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 Back To The Basics 1

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Lexie Ellwyn

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PostSubject: Back To The Basics 1   Mon Apr 23, 2012 5:00 pm

Most players that come to Ravenhurst are experienced roleplayers. Some players here you will find here will tell you they have been roleplaying since the days of text based roleplay group such as IRC. So then why would we offer a class like this. Most players will say they don't need it but what we tend to forget as players is that there different thoughts in how basic roleplay is done and even in second life from sim to sim there are different thoughts and rules. These classes are important not only for the brand new roleplayer but for experienced one as well. We all pick up different habits and it is good for everyone to be on the same page with the thoughts and ideas oh how roleplay on this sim is handled and looked at.

So let's get started. In this class we are going to talk about how to start your story and developing your character through character development.

One of the most common comments that is heard from new players to the sim is that I have come into town.. I have posted and been ignored. This is something that as players we should be aware of... and not do. This is considered poor form.

Here are a few suggestions to help with both sides of this problem.

For the veterans of Ravenhurst to remember and think about..

We were all new once and if we had been ignored would you have continued to play here?

Even the ultimate asshole characters will have some sort of reaction to a new face. That doesn't mean you have to instantly be their best friend but try to always at least acknowledge another players post. Even if you are in the middle of a deep conversation. A simple nod or looking over to them is enough. If you are in a deep conversation or something like that. Try to let the other players know this within your post....example

Lex looks up at the stranger as he/she enters the room. She is was curious to who or what he/she was but needed to finish the conversation up with Skip first before she could investigate further.

Even a quick shout in ims.. letting the person know. The big thing is not to let a person feel unwelcome By Ignoring other players, we miss out on what could be some wonderful storyline and roleplay they may offer.

For the new player...

Try starting off in a public place a bar or town square.

**Evaluate the Scene**
Be aware of what is happening around you.. It is always best for new and old players to listen for a few post to before entering a scene. If two characters are in a fighting or arguing,. there is a really big chance you will be ignored. By waiting a few minutes to find out what is going on can really make a difference to how your character is received. If you walk into a middle of a fight and say hello.. you could very well have your head bashed in.

This also good to establish the mood of the scene. If characters seem very serious or upset again they will probably not really acknowledge you other than to tell you to go away. This isn't meant to be rude but just like in real life. If people are upset or having a serious discussion a stranger walking up saying "HI" will be told to go away.

**Share the scene**
Every Character that is in Ravenhurst has a backstory and there is no one backstory that is more important than another. Your story will eventually get out. Rushing to tell the first person you see your entire hard knocks life or your sunshine and rainbows life you will find people walking away. Again think of real life how often do you sit down and tell a stranger every little detail of your life right off the bat. Develop relationships, learn about other characters, taking the time to do this will pay off.

**Don't Be Starstruck or Hero Envy**
We all want a moment in which our character shines.. is the center of what is going on. We don't want to see our character hurt and we want everyone to enjoy the story.. Forcing a story that is centered around your character or trying to turn every situation to being about you.. you will find people walking away.. Through all the races there is not one person more special than another. The roleplay here is a collabriated effort, that is what is fun about it. We all get our moments to have be the center. Your time will come. There are no Buffy the Vampire Slayers, The Charmed witches.. that just know everything..or the no ninja-jedi-special opts-havenofear-perfect marksman- rocket scientist guys either. Your character will not win every fight nor will always be the hero or center of attention and trying to force that to be the case then you will find yourself having trouble finding roleplay.

Remember the players on sim already have stories going. Don't wait for players to engage you, as a player you are responsible for getting your character started. Try and talk to people or accidentally bump into them.. little things like that can get you started off on a great story.

If all else fails and you are having trouble meeting players Im an inspired or an admin. Any of them will be happy to help you out.

****Character Development*****

We will start off with your background...

The background you come up with is what starts your character off in all aspects. it helps establish your personality and what type of person you are. Your background is a very important part of your character and shouldn't be rushed..You should though have a general idea answering these questions:
who are you?
where are you from?
what have you done in life?
Why have you done it ?
and how have you done it?

Things to consider..

Where you are... Ravenhurst is a hole in the wall town on a small little island two hours from Seattle by ferry. There are no mansion or fancy shopping malls nothing that would attract the rich and powerful here. Think about it why else would supernaturals set up shop in a small town away from people.It is for the most part a small little unknown town.

Who are you? Are you a runaway, a middle aged professor looking for his lost daughter, a gypsy or just a tourist that fell in love with the town. The options are endless on who your character is .. its the next few questions though that you should really figure out.

Why is your character in Ravenhurst? Is your character one that has been given everything in life.. your daddy a bizillionaire and sends you endless amount of money? if that is the case WHY are you in Ravenhurst? Are you looking for a long lost relative or running from the past, what led you to this town. If you are trying to be a ninja-jedi-specialopts trained-havenofear-rocket scientist WHY again are you in Ravenhurst.. and not helping batman saved Gotham. Think about it.. try and have your story make sense.

This also goes for how you got to Ravenhurst and what are you going to be doing in Ravenhurst..

**Compare your background to real life**

Things to think about....
If you are a doctor.. remember.. 4 years of college, 4 years of medical school, 4 years of residency... the world is not filled with Doogie Howsers..

Doctorates and PHD in any field take years..many times up to 8 years.. so that puts you at 26 years old.. and no experience in your field. I am all for having smart characters but have their age reflect their education.

That also goes for military training.. your age should reflect your training.. you can't join the military till 18 and you have to do basic training.. it takes years to earn high ranks and you wouldn't be on black opts missions at 19 then retire at 22..

Once you set up your background.. don't go and change it unless you are starting all over

**Don't limit your character**

So you got your background story.. you are a 19 year old ninja-jedi-rocketscientist- that knows everything about everything or the very very wealthy........ where do you go from here, what do you do town... other than saving everyone and killing the big bads.. you have officially limited your character development from the start not to mentioned probably severely limited the people that will play with you.

** Letting your Character grow through the storyline***

Just like in real life our characters grow through their stories. Sometimes it is all puppies and rainbows and other times.. The little black rain cloud is hovering over your head. As player you shouldn't shy away from the little black rain cloud, embrace it.. see how it affects your character. You may also have those times where there not any excitement going on.. you aren't in danger and you are just living out day to day.. again don't ignore that. Just like in real life you never know what will happen. All of these situations help your character grow..

**Character Timeline**.

Your character should be doing the day to day things even when you aren't on line.. They will have three meals a day.. or a some blood if that is what they prefer.. they will all sleep some during the day..They will all go to work etc. If you have to go for a few days or awhile to real life come up with a vacation or visiting family.

We do play on a sim where vampires can't survive in light but the rest of us would be doing things during the daylight hours and it is perfectly acceptable to play them out. The easiest way to do this is follow sl time. Just like in real time the sun starts to go down around 6 ( again depends on when and where but RH the sun is down around 6 pm) does this mean a vampire can't play till then. Absolutely not. most players will say it is evening but it is always wise to ask.. of if you want to send an im letting a person know the time of day your are at. This shouldn't be abused though.. if it is 10pm sl time.. it is dark in Ravenhurst. This takes a little common sense.

As players we make choices in all we do.. we need to be willing to follow through the consequences.. again this is a great way for character growth and should be embraced. As I was told when I started roleplaying sometimes things happen to your character that you don't want to play out.. but often those moments are the ones that really change and help your character.

**Take the hit... lose the fight**

As players we also need to remember we will not always be the ones to win the fights nor can we be all knowing. So adding something such as a skill or knowledge to your background at the last minute is considered cheating. Again will effect how others if they want to play with you. Let your character learn from the situation instead of trying to get the advantage.

**think outside the box**
If you have an idea in your head where you want your character to go and a wrench gets thrown in there that changes things, don't get angry.. Think of how this can help you. If you think about things you will find ways around any potholes and you may also find that having to take the long way around makes your story that much better.

**We all have stories**
Remember ever player here is working on their characters story.. they will help you in developing yours as you help them develop theirs.. It is a give a take. So remember that when you are roleplaying and understand that decision are going to made icly based on their characters it may help you, it may not either way enjoy the ride and see where it takes you.

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Back To The Basics 1
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