'old. I unda'stand ego and what not, but dis ain' ya sect woman. Dis is MY domain. Dese are MY 'untin' grounds and when someone breaks one'a de Camarilla's traditions it is no longa' de sire who has a say. Ya fuckin' Sabbat 'ave become an increasin' 'eadache, ya no cell I want by my side. A soldier must know ta listen ta dere leada'. When dey make mistakes sure, but dis is de backbone'a our society. Ya nothin' ta me.. Yet. We can fix dat. Though ya right. Effie will be punished. Propa'ly. Ling Chi is an interestin' suggestion though." He would then swing his arm out with the speed of a vampire. His intent to grab her by the side of the head and slam her skull as hard as he could against the bars. "Ya fo'get ya name is still on my list Elexa."
Fen Blacach (blade.syakumi) remained stationary in his cage, listening intently to the conversation. The Wolf shuffled uneasily, unwilling to incur the wrath of Remi in his bad mood. He would whimper softly as the Prince lashed out; a wince of fear. Truly the spirit of the Delta Wolf had been crushed with the previous night's events, his body still aching from the forced shift that was pushed upon him. So he remained silent, sitting against the stone cold wall.

Elexa McMahon jammed another pin into her nose and clamped it shut squeezing the metal between her fingers. As one potent drop of blood trickled down her pale skin. She canted her head every so slightly to see the caged human on the floor. Pulling needless breath for her mind to challenge the smells around her. Another cow lost from his herd she only muses her glowing eyes over his form. Before she jerked her attention back to the prince. Elexa caught glimpse of the Prince as he lunged at her, jerking her stake from behind her back as her face smashed hard and quickly into the bars. With her speed and strength she twisted body towards the Prince. Stake aimed with the celerity and finese of 50mphs towards the Princes throat.

Dr. Remi Laborde (jingy.blinker) had little time to properly avoid the stake, he knew well enough such a piece of wooden jammed between his spine would do him little good. His hand shot up to try and grab the stake but, thanks to its speed, instead found the piece of wood piercing through his hand with the tip jabbing into his throat but, thanks to his hand, was prevented from being jabbed into his spine and paralyzing him. The man's tolerance for pain being a saving grace, though the stake began to cause his eyes to grow corrupted. He fought with his beast but the signs of its difficulty containing the entity was obvious from the demonic eyes now glaring at Elexa. His knee would be aimed squarely for Elexa's stomach. Though another was not happy with the scent of their master's blood filling the room. The roar of a creature warped by science would fill the room. The hunched creature beginning to gallop for Elexa swinging her massive arms for the small of her back. Remi had yet to perfect the creature's inner make up so it lead to a clunky strike with poor mobility, keeping its strength from being properly used. The massive claw would still do a bit of damage if allowed to go through.

Fen Blacach (blade.syakumi) stirred softly, the scent of blood filling his nostrils; the Wolf was starving, and had been for days; and thusly being caged he had had no chance to feed. Therefore as the thick pall of blood filled the air he shuffled forward towards the source; Fenrisulfr clawed at his very flesh, desperate to shift and enjoy the blood in the purest form of scent. A low growl eminated from his body as he moved to the bars closest to Remi, his muscles rippling eagerly, barely containing the Wolf's shift. He muttered quiet curses in Gaelic, his eyes closed but all the same sniffing and investigating the line of blood scent.

Elexa McMahon raked her fangs over her lips pulling the pins free as she spit them towards the Prince. Grinding the stake on her mark with a grunt and swift push sinking it deeper if she can. As his knee swifting ruptured her gut, painfully but the organs served no function as her own blood potent and powerful spilled from her crimson lips and through he created some distance between them. She was swift in her movement a blinding blur upon him. As grip with potence that bends steel forced his face towards her. Aiming her vitae for his mouth in a sick and twisted kiss if you must so he could feel the power he forces away from his side. Both insane timeless with not an ounced give struggled in a dark embrace perhaps her last chance to show her worth at his side.

Dr. Remi Laborde (jingy.blinker) grimaced as more of the wood dug towards his spine, yet his leather like muscle prevented to from going further. As well his powerful hand pushing in the opposite direction. With his own power hie'd rip the stake away, still pierced through his hand as it moved to his side. His eyes would then widen a bit in surprise as he found himself being kissed. He knew well enough she had rather potent blood yet the taste of it was rather intoxicating. Though lacking. Though it was a poor idea in the end. To give the taste of something so potent and addicting to a madman with a cage. His arms would move as if he were about to embrace her like a lover.. Before slamming forward to try and force the stake against her chest aimed at her heart, perfectly center. His own blood dribbling down his shirt and bubbling up into her lips. Both the taste and scent incredibly potent in its own right, the blood of an elder. A mad elder. The very taste and scent would be heavily accented by such a chaotic taste. The opposite of Elexa's intoxicating blood. So potent in madness and chaos it could drive anyone temporarily mad with enough of it. He found himself conflicted over Elexa. She had power, but still was seen as a liability. Carrying a stake to a meeting with a Prince, breaking people out of his dungeon and brandishing fire to a council member. He didn't want her dead, far from it. Especially with this taste of blood he saw the need to refine her. He just had to figure out how to do that, if anything he could at least get more of her blood. It was so rare he got the potent blood of another clan to test, to taste.

Fen Blacach (blade.syakumi) gripped the cell bars with all his might, some vain attempted to halt the impending shift. But it was to no avail, and steady popping noises began to eminating from his form, crunching and grinding of bones. It was a slow shift, so hard fought by his mentality. The Wolf held no interest in breaking from the cage; if he had he would have broken out long ago, and spent the day pacing the chamber, as the illusion that there were no staircase remained. He shuffled away from the bars and went onto all fours, his maw extending gradually, the 'humanity' in him slipping aside to the wolf, his groans slowly replaced with growls. Fen held complete control over Fenrisulfr; yet all the same he could not prevent this shift.

Elexa McMahon eyes pulsed with rage as her bones in her rib cage from the knee rupture pop and snap at the healing beneath her skin. Paling skin as her eyes flick their glow her body on his if she can. Holding the flow of blood that slows but the potence his there. He would taste the vitae of the primogen she is. A few found skill in enough time to merit him the skill to avoid ambush he would find from this exchange. Her fangs snapped at the first taste of his blood as she could maddness rage through like wild fire. But he movement was quickers then now and the stake narrowly missed the heart sinking right through her form. Crooked lips formed a fadding smile. As she fall back against the cage. Her body pushing slowly the stake in her chest. " Mercy my worship. " she was weak but not down and out. Standing up to her full height with the stake in her chest. As grunt and forced the foreign object from her chest but it still remained half entact. The scent of the wolf caught her attention quickly and since she was on the bars and the Prince was near the stairs. She moved her body between the wolf and the Prince. Another sign of her worth. She was growing tried of proving this. But as long as her head still on her shoulders and she orders she would be rentless in her protection of the Chaotic Prince.

Dr. Remi Laborde (jingy.blinker) stared Elexa down a long moment, gripping the stake, in a manner of speaking, with his ripped up hand. He stayed there a long moment until he heard the growling of the wolf. "Need a fuckin' collar fo' dat wolf." He was then fairly surprised as Elexa moved before him. More so surprised he found his rage towards her partially quelled. He looked to the wolf and gave a little growl. "De need fo' such measures touchin' but in vain." He ripped his hand from the stake, useless until healed. He would need to dip into his supply of morphine blood soon after this. "Need ta feed mortals don' ya.. My mistake, gettin' all bloodied up wit'out de thought'a feedin' de boy.. Work on dat in a moment. Same wit' you." He looked Elexa over a moment, reaching up to rub at his head before a syringe hovered out of his belt pocket. It jabbed into one of the cork stops on his belt and filled itself with the same mixture as the night before. He opened up the cage with the needle in hand, eying the man as a dark grin crossed his lips. Slowly bridging the gap with the needle visible. "Time fo' ya shot Fen."

Fen Blacach (blade.syakumi) snarled loudly, scrambling away from the encroaching Remi until he backed himself into a corner of the cell, a toothy snarl directed in the Prince's direction. The Shift was nearing completion, his muscles beginning to bulk out, the sound of tearing fabric echoing around the room. The Wolf knew the threat of needles from his man, and would try to ward off the danger with angry growls, pressed up into the corner like a scared dog. Indeed the Wolf was starving, and the thick stench of blood had done little to lighten his hunger, and had spurred on his desire for a taste. Bright yellow eyes glittered in the gloom, locked onto Remi, his body forcing the shift now out of terror as well. "Get away from me" came the yell, a garbled snarl mixed with human speech; "Keep that shit away from me!" Limbs elongated gradually, the sound of his bones shifting a similar sound to a bleeder getting squashed by a steamroller.

Elexa McMahon body forced the stake from her chest. As the Prince was on the move.She could feel that madmans blood slithering through her veins. Bones back place. Gapping chest wound closing and mending as she rolled her shoulders. She could barely understand a word his said. But she knew a wolf was present. Sucking in a pointless breath once her body was healed, she followed the Prince towards the cage. When the beast cowered in the corner. " you ever embrace the beast. " she said softly letting the good doctor do his work. " they dont live long after being embraced.. in fact .. " she fall silent moving inline with the doctor.Posed to strike as she slipped into a defensive stance. At his back like a sheild.A message you sent to Ravenhurst Chitty Chat& Bang Bang chat is still queued for processing.
If the message does not appear in the next few minutes, it may have been dropped by the server.

Dr. Remi Laborde (jingy.blinker) shook his head pointing towards Dolly. "I know dat well enough. Tried ta do so wit' a few befo' comin' up wit' dat thing. Though dat was more puttin' nosferatu blood inta 'er. More ghouled now. I t'ink at least. Not sure what ta classify it." He then readied himself. "I don' want ta lose my broken little pet. Did so much ta trick 'im inta comin' 'ere. De Delta' of a lost pack? One wit' an Alpha 'ated by everyone? A trophie only topped by rie's 'ead." He then would bound forward. The syringe hovering around him as her launched at Fen. Once in front of him he would try and grip his head, a torrent of blood being coughed at him as his neck continued to heal up, an accident though a sign of disrespect he did enjoy. The syringe flying around him aimed for his vein.

Fen Blacach (blade.syakumi) snapped his jaws as Remi came towards him, but his head was wrenched aside all the same, the needle plunging into his neck. A soft whimper escaping his lips.. Followed by an angry snarl, the Wolf was now in control.. Drugged and scared. The room began to pulsate around him, blood rushing in his ears. Fur had now sprouted from his skin, gray, red runes here and there. He would clumsily try to throw Remi off, the needle still protruding from his neck. He hulking beast would sway, falling into the bars with a mighty force, panting loudly. Confused growls; head roving around, trying to find something to focus his acute vision on. Yet there was nothing, and he remained leant against the bars, slobber coming down from his face, speckled with the blood from Remi's mouth.

Elexa McMahon was not content to be around a wolf, knowing well how quick the 1600 pound monster can rise from the feral and into a frenzy, leaving a timeless for a final death once and for all. But the Prince spoke with confidence and when he lunged towards the wolf she would back him up aiming strong arms to choke hold the wolf if needed a potence that bends steel if she desire but only using enough strength to hold the furred beast taunt for the Prince's work but she was carely not needed as the Prince hit his mark and the beast was falling limp towards the floor subdued. " I recommend Intravenous but I am not a doctor.. "

Dr. Remi Laborde (jingy.blinker) reached down to jerk the needle from the wolf's neck. "Interestin'. Markin's such as dat look almost painted on.. Wolves must 'ave a form'a markin' dere fur wit'out it bein' done away wit' upon shiftin'. Hmn." He tucked the syringe in his pouch before pulling the bag from his arm. Not caring much for sanity, seeing how he could always study infections in a wolf if their healing ability didn't catch it, he simply poured what was in it down his throat. A bit bubbling out from the sealing hole. He pulled the bottle out and began pouring it into the bag. A tube and needly soon produce as he stared down at the wolf. "Yes, de metabolism'a dese beasts, especially in dis form, would make dis wear off quickly. Get 'im relaxed enough and 'e should go back ta 'is normal state." He'd then let his telekinesis go to work. Making the bag fly around into the opposing cage to try and make the wolf sight of it before it shot back to his arm. A small silver chain following it which would try and tie the IV bag to his arm. "A mix'a sedative 'n hallucinogenics. So.. Do be cautious. 'ave a drosy wolf freakin' out dependin' on de trip."

Fen Blacach (blade.syakumi) staggered slightly, the moving hulk swaying like a listing ship. He low, rumbling growl would break from his lips, ears pressed down against his head, eyes half open as the Wolf struggled with the spinning world around him. He heard words, but could not understand them, his hearing like listening down a long pipe; echoed, distant and garbled. He Wolf seemingly frowned as the bag moved around, perhaps some side effect of the drug? He thought to himself, wolven predatory eyes narrowed, trying to find some focus. But as it flew towards him he hissed in pain, another needle piercing the dense, musclular flesh. The silver chain that wrapped around his arm would burn his flesh, the smell of scolded fur and skin filling the small room as the natural allergic reaction to silver took place. The beast's jaws would clumsily try and tear the IV away, teeth snapping violently.. but as the drug took effect each bite became slower, more inaccurate until the beast fell backwards into the wall, an almighty thud, followed by a soft whimper.

Elexa McMahon stepped out of the way of the sleepy wolf. Letting the divine doctor do his work. Elexa would stand at attention till the wolf snapped and snarled she would lunge forward fist balled aimed at the wolfs nose celerity close to 50mph as she sucked punched the feral monster. Probably not needed since the drug was rippling through its veins. So standing back at attention when the wolf crumbled to the floor she would say. " If we are done exhanging blows and bumping embelished egos.. I will be lounging some place. " and if she lets her leave the cell unchained and dam closed to healed only hungry was her issue now. Wetting her lips as the feral beast would lasting snack.. but the drugged wild of the feral might? she was to think. " any chance you scraps around for a hungry warrior?" she asked with a ease of calm in her tone.

Dr. Remi Laborde (jingy.blinker) was more focused on closely watching the wolf in front of him. Kneeling down as he moved the bag to hang behind him arm. "Now now. Be a good dog, don' wanna be punished by ya masta' do ya?" He wished he had a rolled up paper around to swat at him with, but he didn't want to harm any of his medical notes and findings. "Now lets see how effective dis is currently. What 'appens when I pull dis out." He thick knife was pulled from his jacket. always one for hidden knives after all. He would slowly move it forward, waving Elexa off. He did know why his rage for her was so easily replaced, but he would study that later. His toy was awake and well. "De wolf 'ere can be fed from if ya don' mind sedative 'n 'allucinogens. Dere are also a few dead bodies in de freezer, bottles'a blood 'n morphine in bottles in my desk."

Fen Blacach (blade.syakumi) let out a sharp yelp as he nose was battered, unable to dodge the move in his intoxicated state, and unable to back away due to his position. His head spun, his mind reeled from the onslaught of stimulus. He shook his head, the wolf flicking off the pain from the impact. His eyes fell back on Remi, the knife glinting in the gloom of the chamber. He whimpered softly, cowering into his corner, knowing the wrath of his new master's mental ability, the scar it left on the mind of the Wolf. His strength had left him, yet he remained in Beast form, his mind unable to go through the focused task of shifting, rearranging those vital organs that the mortal Wolf needed to survive. So he remained crumpled and woozy.

Elexa McMahon knew drugs didnt affect her cause she is dead in the grand scheme of things. " well.. feral and lovely. ." she grinned staying clear of the twisted doctor as she knelt on one knee beside the wolf. Soft leather gloved fingers pushing the lush fur away from the meat and the beating heart driving the hungry elder. As her fangs slipped confortably in place. Elexa would lower her head. To the exposed skin as her fingers pushed back the cumbersome fur.

Dr. Remi Laborde (jingy.blinker) grinned wide as he drank in every little whimper and whine the wolf mad. His eyes closing as he simply listened, drinking it in before the crazed laugh of a Malkavian filled the dungeon. The knife pushing into the wolf's chest. If he didn't react to it he would then push it into three directions, making the signiture Y shape of an autopsy scar. "So rare an opportunity dis is. Bein' able ta cut inta a still shifted wolf. Like Christmas came early~. Normally dey are too dead, too finicky or pass out and shift back."

Fen Blacach (blade.syakumi) let out a terrified yelp as he felt the fangs piercing the flesh on his neck, fresh, thick wolf blood would begin to pump out. Fen was of the Old World, a pure-bred wolf; unlike the mangy counterparts where centuries of inbreeding or breeding with humans had diluted the bloodline. This was pure. Heavy. Sweet dark blood, that was so rare to find in this part of the world anymore. His lolled over to one side, the headiness increasing now with a decreasing of blood to the brain. As the knife sank into his flesh he began to weaky scramble with his feet, no more than reflex and fear, much like floundering fish on the banks of a river. None the less the Y shape was cut, blood pouring from the wound on the front, his body quickly going to work, trying desperately to repair some of the damage. But the process was slow, moreso hindered by the drugs in his system. The very thinnest parts of the incision, at each end of the Y shape would slowly begin to fuse.

Elexa McMahon sunk her sharp fangs in the neck of the wolf. Pushing past the leathery tough skin under the fur. And the first rush of the beast vitae hits her lips as she lets the blood pool in her mouth. A seething surge of the wild rips through the veins of the elder as the taste is almost orgasimic. When the beast started to scramble and buck. She withdraw her fangs. Sealing the wound on him for he was suffering enough. MIndful that the Princes toy was much fun alive then dead she assured herself. " I will be in the graveyard. " she says pressing her fingers to her lips a blood stained marking upon her gloves as she blows a kiss to the Prince heading for the stairs. Less of course someone stops her.

Dr. Remi Laborde (jingy.blinker) offered Elexa a wave nodding to her, though grimacing a bit from the kiss. He looked back to Fen wiggling the knife between his muscles as he let out another cruel laugh. "Don' worry. not gonna do to much. Ya jus' lost a lotta blood. Want ya ta see dat though. Got someone in need'a some counselin'. Might do some good ta 'ave dat aggression laid out on someone else while I assess de problem. Shouldn' be long until she is 'ere. A crazed creature can neva' resist such tantalizin' bait can dey?"

Fen Blacach (blade.syakumi) kept his feet scrambling against the stones with pain, but the sound changed, as the Wolf kept his feet thrashing, but now on top of his own blood. Heady.. Dazed.. Confused and scared the wolf kept trying to retreat, ears set down against his skull, his eyes beginning to drift shut, the over stimuli, pain, fear, the confusion from the drugs was causing his brain to overload, combined that with blood loss, and his inability to heal.. He was left in a bad start. His eyes would be forced upon to look up at Remi, a soft whimper in response to his words, his laughter.
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The Battle of Two Elders... Bloodhunt me will you!!!
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