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 Moxxi's First Solo Spell.

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PostSubject: Moxxi's First Solo Spell.   Mon Aug 13, 2012 8:16 pm

[14:05] ɱɸχχɨ (orchidea.xaris) sits alone in the house for the first time in a long time. No one is home and that is odd, Kei is not playing Third Life, Skip is not watching his shows and Lexie, well she had a vague idea of where she is. she desperately wanted some kind of company, good company that would help her get through these rough times, but no one else seems to think the same way; as Moxxi is reaching out to everyone around her, they are clamming up tight.

It was not healthy to do that, but she could not argue or try to change them, only hope that they don't stay so bottled up because even if they didn't seem to need her, she really needed them. Her fingers pick at the table top and her mind races to find some silver lining to being alone when it dawns on her. She could be practicing some of the spells Lexie had told her about.

There is no written manual on how to do these things and she began keeping her own personal book of shadows. All the time in the shop gave her ample time to read up and write, so when she read that many followers of the Wicca path wrote their own book, she starts one of her own.

[14:10] ɱɸχχɨ (orchidea.xaris) pushes up from the table to walk a short distance across the room to where she liked to keep her few items in a neat and orderly manner. She really did not have to worry about hiding anything since everyone in the house was of the magical nature. Underneath the day-to-day journal is her book of shadows resting over a bag of herbal needs and pre-mixed oils and other goods she thought would be wise to keep on hand at any time she is out away from the shop.

The bag is carefully slung over her shoulder and book hugged to her chest. She would have liked to had a mentor here to watch her first attempt at a spell on her own, but with all the chaos and confusion she did not have the heart to bother anyone. If anything would come from this is would be proof that regardless of her newness to the supernatural realm and beginnings to magic, she could hold herself together come hell and high water.

[14:17] ɱɸχχɨ (orchidea.xaris) returns to the table, but she does not have a set just yet. She turns to make some tea, something calming and good for focus would do nicely.

Cooking is very theraputic and by extension so is making tea; it is an art that required more than slopping hot water into a cup and dunking a tea bag into the water. There is an art to turning the daily rituals of everyday life in a form of pleasure and this is a prime example.

She stood at the stove watching the cold water come to a boil, felt the energy the flames gave off and transfered to the water to bring it to a steaming state-- it is a common mistake that people did often, using full boiling water to make tea, it only ruined the leaves when they hit the scalding water. The water needed to be hot, but not so hot that it fried the fresh leaves and killed all the goodness locked away inside of them.

[14:24] ɱɸχχɨ (orchidea.xaris) adds in the leaves, infusing the blend with fresh lavender, chamomile, and red clover. She could have added a few more things, but her goal is to calm and induce a sense of deeper focus, not knock herself out.

As the tea begins to steep she moves to the table once again to search through her bag for a small bottle of essential oils of lemon, orange and grapefruit, the high notes of the critus blend she read is supose to bring one into a state of mental clarity and focus.

A dab of the oil to her temples and just behind the ear is more than enough.

[14:35] ɱɸχχɨ (orchidea.xaris) waits for the oil to do its magic as she shakes out her limbs, starting from her hands and feet then working each section slowly upward until she has loosened up every muscle in her body and her own natural energies are flowing freely.

On to the next step, tea.

She pours herself a cup of the fresh and ready tea in the pretty porcelain set that she found while rummaging around through the cabinets one day. Carrying it to the table with her, she begins to let her mind wander and be more aware of the things going on around her than just the tea in her hands.

[15:17] ɱɸχχɨ (orchidea.xaris) comes to a full rest in her seat with the steaming cup of tea placed just before her beside her bag of things and her book of shadows. For a while she merely remains still and focuses on the steam rising from the cup and brings her breathing to a slow, steady, even pace that seemed appropriate with what she had in mind.

[15:22] ɱɸχχɨ (orchidea.xaris) with one hand she lifts the cup to her lips and sips at the tea with a sigh of pure delight as her other hand thumbs through the first few pages of her book where she had write down the couple of spells Lexie had explained to her as well as the other spell of forgetfulness she picked up this past Friday afternoon.

Maintaining your health, The Healthy Spell.

It seemed simple enough and right now with her healing injuries she could use all the help she could get with being in good health.

[15:26] ɱɸχχɨ (orchidea.xaris) pushes the tea off to the side to clear a space infront of her to work, she did not need much room for this particular spell.

The piece of velvet cloth was not too hard to come by neither was the red ribbon given that she works at not only the store, but lives with two of the elder witches--of course everything she used, she paid for with her own money.

Each ingredient is sprinkled slowly into the middle of the cloth, making sure not to let any fall outside of the sqaure of fabric, then folds up the sides; pleating them neatly so it form a nice little bag-like pouch that would not let any of its contents spill out. Finishing the first step with a package worthy bow that is pleasing to look at, so cute or so she thought; the red ribbon against the white velvet.

[15:36 ɱɸχχɨ (orchidea.xaris) holds the cloth in her cupped together hands just out in front of her for easy viewing. Inhaling the scent of the bag, the oils she had used on herself and the tea still left in the cup. very breath she takes she pulls in the energy of the source to her until she could hold no more, and redirects it toward the item gentle held in her grasp.

She mentally pictures herself being healthy in all her endeavors, her body being strong and through that strength heal more quickly and able to fight off infection, sickness and fatigue.

[15:45] ɱɸχχɨ (orchidea.xaris) closes her eyes briefly as her mind lingers on the thoughts and images of her good health. A smile begins to creep over her otherwise stoic features, something good and wonderful comes over her, it is not the spell, but the nature of the spell that gave her this feeling of joy and contentment, working with her calling.

Her eyes open to fix back on the parcel in her hands as she speaks clearly, the good intentions and pure emotions flowing through her, making her speak with more pronounced feeling.

"I call on this to do my will
Help me to not be ill.
Keep me healthy through the week
Keep me strong and not meak
So mote it be"

[15:52] ɱɸχχɨ (orchidea.xaris) sits in silence after her words ring out bold and true through the empty house and she takes the time to reflect on her first spell work alone; from the process to the how her body responded to the energy work and how she felt and now feels. Thoughtfully she regards all these things as the last of the source flows from her.

As things come to an end, she pushes up from the table slowly to avoid falling on her face as the spell as simple as it was, really sapped her initial strength. A few wobbly steps carry her to the wall which she touches to make that extra physical connection with something not of the spell, ground her and help her snap out of the almost ethereal state of being she found herself in like she was caught between two worlds.

It takes time, but after moments pass she is back to her old self and feeling more stable to move around freely. Placing the satchel under where she sleeps then turns to clean up the table of her things, the tea cup in the sink and everything all squared away.
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Moxxi's First Solo Spell.
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