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 Home Town Hero... had Heart Attack in the Thirsty Raven...

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PostSubject: Home Town Hero... had Heart Attack in the Thirsty Raven...   Mon Mar 12, 2012 5:38 pm

Jerad paused for a long time to process everything as if she gave him a large equation to solve before tipping the empty beer in a friendly gesture, "Want some uuuuooooooo-" He caught himself before the brain lagged in translation, "Drink?"

Ripley Warilard walked into the tavern, bent on another long night. Sighing as none of her sisters were here at work. She pulled out her cell phone and sent her youngest sister a text. " you plan on doing shifts at the tavern this week.. we have bills to pay little sister.. Call me back .. sick of not seeing .. " she lectured in her text. Sounding just like mom as she nagged the baby of the family. She would wave the folks at the bar.." evening welcome to Thirty Raven.. be right with you .. " she said heading into the kitchen to start cooking and planning the dinner menu. " Sam.. " she called out to the npc owner of the bar. Cant you get the folks at the counter.. ?" she barked at him hoping he was in his office. Doing something .. placing orders would be nice but more then likely the man was watching gay asian porn.

Hayley Morpork (tania.molko) sat there, her mpty plate still sitting infront of her, and Jareds many empty beer bottles. They were well taken care of. "No thank you...I think I'm going to go," She said shortly and slid from the stool. HShe quickly pulled the pen from behind her ear and jotted her number down on a peice of napkin. She wasn't flirting or hitting on him. It was just her maternal insticts. "Here..if you need anything.." She said and folded the paper into his hand. She then looked to the kitchen door and hopped Sam would keep his word on no giving Jared anymore to drink for the night. Hayley then turned on her heel and started to head for the door

Jerad turned halfway and seemed ready to fall off the stool in order to look at Ripley in a friendly wave and smile, "Evaniiiiiiiiiing!" The man slurred out and smacked a hand on the counter while turning to prevent tipping over. It was probably evident that Sam got this man some drinks..or alot of drinks. Blinking a few times as she spoke of leaving, "Oh..." Finally it seemed to process, "Oh! Awlrighhhhhhht." He got up in a stumble and raised a hand toward his jacket as if considering something before plopping back onto the seat, looking down at the napkin in a confused fashion. He just...stared at the number , never having gotten a woman's number on a napkin in a bar before. It just seemed alien to the poor shy(when sober) man. "Need? Okey..if you need aaaanything too you just....uhhhhh-" He waved the napkin as if she had one with his number, "too!" Not realizing that he had not given her his number back and instead holding her carefully. When he sobers up, the man will probably freak out and run to Lek of "what i do?!' in some nervous wreck. For now he seemed calm, or just confused mainly. Delicate with it as the man put it in the jacket, "Take uhhhhcare!" A lazy wave followed in a tipping of his body like some child making their first friend..and almost falling again.

Billy Ray (eros.firelight) pushed the doors to the raven open, waddling through shortly after. Offering a nod to sam before belting out, "Ey lady, where are ye?!" damn woman forgot to make his lunch again. Moving back behind the counter, "Busy day sam?" he would ask the tender before grabbing a beer for himself. Moving to the jukebox next, putting on his ac/dc. "Ey!!!" he would call out again, he knew his wife was here. She was probably hiding away from him, the lazy girl. Tilting his head back to down some of the beer as he moved his fat about to the rythym.

Echo Calamity makes her way to the tavern. She had taken a handful of pills to try and escape the headache. She hated the fact her sister was making her come into work. Cellphone in hand as she stepped up the door, sending text messages to Jare. Her plan was to just find a booth and hide it. At least that way she could say she showed up for work. Slipping into the first booth she saw and continued to send out text messages.

Ripley Warilard was slamming pots and pans around the kitchen as she was late for work and no one else showed up to start the cooking. " shocking.. useless.. pieces of shit.. " she grumbled. Sighing as she begins to grill steaks ., she had half a mind to spit on them all. OH ya she was going to make fresh homemade salsa but screw that she cracked open a jar and heated it up. Like half the folks who eat it would be able to tell the difference. " You know Billy Ray you can fix your own dam sandwich. Or how about ya hit a fucking treadmil and lose a few hundred pounds.. Can you even see your feet anymore. " she cursed under her breath.. " worthless piece of shit.. Any chance you can tend the bar while I cook up the dinner.. Could ya Billy.. " she sighed and continued beating pots and pans in the kitchen. She really needed some midol. So she texted her little sister. " Grab me something for cramps and bloating before I kill someone .. " she hit send hoping Echo would actually get out of bed today.

Jerad blinked a few times as the woman left and then even more when someone else entered and yelling at someone. Just a blank and confused look on the drunk's face before swaying his shoulders to face the menu again that he stared at. Still expecting that drink from Sam even though the woman had long ago gave him the 'don't give this man anymore' look. He lifted up the last bottle he had and just stared at it like the thing would magically refill until AC/DC came on. Smirking a little as he turned to watch the man dancing with a more friendly smile forming. Slipping out of the stool in a stumble as he watched others enter. Even if the alcohol cured that stutter and timid persona, his head hurt at the thought of hearing people converse amongst each other behind him.

Billy Ray (eros.firelight): `/me turned to watch the others enter, apparently it was about to be a busy night. And with that he would move behind the bar once again, grabbing his nigger beater from under the counter. Making his usual rounds once more, until he heard his wife that is. His face growing red with her words, like a fat little tomatoe. "Yall best not talk ta me like at' round ere'" moving back to the kitchen to shoot her a dirty look, "Now just what crawled up yer ass and died?" tapping the bat in his hands. He really didnt feel like getting into it here with his wife, but he damn sure would. "And Yall best hit the gym with me," looking her up and down, "Ye aint exactly madonna yerself."

Echo Calamity looks up from her phone as she hears her sister in the back muttering under her breath " oh my god this is going to be a long fucking night" pulling her bag off her shoulder she would fish out the bottle of valium out and set it on the table, having gotten her sister message on the way down. Scooting further into the sit she would leave the bottle there and close her eyes. Catching site of the bat in Billy's hand as he was yelling at her sister. All she wanted was a nap, why was that hard to understand. Straightening up a little she would tip her glasses forward just a little to keep an eye on what was going on the situation.

Ripley Warilard got the grill going as she flipped steaks and covered them ina mango salsa. Working up a salad as she.. fired some loafs of bread in the oven. Nothing from scratch tonight she had not time the dinner crowd would soon rush the place and she was no were near done the cooking. She paused in her rant around the kitchen looking up at her husband. He just stood there like a beach whale.. More chins then a chinese phone book. But she relaxed seeing the bat in his hand. " Sorry I am late and I could so use alittle help around here.. " she lowered her voice as she spoke. " so since you cant play baseball anymore .. without needed some oxygen .. how about you plant your wide load .. as in your ass behind the bar and serve the customers.. Can ya do that Billy Ray.. you can go fuck yourself.. Seriously.. " she fired a pot in his general direction aiming for his head.

Jerad frowned a little at hearing all the shouting going on, curiously looking to the bat in a light stumble still. His hands tried to make it into his pocket in a way as if it greatly effected his balance. Moving toward the door while staring at the area where he thought Cat had sat in a confused manner before wincing to 'go fuck yourself'. Glancing over at the throw of a pot and freezing there as if it was directed toward him.

Billy Ray (eros.firelight) ignored everyone else in the bar, pretty sure he had seen his sister in law though. Looking to his wife as she fucked around in the kitchen, his face relaxing just a bit as she spoke. "Well how's about ye get that sand out yer vagina and I'll help ya." moving to put his bat away before returning, "Yall know that bats to beat them niggers outta here." flexing his muscles once, "Quarterback, aint never no pussy baseballer or whatever they call em." his face tightening once more, rolls wiggling as he yelled in a harsh whisper, "Dont ye fuckin talk te me like at!" brows furrowed, wrinkling all the fat on his face. Quickly dodging the pan that she fired at his, bearing his teeth like a wolf now "And I reckon I wouldnt have te fuck myself if you gave a god damned decent blowjob." shaking his head as he walked away, "Fuckin woman." he would mutter as he returned to the bar. His gaze wandering about the customers once more, trying not to go back there and beat some sense into her. But she'd be with him at the trailer later, not all these people. Trying to calm down and lose himself in the ac/d playing through the room.

Echo Calamity sighs as she sees the pot go flying "Seriously " she would scoot out of the booth to head toward her sister and Billy when she spotted a man near the bar " oh hi there.. don't mind them.. " doing her best to flash a big smile in his direction " Have you been helped? Do ya need something?" The medicine was starting to kick in and while her sister was busy. It wouldn't hurt for her to steal a shot of rum. "damnit " she would say under her breath as Billy started back to the bar. No shot for her at least not right now. Stopping half way she would look back at the guy "So I am Echo." her smile still across her face. If she looked busy, she could get out of having to do to much work. " I don't think we have met"

Ripley Warilard yells out " whose having steak." said as she pulled out plates and silverware lining them up on the counter. Sure she fixed her oldman a plate. Placing the steak on the plate making it look all yummy as she smoothered it in the mango salsa. Craning her neck alittle to see if anyone was watching. As she bent down reaching under the sink for a pinch of rat poison that she would work into her husbands food. After all the vows said till death do us part. She was just going to speed it up.. alittle. Totally ignoring her husbands comment about her vagina . She had a nice vagina nothing like her like her mother who had squeezed out eight kids by the time she was thirty. Mind ya the last of then Echo and Steph could have walked out of the vag and into the world. Grabbing up the steak she made for her husband. And sucking in a calming breath. As she placed the salad on his plate. She came out of the kitchen. " Oh. sir " she said looking at Jerad. " Can I fix you the dinner special. " she smiled catching a glimpse of her sister. Echo. " there is a bar to tend to ?" she motioned with her head as her sister sat in the booth like a zombie . And since he sister was finally talking . Ripley would walk her husbands dinner to him . Laying the plate on the counter for him. " enjoy dick weed .. your sleeping a good months of sundays on a park bench.. Ass twat. " she said pouring herself a shot and downing the firey contents.

Jerad opened his eyes in a awkward feel to all the shouting and seeing that a barfight, not knowing that ironically the two worked there with the lag in his brain, ceased to happened. Blinking to focus through the blur of the woman moving near front of him with a smile to her reassuring words. His deep voice slurring yet still in a friendly manner, "Hallo. Oh, ish no problem." Seeming delayed in her question until realizing it was directed to him and stumbling to face her again, "Uhhhh? Oh....I uhhhhh got halped." He gave a goofy smile to the help registering to beer. Rather relieved in the calming situation as he adjusted the jacket and still oddly had sunglasses on. Shifting his feet to try and prevent another stumble and blinked a few times again to process the name. Leaning forward as if she was too quiet so he could hear the words better before smiling, "Nice to meeet you....uhhh Echo. Ha. Like... the superhero?" He would quickly add in a slur, "I'm Jerad." He attention turned to the other female, <c> Jerad opened his eyes in a awkward feel to all the shouting and seeing that a barfight, not knowing that ironically the two worked there with the lag in his brain, ceased to happened. Blinking to focus through the blur of the woman moving near front of him with a smile to her reassuring words. His deep voice slurring yet still in a friendly manner, "Hallo. Oh, ish no problem." Seeming delayed in her question until realizing it was directed to him and stumbling to face her again, "Uhhhh? Oh....I uhhhhh got halped." He gave a goofy smile to the help registering to beer. Rather relieved in the calming situation as he adjusted the jacket and still oddly had sunglasses on. Shifting his feet to try and prevent another stumble and blinked a few times again to process the name. Leaning forward as if she was too quiet so he could hear the words better before smiling, "Nice to meeet you....uhhh Echo. Ha. Like... the superhero?" He would quickly add in a slur, "I'm Jerad." He attention turned to the other female, <c> "Din...ner?" A subtle accent seeming to form from the word. Standing there in an awkward feeling even while drunk to the way the two cursed about, just a weak 'heh' to it as if unsure if he should smile about it or not.

Billy Ray (eros.firelight) just stood there, looking about. He felt pretty useless here, and extremely pissed off. Chuckling a bit angrily as his wife appeared, carrying his food. Atleast she wasnt that dumb, "Yeah yeah," pulling the food to himself, "Lets not ferget whose name is on that trailer huh?" shooing her away, "Now why dont ye get back in the kitchen huh?" shaking his head as he looked down to her food, no way was he eatin it. Everything she made here when he wasnt watching gave him the shits. He would just give it to the next customer, and when they got the shits she could go to jail. Or so that was his brainful master plan. Moving to grab himself another beer, chugging it right down. He was furious, little beads of sweat starting to roll down over his rolls. Then he heard the man therem the drunken man. Grabbing up the wife made him he would shoot her a shit eating grin. "Ere' ya go bud, eat this." moving to hand the man the plate, "It tastes real good, prolly make ye feel a bit better too I reckon."
[18:40] Echo Calamity stares at the man from behind her glasses hearing his slurred words. "Oh.. nice to meet you Jerad" her smile wouldn't fade. Until she heard her sister, rolling her eyes some, there was no way in hell she was doing alot of work tonight. She wanted to just crawl up in that booth and go back to sleep. " So you like superheros.. I think they are cool. I am so into Batman.. he just rocks. who else do you like?" Taking a step forward, seeing the food from her brother in law and then looking back to Ripley then to Jerad " you don't want that its cold.. can get you a fresh plate of food.. Beside Billy Rae there he sweats alot and you don't know what has dripped off him into that plate. Giving Billy a smirk as she look back to Jerad " so what can I get you to eat?" she was bound and determined to look busy and not really do a damn thing at all.

Ӄίoηℯ (kione.ulrik) opened the door for Annie, allowing her to head inside first as he framed the doorway behind her. Once stepping in himself, he paused near the pool table, eyes scanning the small crowd quietly. Half of the convnersation of people sweating into food made hsi face scrunch up some but he stepped up behind Annie and urged her along to a booth, "Let's go grab a seat lil momma." His voice would likey cut straight through the music, less heard then felt in the reverberations of its chilling baritone. It all but raked from his throat.

Ripley Warilard does a double as she poured herself another shot. Did her sister have pink hair. Blink blink blink of the eyes as she stares at Echo.. " is her hair pink ?" she said to Billy.. Sliding his plate of food towards Billy. " you eat it baby .. you look pale. its yummy homemade the salsa and everything.. " she said giving the plate alittle shove towards him. She looked across the bar at her sister watching her carefully was she hitting on the stranger. " Billy..fix me another drink wont ya .. " she flipped him the finger when he told her to get back in the kitchen. Smiling as her baby sister who was actually working. Ripley waved towards Annie " hey there lady welcome back to the Raven.. " she said to her. Stepping back when she caught her first glimpse of Kione. Stepping back so far she almost knocked a few bottle of booze off the bar rack behind her.

Áηηìë (anyanka.bisiani) stepped right into the tavern, her hands folded about her chest which protected the pad of paper she had. As he nudged her along, she immediately took a seat into a chosen booth, her gaze lifting briefly to those gathered. She remembered Ripley from the other night, and offered the woman a slight wave as she got herself settled. "Thank you Missus..!" She calls out towards her. She was in better spirits tonight. Looking up to Kione, she offers up a little smile. "I just noticed, you changed my name didn't you.."

Jerad had his shy demeanor come out some as the female initiated not only a conversation, but about superheroes. Oh, if she only knew the nerd level of this man despite his appearance, "Uhhhh y-yea." There was the stutter moving out a bit even with the alcohol. A goofed smile as his head canted to rustle at his hair which was already messy from how much he seemed to had rustled at it earlier. "Heh. Batman, eh?" He paused to the question and thought it over, "Phoenix is preeeeeetty epic. Aaaaand urrrm Jason Todd..." He laughed a little. The man obviously having that uncle and homely laugh that could make others giggle from hearing it, "I have a long list of all them I likes. I'll just-uhhh" He seemed to lose track of whatever the poor guy was trying to say before his attention was taking off of comic books and to the plate. Seeming tempted but did the typical polite gesture of, "Oh...no it's fine. Tank you th-" Smiling as he tried not to laugh at the mention of sweat dripping before a slight grimace appeared <c> the thought. "Oh uhh..." He just kept trailing off alot. Watching everyone as his brain tangled up in a confused manner, "U-uhh...I guess...I could stay. aaanay food ish fine." Of course, when the female offered it he wouldn't pass it off. That shy expression coming over as he yet again rustled his hair. A sway of his shoulders to keep balance as he turned to give a blank look to the newcomers before turning to point at the bar like a child, "Should I jus...uhhhhh-" Definitely confused on where to sit like it actually mattered.

Billy Ray (eros.firelight) chuckled a bit as his sister in law tried to get the stranger new food. So his wife was putting shit in his food after all! She was a dead woman walking now, was just a matter of time. "Nonsense, the lady just gimme it." holding it to the stranger, making sure to keep it out of the womans grip, "Aint nothin wrong with it, and its perfectly warm." but then he hear it, a massive sounding voice. Pearing around the man his eyes would squint. Moving back to the bar he would set the plate down, replacing it for a baseball bat. "Hey darky!" he would hollar over the music, "We dont serve your kind ere'" tilting his head torwards the door. Furious now, tonight just wasnt his night. Rolls shaking as his heart continued to speed up, pounding away in his ears.

Echo Calamity Looks back over her shoulder as she hears a mans voice behind her. She had to look up to see his face " holy fuck what steroids is that guy on" she said as she continued to blantantly stare a Kione for a few more seconds. Finally snapping out if it has she turned her attention back to the man in front of her. She didn't really know to much about superheroes, she only knew that Christian Bale was hotter than shit. well Johnny Depp still had the hottest movie star award but damn Christian as hot " Oh I would love to hear about all of them" looking back to the empty booth "come sit right over here with me... I will grab you a quick sandwich and we can talk all night about superheroes. Her eyes going back to the kione as Billy called out to him. Turning her attention to Billy " Seriously dude.. get out of the dark ages.. and leave him alone " Shaking her head she would start towards the booth.

Ӄίoηℯ (kione.ulrik) noticed first the pink hair. Dafuq? It kept his attention as he headed towards the booth and when Ripley hollered out at Annie, his eyes darted over to her and inspected her with a cold look that eased up to show the network of lines etched around them as he smiled, a hand lifted to waive at her, "Could we get two beers over here, please? Killians Irish Red." He glanced back down to Annie, shrugging as he took a seat across from her, "Either way, you're still lil." He was grinning as he said it, his posture relaxed now and leaning forward on his elbows casually when the man caught his attention with the darky comment. He had to look around at the tavern, scanning for anyone else that fit the description of darky. Newp, nobody. He gave the man with the baseball bat a genuine smile and a nod of his head, "Yeah, right. Bring us a menu with those beers." There was the briefest of pale reflections from behind the dreadlocks hanging in front of his face, the slightest sign of his wolf scraping at the surface of his expression, but it was held in check as he turned back to Annie, "So how you like your steak anyway?"

Ripley Warilard poured out a round of shots and had some npc server drop them off for Annie and the gaint who was with her. " First rounds on us .. Your gonna grab the mic tonight ?" she called across the bar to Annie as she jerked her thumb towards the stage. She reached for her shot glass and took a slow drink. Wincing as the last two had calmed her down enough. But when she heard her husband loud and clear over the music. She spit the whiskey out and across the bar choking as her fucking husband just kept talking. " oh god.. " she whispered and stepped back further behind the bar smacking on her chest to make sure she was still breathing. " Billy.. " she called out .. " Pist Billy.. the boss wants you in the office now .. We serve all folks in here .. Dont mind him .. sir.. " she looked in shock at what he husband had said.
Áηηìë (anyanka.bisiani) had gotten herself settled in to the point she was comfortable. She had to sit upon her knees just to have a better reach over the table if need be. As he sat down, she smiled towards him, but that smile faded as soon as she caught the darky comment from the big man. She had to give him a look, one that was full of scorn and ire, her lips curling in a moment of sheer anger as she was ready to call out, until Kione took it with stride. She huffs just a little, then shrugs her shoulders. "I'm used to red. Can you get me a Pepsi instead?" She glances back towards Ripley, then nods quickly. "I can! Right after I eat. I got a really cool poem for you!" She wiggled a little in her seat, still eying the man warily. Her words, muttered go towards Kione. "If he says one more thing, I'm stabbing his fat ass in the neck.

"Jerad gave a surprised, "Uh-" and held the plate suddenly handed to him, "Uh..a-alright. I suppose.." He glanced over toward Echo -completely- surprised with thisexcited nerd look on his face. A WOMAN wants to hear about them? Pshhhh no way! She's just being nice! He gave an awkward laugh, "Uhhhh...hehehehuhhhh." Smooth Jerad. Real smooth. Rather the plate wasn't fully handed to him or not so Billy could get the bat, Jerad just stood there frozen. Between confused and upset at the word 'darky', actually unsure if it was directed to him or not. Just standing there for the longest while in more of a mutter toward himself, "Isn't...tat illegal?" Peeking up to the woman again in a frown as he didn't seem too comfortable with the angry man with a baseball bat as if double thinking if he should leave or not. All this thinking while drunk gives you a headache! Pinching the brim of his nose as he moved to follow Echo rather unsure. Glad that the victim was a better man and kept his cool. Last thing he needed was to
randomly be around some barfight. Glancing toward Kione with some apologetic expression.

Billy Ray (eros.firelight) turned to look at his sister in law, "Ey just stay outta this alright?" pointing his baseball bat to the confederate flag that hung above the door, "Aint ye ever seen that?" turning back to the others, "Reckon some just forget what it means." in his eyes he had all the power here, baseball bat in hand. He was clueless that anything but humans existed, the rest were stories. "Ey darky," he would call out, :Reckon yall didnt hear me!" pointing his bat torwards the door, "You best get outta here." though his threats were idle, what the hell was he gonna do? Waddling his fat rolls to the jukebox he would unplug it, cuttimg the music. Just standing there, leaning against the machine. Fat rolls quivering all over his body in a mix of rage and anxiety. Then he heard his wife, but ignore her for the most part. Looking to the one with the darky, "Cross breeder, you can git out too!" then he felt it, a severe pain in his left arm. The paunding in his ears growing louder. All that rat poison his wife had fed him was catching up. That and his million pounds of fat, "Now git your black ass outta here!" he would yell out before waddling away to the kitchen, gripping at his left arm. He would fall to the cloor, cringing. What the hell was going on?

Echo Calamity stops just before she gets to the booth when she hears Billy Ray spout off again"Oh.. em..gee.. You did not just tell me to stay out of it" turning to face Billy her hands on her hips. "My sister married you not me, so don't think for one minute I'm going to let you tell me what to do you redneck fatass.. " shaking her head "now you stopped acting like that we aren't in the south and no one up here gives a damn about that flag. All your going to do is cause another one of those riots like they did when Michael Jackson took off in that ford bronco and then got beat up by the police because he was black. " she didn't have a clue to what she was talking about but figure she would go with it. Looking over to Ripley "OH em gee do something about him, Ripley"

Ӄίoηℯ (kione.ulrik) caught the look from Jer as he turned around to watch with a mild interest at the way the women over there were giving the fat man hell and nodded an acknowledgement at him. He wasn't too worried about the bat toter, Kione -did- stand a good 7 1/2 feet tall. Even as a plain ass human, he wouldn't have too worried about it. He glanced back to Annie, nodding, "Sure thing lil momma, I'll take your beer when it gets here and order the Peps..." he nearly spit as she threatened to stab him in his neck, shaking his head, "No no no, that ain't gonna be necessary." He did turn full to the side in his seat as the man went and unplugged the damn juke box though, still tossing threats and swinging his bat. It seemed, for a moment, he was going to have to just go ahead and kick the shit outta this white man but once he staggered off, the music no longer masking the bar in sound, he caught what 'sounded' like a ton of lard hitting the floor. He stood up, hands going into the air as if to be the sudden voice of reason"Nobody panic! The niggrah is gonna plug the music back in." Once he was at the jukebox, music playing again, he pointed to the kitchen and told Ripley, "You might wannna check on Mr Fatass in there. He didn't look so hot." Yep, that was about as far as he was gonna go with that one.

Ripley Warilard served up some soda for Annie and had the npc server deliver it once it was ordered. She was a pale as a ghost.trying to muster up a smile as Annie spoke again. " Alright cant wait to here it . " she gave her the thumbs up till Billy started yelling all his racist slander. " Oh please shut up the guy.. could so kick your ass. Billy .. " she grit her teeth when the room went silent as he unplugged the jukebox. She just froze like she was in shock. Even as the love of her life gripped his chest and fall to the floor. " Oh my god someone call nine one one .. BILLY" she yelled racing across the bar to her down husband. Rolling him over. Gripping him with both hands she cant roll him. You think he would be ease to roll. But his plump little muffin top weighted as much as she does. " Oh god someone help me .. " she tried with all her might to get him rolled over. " help.." she wasnt moving overly fast. Ya he had let himself go . but she seen the quarterback and home coming king under all those rolls of fat he managed to pile on. And sure she had been poisoning him but it was just alittle bit of poison to give him the scoots. Shitting never killed anyone did it.

Áηηìë (anyanka.bisiani) shot a look towards the fat man again, especially when he calls her out. Her hands plant hard upon the table as her fingers curl, her body lifting and bouncing her way to the edge of the seat. She said nothing, absolutely giving no indication of what she was about to do. But Kione talks her down just as easily, and she remains seated through it all, watching the back of the fatman with a slight frown. With a huff, she glances back towards the pink haired woman, offering up a smile towards her and the nervous man, then looks over towards Kione, then finally stands to her feet. As Ripley begins to hollar, she immediately headed into her direction, her brows lifting as she stares down the fat man and the woman upon the floor, her lip turned up for a moment as she squats, her hands hanging from her knees. "He don't look so good." Yes. She was captain obvious tonight. Her willingness to help people -obviously- shown. "I think its all the cholesterol. You know, when you eat so much like that it -c-puts a strain on your heart, plus he's lugging all of that fat around." She smiles just a little, dumb as she was. "You know, if you let him work itself out, it'll be like a catalyst that would help him lose all the weight. You know.. gotta get fit or get dead.. something like that?" She huffs just a little, slowly standing. She wanted to pet Ripley's head. Eerily calm in the face of an emergency. "I'll call the nine ones. I think if you pound on his chest a little bit it'll wake him up some."

Jerad grimaced in a frozen position at all the shouting and racist comments flying about, hesitating on ever taking a seat. Frowning at the thought, he had forgotten there were still some people that bad on this Earth. It was a shame really. He just gave that observing stance like a bouncer in ready to break up any fight, except he had that messy nerd of a hair and poutted look. Figuring the thud might have been the man throwing the bat, pushing a table over, or some other ragequit action. Finally turning to the 911 request, his drunken mind just tore into pieces of what the hell was going on. The guy was a dick, a racist. Some people might think he deserved it, but before his lagging brain could process what happened- he was already moving quickly to the 'redneck'. Going to help her roll him over with ease and actually seeming concerned as if the guy was his friend, even if it was a complete stranger that was shouting the whole time that Jerad was here. It was in the man's nature to care for humans. Ignoring the comments of the other's as his tone seemed to turn much more protective in the manner while trying to look him over and see what was wrong, "Here, use my phone." Taking the iPhone out his pocket and raising it up to offer to annie just in case she didn't have a cellphone.

Billy Ray (eros.firelight) was dead to the world now, unable to even hear his wife yelling. It was true what they said about your life passing infront of your eyes when you left the earth. Though his was mainly depressing, just watching himself get increasingly fat over the years. More ignorant and socially retarded. Though the dreams faded soon enough as he blacket out, his body shaking as he lay there. Soon enough he would be singing free bird in trailer park heaven.

Echo Calamity looks over to the commotion as people were running towards the kitchen.It finally came to her that she had totally missed something. It was probably the extra pills she had taken for her headache. She would follow the ohers over to try and get at look at what happened" oh em gee is he breathing? " was all she managed to say. She didn't like seeing him on the ground like that her arms folded across her chest hugging herself as she stood there watching, not wanting to get in the way.

Ripley Warilard would finally get the fatman over on his back. " ya cp.. something I see it on Maury.. ya just pound on em.. get his ticker going again. " she was worried now . Checking his pulse to see if was breathing. " Billy this aint funny now I am sorry .. I am so sorry .." she said balling her fist and punching his chest like he was a heavy bag at gold's gym. " Come one babe dont go to the light. Dont go to the light.. " she yelled still slamming punchs in his chest. " I poisoned him alittle bit to give him the shits.. help lose the weight.. he has been such a frecking potato since he lost his football scholarship.. bum knee and stuff.. Oh god he is gonna die .. and I killed him.. " she was really laying the smack down on him now. Not sure how to do cpr but mostly for ruining her life making her live like trailor park trash when she was so much better then that. What would she do without his disablity cheques she would homeless. " I cant get a pulse.. " she remarked and stopped beating up her husband who was clearly dead.

Ӄίoηℯ (kione.ulrik) just fuckin sighed. Man. All he wanted was a damn steak and some beer. Upside? It sorta killed the mood for karaoke. He hadn't heard Annie sing yet and wasn't sure he wanted that learning experience in public. He shook his head at the whole situation, not offering up the facthe USED to be the lieutenent of the Mountain, Fire and Rescue station in town, nor the fact he was a Ranger for the National Forest Service still, haivng all kinds of life saving procedures and CPR skills. He was content to lean against the bar and let the fat ass die in his own stomach fluids. "Don't serve yer kind, huh?" It was mumbled to himself as he searched for the bottle of whiskey Riley was pouring shots from but once Annie told her to beat on his chest some, he tossed his hands back into the air, "Oh for the love of Gawd! Move over, shit." He was already moving towards the kitchen, giant dick skinners moving out to shove people out of the way so he could come up next to Riley and the white dude on the floor, "Everyone out the fuckin way, Jesus. I'm a Ranger with the Forest Service, lemme in there!" He scoots Riley out the way, rolling fat boy over and checking for a pulse. A look shot to Annie, "Call dem nine ones, he's in cardiac arrest." With that, it was time for ... wait for it....CPR! Yep, chest compressions and you guessed it. Emergency breathes. "1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and 5..." then he was lip locked with the fat dude and blowing air into his lungs, then back to chest compressions.

Áηηìë (anyanka.bisiani) really had no clue what to do. At least Ripley was doing what she said. She does reach up to take the phone from Jer, her fingers fumbling with it for a moment before she stops in her phone learning to give a look towards Ripley and her words. Whut? She poisoned him? Should she even call the police now? She gives a glance back towards Kione, who was pushing her out of the way and taking charge. D'aww, the lovable look she gave him was immediately tossed aside as he told her to dial. And dial she did. "Um.. police peoples? There's some guy here in the tavern getting his chest beat on. Mmhmm. No, my boyfriend is blowing air in his mouf. Mmhmm. I guess you can call it CPR. Mmhmm. Yes, he's pushing on his chest. Mmhmm. Uh. I don't know what happened. We all just heard a thud and down he went." She glances towards Ripley, she wasn't going to tell on her, she actually liked the lady. "It looks like a heart.. oh, okay then. Bye bye." She turns the phone off, then shoves it into her -c- "They're on the way." And, still forever calm, she leans against the counter to watch.

Jerad directed the man's head toward him and checked his pulse, that serious look of realization coming over him while doing so. Prssing and adjusting his fingers to make sure he wasn't missing the artery and heartbeat. Although still in feeling nothing, his hand moved to check the breathing with a foreign world under his breath. "Dritt-" with the roll of his 'r'. The word seemed very worried in whatever it was. Peeking up to put a hand and push the woman away calmly to stop the beating dead breathless people up and took a deep breath. He was actually about to do the CPR shamelessly before Kione took over, going to help get Ripley out of the way for the other man to do his thing. Trying to let it sink into his skull while looking toward Echo and hold back Ripley if he needed to so Kione had his room.

Billy Ray (eros.firelight) just lay there getting the shit beat out of him by his wife, heart slowly coming to a stop now. Nice bruises forming inder his skin from ripleys pummeling. Though as shitty as he was to Kione he would probably be saving his life. Air forcing back into his lungs as the man compressed and forced air into his body. With a cough he would once again start to take in the air, a faint pulse returning to his body. Though he would not remain concious long, he opened his eyes once. Almost buldging from his skull as he saw who was reviving him. Not sure if he would remember as he started to fade once more, but he made a mental note. Darky's were not bad after all, which in itself flipped his whole life upside down. Hell next thing you know he could be saying please to his wife!

Echo Calamity stood back wide eyed at the whole scene. She had no idea what to do or how to react so she did what any normal eighteen year old would and just start to blubber. Tears rolling down her cheeks "Oh em gee, this is so horrible.. this is so sad.. is he going to be alright? Should I get him a drink? what can we do? "the words may be hard to understand through all the tears and crying. "Don't let him die.. oh em gee is he going to die?" shaking her head she would bury her face in her hands " this is so horrible.. " she would sink to the floor still crying, She was going to be no help to anyone at the moment.
[20:06] Ripley Warilard got out of Kione's way like who in there right mind who stay in his way. When he was pushing and barking orders like that. She stepped back moving in beside Annie. " it was just alittle rat food .. like a pinch or two.. five or six times a day.. it was just to make him poop.. alittle though some days he could shit through the eye of a needle fifty feet away.. he really eat alot . I am not a bad person .. " she said as the tears welled up in her eyes. She was so sure he was dead now. " Echo.. I think he is gone.. " she reached out for her baby sister pulling her closer as Kione gave her husband mouth to mouth. Blinking her eyes as she waits to see if.. Billy Ray redneck would live or die .. it was kind of like sands in the hour glass.. so these are the days our lives.. " is he gone.. " she crossed her fingers saying alittle pray now.. As she faught back the tears..

Áηηìë (anyanka.bisiani) frowned just a little as Echo started to cry, she had -no- clue what to do with tears. And then Ripley. "Have you ever thought about using chocolate ex-lax? I mean like in two minutes he'll get that hunch and his butt will pucker.. works wonders and its healthier.." Then, they're both hugged up and crying, so Annie did the only womanly thing she could do. She went to hug them both. It was like a group hug of women, though one is so emotionally out of sync she couldn't cry. "Look at it this way, if he lives, the next thing he eats will taste golden. You ever see fight club? Where Tyler held up that chinese dude and made him go back to school? The big guy has a new lease on life, so you should feed him salad instead of rat poison. Yeah?" She even shakes them both up a little bit, squeezing a bit tighter. "I think he's going to be okay. Just you guys wait."

Ӄίoηℯ (kione.ulrik) felt the pulse returning after a round of chest compressions and watched the man open his eyes and stare up at him. Kione could only smile down at him, that sarcastic smile and a nod of his head as he silently rejoiced in the irony of the situation. He looked first to Jer, pointing his chin at the man, "Thanks dude." Then up to Ripley, he shot her a stern look, deservingly so after her confession of poisoning the man, "Bitch, what you care if he's alive or not? You put his fat ass down here. You need Jesus!" HE accused her as he pointed his finger at her squarely and stood up, looking back to Jer and Echo, "He's breathing now, just make sure he don't choke or nuthin before the paramedics get here."

Jerad furrowed his brows, just not believing the... thought process we shall say, of the woman choosing rat poison to help him with bowel movements. Really?! Really??? He wanted to say something oh so badly. Just letting the two sisters cry about and cuddle eatch other. Really though, rat poisoning for stool softener? He just couldn't get his mind off that. It was just bothering all too much. Jerad was difficult to get angry, but that did make him want to just shout at the woman on what she was thinking. Holding back as he tried to focus on Billy, even though he hadn't a clue what to do with Kione already giving CPR. Hearing the cough and taking a step forward, "Should I get anything?" Taking off his jacket as if there was the possibility that Kione might say to elevate his head, although Jerad didn't have much a clue on what to do in all honesty. Pinching the brim of his nose as Kione shout out, even though it was true. Glancing up over the sunglasses that showed the vibrant mix of colors in his eyes before, they were blocked from the shades again in a nod to no having him choke. As Kione stood, Jerad would kneel down just to keep an eye on Billy.

Billy Ray (eros.firelight) was still unconcious but he was alive, thanks to the man he had went after. Even in his dreams billy was changing, life could never be the same. Was he gay now? Looking up into the mans face as he kissed the life back into him. Too much info was overloading his subconcious brain now. Who the hell knows what would happen from here, though it was true. His wife should probably quit poising him, maybe they could go to a marriage councelor.

Echo Calamity let her sister grab her. She just sat their waling. She would have to call Jare as soon as she could. He would make her feel better. The overdramatic crying got even louder when Annie joined in their hugfest. It should have come out like this when she tried to talk "It will be okay Ripley, am sure it will be a nice funeral service. we will get the best flowers" but instead it was the garbled under all the crying. The thought about work went through her miind ~looks like it will be an early night~ still crying through it all ~Christian Bale has a nice ass~ another ranndom thought popping in her head but the crying never stopped.

Ripley Warilard hugged Annie and Echo if she gets up off the floor. Sobbing alittle till she is scolded but she dont say to much more since, she already confessed to almost murdering her husband.. " he is alive.. I swear I will find Jesus. I promise.. and salads.. ya good thinking.. " she cant smile now she was more concerned about her dying husband who lay like a lump of lard on the floor. But he was her lump of lard. And once the girl moment was over she would rush to his side. " oh baby I am so sorry.. " she would say kneeling beside him.. " dont you judge me .. you dont know nothing about me.. " she finally said to Kione.. " thank you for saving him.. I really do love him.. " and she did grab his hand waiting for the paramedic to come. And they finally showed up to strap his ass on the stretcher. And with a few blown out nuts they managed to get the stretcher up and out of the kitchen. Carrying him towards the ambulance. Ripley would be right by his side. Well at least till the cops find out what she had done. " Ech

Áηηìë (anyanka.bisiani) had released the girls as the hugging moment was over. She pretty much just hung back, she had nothing to do at this point, and she was itching at the bit to play with her new stolen toy. Quietly, she makes her way out as the stretcher comes in, moving back to her table and her pad of paper and pencil. The food was surprisingly there, and hot, so the first thing she does is drink her soda, then head right for the food. She even shaves off a few pieces from Kione's steak to add it to her plate before she starts eating, almost like nothing had ever happened.

Ӄίoηℯ (kione.ulrik) looked Ripley right in the eyes, the tone of his voice drop dead serious, "You owe me a bottle of whiskey or I'm a fuckin tell." He was nodding for emphasis, "and you better change your ways woman..." he offered that bit as she walked out with her husband, turning to look at Echo for his payment of whiskey expectantly before joining Annie at their table again.

Jerad seemed to finally respond to the thank you in another delay, "Nah man, thanks for saving his life-" He heard the faint sirens getting closer and moved toward the door so he could hold it open for the paramedics and keep it open when they had the chug of lard on the stretcher so it could just be all the faster for them to get him in the ambulance even if it was just seconds of a difference. Seconds could count afterall. Leaning his head against the door as they did so and also knew that Ripley admitting that to the cops wouldn't end well. He would probably actually drive to the hospital to see the end result of if he was alright or not instead of going back to eating his food nonchalent.
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