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 Aftermath of 3/26/12 (Open)

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PostSubject: Aftermath of 3/26/12 (Open)   Mon Mar 26, 2012 6:05 am

((Since there's no section for forum style RP, I'll post here.))

Fuck, fuck, fuck...that's what ran through Will's head as his legs pumped carrying him away from the scene, smoking fun clutched in his right hand. Jeyk was keeping pace though, good for her, despite his pack a day habit, he was managing fairly well, taking a round about course through backyards, alleys, side-streets and over fences to get back to the Motel.

He'd shot someone...no, something. It wasn't a someone. It was a thing. It had reattached it's broken arm and then...pow, he fired, not a block away from the police station.

"Fuck!" Exclaimed as he rounded the corner, heading down the gravel path to the motel at a more sedate pace, he didn't need to rouse further suspicion, the gun shot and the likely call to the authorities was more than enough.

Not to mention the monstrosities that would be seeking revenge.

'Stop and think, always stop and think.' He remembered that advice well. Tom was an unassuming guy, one wouldn't suspect that he had more than two dozen kills to his credit. A bit gawky, geeky, pockmarked...but he had saved Will's ass once upon a time. When the owner of that ass wasn't even named Will. Tom and his little group had learned him and here he was in Ravenhurst, prepared to ply what he's learned.

He fucked up though. His cover was blown. An unassuming dope peddler was a great cover, an excellent cover, but it was broken when he fired that shot. Noone in the crowd knew the name that matched the face but Jeyk, still, it was done...or he was done, if he didn't think fast.

Pausing outside his room, he takes a deep breath, then another, attempting to slow his racing pulse. "I have to leave, now." The fragments of a plan are forming, but first and foremost, he needed to high tail it out of there. What to do with Jeyk was the lingering question.

The easiest course would be to drag her inside and strangle her but that would defeat the whole purpose of his current existence. He hunts to protect the Ignorant Innocent, as Tom called them. Never harm them, unless there's no other course to take, that's what he's been taught.

He keyed the door and pushed into his room, still quite amped, the meth he'd been sampling all night was good shit, that's for sure. Waiting for Jeyk to enter, before he went to his bed and flipped the mattress, throwing it across the room, onto the table where it lay askew.

Not the best hiding spot, but the hollowed box spring served it's purpose. Cash, drugs, two boxes of ammunition and three ready to use speed loaders cached there. Along with a pair of brief cases folded shut.

"Okay...okay..." Taking another breath, he turns to Jeyk, "...far as you know I was going to Canada this weekend, remember?" Of course she did, he had asked her to watch his place after all. "I wasn't here tonight, far as you know...you met some guy, flirted a little, and then he went and popped that chick..." He knew enough that by the time the authorities arrived any evidence of the monstrosities that had been evidence at the scene would be gone. "You got me?" Questioned as he turned to face her, one of the brief cases open, exposing a half dozen nine inch long cylinders with wicks shoved into the tip, stashing his ammo, dope, and cash in the brief, the speed loaders shoved into his pants pockets. The red flannel shirt made him stick out, so he discarded it, pulling on a dark colored hoodie.

"I'll explain all this as soon as I can but if anyone comes looking, I've been gone since Thursday. If anyone with a badge comes looking that is, if it's some random person, you tell them the truth, don't cover for me if they seem...off." Jesus Christ Bananas he was putting her in a tight spot. He couldn't just take her with him though then her life here would be ruined and she was trying to build one. "Just tell them I popped that chick, told you to lie to the cops and most importantly...you -didn't- see the bitch with wings, or...the monster." Emphasizing that part expressly. If they didn't deem her a threat, she'd be safe.

If she ever watched any action flicks, she'd know that the brief he carries, those long cylinders, are a half-dozen pipe bombs.
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Jeyk Simino

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PostSubject: Re: Aftermath of 3/26/12 (Open)   Thu Mar 29, 2012 10:51 am

If Will’s mind was in a whirl over all that had transpired back at the bookshop, Jeyk’s own thoughts were certainly a lot worse off. Moments ago she had the unfortunate pleasure of watching the man shoot one of her Kith, out in public nonetheless, and now that they were both booking it down the dark and dreary streets and alleys of Ravenhurst, she was left deciding how best to handle the situation they now found themselves in. Ever since the beginning of time humans were never to know of her kind, or any supernaturals for that matter. It was /the/ most guarded secret in this world, one that has been protected for centuries and for good reason. Yet here she was, following the lead of a man likely half crazed over witnessing the bizarre and unexplainable antics of two Fae breaking the veil. These weren’t minor slip ups that could be passed off as a mere trick of the eye however, but full blown unveilings! Hell, there may as well not even be a veil at this point!

To say Jeyk was not pleased at these developments would have been a gross understatement.

Finally reaching the motel, Jeyk was more than happy when they slowed their pace and veered in the direction of Will’s room. It wasn’t due to being out of breath or anything, which she’d feign in order to keep up the façade of being a heavy smoker, but speaking to him about what all he saw tonight was probably best done in an environment he was comfortable in.

“Okay Will, just calm down… Lets talk this over.” Jeyk started to say as she watched him anxiously fiddle with his keys and let them into the room. Following in and shutting the door quickly behind her, she turned to continue yet found herself at a loss for words when he promptly flipped his mattress. Confused as to what he was doing, her attention fell short on the hallowed out box spring the moment he made a move towards it. Asshole definitely wasn’t getting his damage deposit back after that.

“What is… What is all that?” She asked while stepping forward to better examine what the man had taken great care of hiding. It wouldn’t take long to understand why. The number of pipe bombs that lined the brief case was enough to do quite a bit of damage if applied correctly, not to mention the amount of ammunition and fire power on top of that; it was alarming. Vibrant hues shifting from the secret cache to Will, the Fae looked at him long and hard. She knew of dealers being paranoid enough to keep a weapon or two close by, however never in all her unnaturally long life had she ever encountered one with pre-made pipe bombs on hand. On top of that there still was the other brief case with only Mother knows what inside.

“Why did you shoot that girl?” Jeyk finally asked after listening to all of Will’s instructions. Something just didn’t seem right, especially with the way he was wording his directions. It was too specific, too unusual for just any human to voice in a situation like this. Sure it was one thing to want to disappear after committing such a crime as a shooting, especially if he thought he killed the woman, but this felt different. Allowing her mind and body to relax, the Fae’s glamour slowly began to spread throughout the small room in order to prepare to taint the atmosphere with a calming effect; anything to settle the man down. The emotions which clouded the establishment in shades of grey to the Fae tasted bitter and anxious, thus easily belying the fret that radiated from him.

“Relax, just sit down and tell me what you saw.”
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PostSubject: Re: Aftermath of 3/26/12 (Open)   Thu Mar 29, 2012 2:30 pm

"That...that wasn't a girl," remarked as he continued pacing the room. Despite her calming glam, there's too much adrenaline pumping through his form for him to bother sitting. He's amped. Frigging jacked up.

The calming glam does relax him, a touch, he's able to stop and to think coherently. He couldn't leave the room in such a state, so he sets about righting the mattress upon the box spring, leaving the blankets in disarray, he's a bachelor after all and crisp clean corners and tucked sheets would arouse suspicion finding a hiding spot, with nothing in it, is still a hiding spot and would arouse suspicion.

"That was a monster. Some type, I don't really know, I'm new at this." That was possibly his first kill, it was surely his first shot fired in the secret war. He hadn't lingered long enough to see if the shot had finished the creature off. If it was a vampire, he knew it wouldn't, if it was one of the Fey, it may have. "The thing with wings and ears was a fey, a seelie I believe, I don't really know much about them, they're mostly harmless, feeding off emotions, dreams, and..." Struggling with the explanation, "...that tingly feeling you get when you're excited, and everyone else is excited around you, a football game or something, the way the crowd feels. Seelie thrive on it. There's darker types, those are the ones that need to be killed, Unseelie. They trick and deceive, kill, take people prisoner to torture and make them afraid, they feed off of these emotions." That's about as much as he knew about Fey, most hunters considered them harmless, so they weren't typically hunted for openly. If one found a nest of course, that's a different story.

In Will's case, he happened to stumble upon two in one night.

"I should've waited and watched," spoken as he reloads his .357, pocketing the spent cartridge, he didn't want to leave any damning evidence behind. "Then made my move...but the wings, that threw me off, I had to do something to get us out of there. If I didn't we'd be dead by now, they go to great lengths to protect their hidden traits." Tucking the revolver back into his pants, pulling his shirt down to cover the butt, though it doesn't completely hide the fact that he's armed.

"More than likely the whole thing will be covered up. I remember watching a nest of blood drinkers getting taken down and there was no mention of the fifteen or so bodies in the fire, just a short news story about the fire." He knows he's dropping heavy shit on Jeyk, still, he can't seem to stop talking. Usually much more closed mouth.

"All right...remember what I told you?" He didn't pause to wait for an answer, he simply gathered his things. "You'll be all right, I'll be watching." Subterfuge is a hunter's bread and butter, he could get lower than snake shit in this village. "In two days, I want you to hang something white, some piece of laundry, outside the Coin-Op, to let me know if someone's been around asking. Some other color if they have. Don't call or text me, in fact," he unpockets his phone and pops open the back, pulling the battery and tossing it on the tabletop, that might be useful someday. The phone was garbage now.

"I'll be around, so don't get nervous, if you're threatened just yell out I'll come blasting." He exited the motel room, expecting to see sirens and cops with guns drawn, but all is clear, clutching both briefcases he sets off.
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PostSubject: Re: Aftermath of 3/26/12 (Open)   

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Aftermath of 3/26/12 (Open)
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