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 Moxxi and Cal's combat class with knives.

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PostSubject: Moxxi and Cal's combat class with knives.   Wed Aug 22, 2012 6:15 pm

Caligula Exonar: moves around his desk and plops in the chair looking at Moxxi and her new "look" and just shakes his head some saying, "At lest you do not have your underwear showing today, So lets get started. Do some of the stances and blocks I showed you last time."

ɱɸχχɨ (orchidea.xaris): Looks around for a moment at the office and Cal now seated behind the desk. A single brow raises at him picking at her, but this time her choice of attire, "Yeah, yeah there Godfather. Next time I'll show up dressed like that so you can make me an offer for a new wardrobe that I can't refuse." Sassing him right back as she sheds her jacket and tosses it over the arm of a nearby chair. From there she pulls the knife sheathed at her right side on a belt loop holder. Keeping the blade pressed flush against her forearm/wrist she takes up a defensive stance with her legs spread evenly apart, not over extended and both arms do like wise; curled up a little to mock the insect that the fighting style is named after.

Jade Courval (jadeyn.courtois): presses her hand to the security door, letting it register who she is, then waits as it slides aside before she steps out into the office. Her gaze slowly settles on the magenta haired wisp of a thing standing in such a bizarre fashion on the other side of the desk and a delicately shaped brow arches. "What am I missing?" she says in a quiet murmur to Cal, flipping her hair over one shoulder. A slow sway of hips brings her to stand beside him where he sits and she folds her arms across her chest, standing every inch the haughty kindred she was, even though her features remain pleasant and welcoming.

Caligula Exonar: just chuckles some at her smart ass comment and then watches the stance. Flipping his glance at Jade then goes back to watching Moxxi, "Ok start working on strikes and deflections also work on attacks that come from behind you. And Jade this is a new... student of mind her name is Moxxi and she works in the herb shop here in town and she wanted to learn knife fighting. Moxxi this is Jade, she is another owner of this club and my.... girlfriend."

ɱɸχχɨ (orchidea.xaris): lowers both her arms the moment when someone else walks in, while she is training, she felt it only polite and proper to do this as introductions are being said. "Hello, Jade, nice to meet you." she says all warm and bubbly, friendly like as her free hands flourishes a finger wiggling wave. Attention turns to Cal with a nod, "Attacks from behind." Fading to run a situation through her mind like when Xion had tried to bulldog her to the ground. "So using an arm they are striking at me or trying to grapple me with, hip toss them and then move in with the blade arm to strike and cut." Going through the motions fluidly just to see how it felt to her. Of course the strike would be aimed at the head/neck area given it would land her attacker in a prime position to be struck there, even if the strike could possibly gash their neck open; she is learning quick that while the idea of hurting someone badly even mortally they do not feel the same about doing it to her.

Jade Courval (jadeyn.courtois): purses her lips, both brows lofting skyward before giving a slow nod to Cal. Mage, she thinks, with a breathless sigh, then drops her arms. A hand slides caressingly over the back of Cal's head, smoothing the hair he has pulled back, then lets it drop to the back of the chair and studies the girl for a long while in silence. She was highly amused at being called a 'girlfriend.' So amused that she has to bite her tongue to keep from replying to the label. "A pleasure to make your acquaintance," she finally says in her Southern drawl, the faint hint of French accent barely discernible on her R's and N's. To Cal, she murmurs, "What are you doing, mon coeur?" as Moxxi starts running through her fight scenario, her gaze transfixed by the fluidity of motion with which the girl is moving.

Caligula Exonar: watches Moxxi and then reaching out he withdraws a book from his desk and tosses it towards Moxxi without warning, Glancing up to Jade he would give the faintest of shrugs to her question. He enjoyed teaching and the girl amused him he did not feel he had to justify any of it to anyone. "What are you up to today Jade." was all that he let slip from his lips before returning his careful eyes to Moxxi to see if the book laid the poor girl out or if she would react within enough time to stop it.

ɱɸχχɨ (orchidea.xaris): might not be a vampire or be as fast as one, but she seemed to possess a rather curious amount of speed and reaction time for a human, especially when it came to her upper body. She is still running through the motion or at the end of it when the book catches her eye. Her free hand move up to block the book, using her forearm with the wrist still curled in and fingers also coiled. As the book begins to rebound from her left arm, the right snaps into action with a counter attack coming in with a quick jerk that allowed her to transfer all the energy to the attack without her needing to over extend her striking arm.

Jade Courval (jadeyn.courtois): scowls for a brief moment as Cal refuses to answer and she once more folds her arms across her chest. If it /was/ a mage, then that was yet another one that their particular group of vampires was interfering with and she was not at all pleased by the idea. Regardless, though, Cal had taken an interest in a mortal and that made the mortal somehow interesting to her. She sighs, giving a heavenward glance, then studies Moxxi as she moves. She felt sorry for the poor book, which from the looks of it was one of hers, and she did not at all appreciate her books being beaten up. Tongue flicks out to moisten her bottom lip then she turns and slides up onto the edge of the desk, sitting down, gazing back over her shoulder to watch. "Up to?" she murmurs softly, with a wry smile. "Absolutely nothing."

Caligula Exonar: reaches up and squeezes jade's thigh some watching Moxxi with more enjoyment that she was someone who may be able to defend herself, moving his hand from Jade and starts to stand up moving around his desk to Moxxi, reaching out he goes to grab at her hair with a free hand once he is close enough to her.

ɱɸχχɨ (orchidea.xaris):twists her lips at the poor book she just took down, she really did like books and could understand why Cal threw it at her, but not a book. She doesn't have enough time to grieve the KOed literary piece when Cal is on the move and coming right at her? Cal is pretty big, a lot bigger than she is, but that did not seem to sway her or make her run as his hand is reaching out to grab her hair. Her body moves as one dexterous, well-oiled machine; her free, left, hand, moves to slap away the offending hand, curling if and when contact is made to grab it tightly and hold it as the right comes in with her body. She takes a single strong and precise step in with her right leg to move it, position it between his the moment her right hand darts toward the side of his neck to aim a firm slap, then should and if both blows land successfully, use it to push him against her right leg and send him to the ground. She pulled her blows, not wanting to hurt him, but used enough force to make it stick.

Jade Courval (jadeyn.courtois):'s thigh tightens at the squeeze and she presses into his grip with a faint smile, then watches as Cal moves around the desk. Her brows arch with interest and she slides off the desk to settle in his chair, running her hands along the arm rests before stretching out and lacing her hands behind her head. This was at least more interesting than going over financials, she thinks, then cants her head as she watches the attempt to deflect the hair grabbing assault. Not that she would ever dare stop Cal from grabbing her hair, oh no, but she is amused by the thought as she watches the fight scene unfold.

Caligula Exonar: lets her defect and attack him, His head turning slightly so that the slap barely grazes over his face. Then grabs at her right leg as he gets pushed against it, wrapping his arms about her knee area if he could and if so he would stand holding her leg firmly in his grip as he does, Swinging a leg to ground swipe Moxxi's leg out from under her. Letting go of her leg with one of his hands he reaches up and adjust his glasses some with a slight unpleased look being cast down at Moxxi as he adjust his glasses more to make them sit right.

ɱɸχχɨ (orchidea.xaris):kicks up off the ground as soon as her body makes contact with it and does like wise, well the adjusting her glasses that is with a sigh. She pretty much had figured that any counter of trying to bring him down was going to be a failure, he is double her size and far more strong, plus he is as trained as she is so that didn't stack up well for her at all. She tried that and that mattered, or it mattered to her. "Okay, so you want to share how to bring someone down who is as big as you are?" She spoke with curiosity and not a hint of bitterness in her voice at all, but the sound of one willing to learn from their mistakes.

Jade Courval (jadeyn.courtois): leans back more in the chair, half tempted to prop her feet up on the desk, but she knows better. Instead she combs lithe fingers through her hair, watching with an amused smile as the two separate and prepare to begin again. The girl was quick and agile for her size and Jade was mildly impressed by the tenaciousness she gave it. "The kung-fu is strong within you," she murmurs, then snorts under her breath with a quiet chuckle and keeps the rest of her thoughts to herself, letting Cal continue the lesson.

Caligula Exonar: reaches out and slowly takes her camp knife from her and smiles a bit at the question, "That is why you have this. It is part of you and you should have used it. Even mock battles are still battles Moxxi and you never know when it will get out of control. Also while on the ground use that to your advantage. Trip me up your center of balance it much greater once you feel than a person that is my size which is standing. If you wanted to go non lethal then you should have drove the hilt of that blade against my chest or stomach. Do you see what I am saying?" turns his head just enough to see jade and shoots her a cold stair. "Again Moxxi"

ɱɸχχɨ (orchidea.xaris): shakes her head, she really did not understand what he is saying, his advice while making sense did not exactly work in a compatible way with what she already knows and is still learning. "I got it, kind of, but you have to understand that the idea of slicing an opponent open would really be my last line or course of action. I've never attacked a person with what I know and only used it as a form of defense when nothing else works." She licks her lips in thought. "Plus, lets me real here there are very few guys walking around standing at your size and build. A punch to you is like trying to hit a brick wall." Taking the knife from him when he would hand it back over to her. She goes on the offensive just as soon as the knife is back in her gasp. A short hop of a jump brings her into striking range without her having to reach out farther than needed. Her front leg, the right one leading and landing just inside of his where she aims to give the arch of his foot a good hard stomp. Her back leg acts as an anchor to keep her from being knocked down, as she quickly positions her lowers body her upper body is in synchronisity with her left coming up to nail him in the sternum and followed by the right which aims to hit him a second time in a windmill like motion.

Jade Courval (jadeyn.courtois):blinks innocently, giving Cal a sugary sweet smile at his cold stare. What? her eyes say, and she smirks, then flicks her gaze toward Moxxi. "Don't let him get the best of you. His size is an advantage, but yours is also. Even though getting in close to him might seem daunting, you have advantages that he does not while in that close proximity. Your primary attacks are much closer to his core than his are to yours. At the very least, go for his diaphragm. People cannot attack with as much gusto when they have no breath." She had to word that carefully, not knowing if Cal had for once let on about his true nature or not. She shuts up, shrugging to herself and watches the new attack. That was what she remembered from her combat lessons long ago.

Caligula Exonar: blinks behind the glasses as she takes the knife and goes straight into the attack. Cal tries to lift his forearm so that while jumping he could push or back or defend against an assault but was not expecting her to damn near brake his foot. His body start to hunch forward out habit and completely out of control of it. When her hit catch his sternum Cal stumbles back a could of steps trying to regain his calm and balance but before he could the second attack hit him, and unable to hold his balance falls back, While laying on the ground he closes his eyes breathy reminding himself to stay calm. Out of being annoyed he would kick his non hurt foot out at one of Moxxi's legs to try and knock her back. muttering some under his breath.

ɱɸχχɨ (orchidea.xaris): follows through with her winding arms flying up and around her then splay out at her sides as she keeps her body hunched and low, making her look like some colorful-haired girl straight out of a fighting game, but she did this with the intentions of keeping her center of gravity low to the ground and thus making her more balanced as she moves. Her head is up and could see Cal falling backward to the ground she is hot on his heels so to speak. Using another short hop to try and leap onto him at this point and drive her knee down into the area she had just pummeled. His kick while landing a blow on her other leg not aimed at him only sends her -very- slightly on tilt, but not much. She twists her body, so the aforementioned leg could curl in and lock up with his if she made a successful landing while either hand is at her upper body in a defensive position ready to block and or counter if he tried to swing at her.

Jade Courval (jadeyn.courtois): watches in silence, saying not a word.

Caligula Exonar: pushes his hands against the ground making his pants slide over the rug, trying to get his body as close to hers as he can before she brings the leg down trying to shorten the focal point for less impact. Upon her leg landing he would reach up for her wrist, Happy to a degree she is not as heavy as most of the people he fights with and that she did not just plop on his cock and make him want to curl into a ball. Most of the moments he does is just to defend and move into a better position so that if openings happen he can exploit them.

ɱɸχχɨ (orchidea.xaris): keeps herself from making any sudden movements to strike at him at first though by now, most people would have given up once they hit the ground, more so when their opponent has landed on top of them, but Cal seemed to be of a whole other mindset when it comes to combat. her hand rolls in a quick sharp motion toward the thumb of his hand the instant he grabs her to break the hold and deliver a hard strike to the side of his neck using the downward momentum from breaking the grip of his hand, using enough force that it would knock him into a daze or just hurt like hell.

Jade Courval (jadeyn.courtois): arches a delicately shaped brow and she lifts up slightly in the chair to see over the edge of the desk. Interesting.

Caligula Exonar: gets a shocked look expression and then the hit on his neck and the grimaced that followed. Without thinking Cal swings the back of his arm against Moxxi trying to knock her from him. His other hand rubs at the spot she hit cursing up a storm, Body rolling some to his side. "Ok ok," he says hoarsely not wanting to get too worked up and carried away where he could hurt his new play thing by mistake.

ɱɸχχɨ (orchidea.xaris): is batted away with a soft thud when she is swatted. Throwing her other arm up to take the brunt of the blow, but gets the idea, practice is over. Climbing up from the ground to dust herself off and adjust her glasses, knife is also sheathed so she could fetch her jacket and some money for the evening's lesson.

Caligula Exonar: pushes to a seated position and then stands up dusting himself off out of habit, adjusting his glasses he glances at Moxxi and nods some to her, "not bad Moxxi" glances down at his shirt some and sighs as it's buttons are all ripped off. and shrugs some thinking it is only a shirt then looks back to Moxxi saying, "Day after tomorrow we will pick it back up."

ɱɸχχɨ (orchidea.xaris): leans her head off to one side and smiles. She didn't realize how heavy she had been breathing until pausing for a moment from the heat of things, her heart already down to its resting pace. "Thank you, that was very informative. I hope I didn't get too carried away and sorry about the shirt, I can fork you some extra money you pay for it, by the way how much do I owe you?"

Jade Courval (jadeyn.courtois):'s lips twitch as she tries not to laugh. "A pleasure watching you kick ass, Miss Moxxi. I'll have to try and be here for your next lesson as well." She shoots Cal a smug look, more than happy that his shirt buttons are ripped off, then eases out of the man's chair and moves out of the way, flipping her hair back over one shoulder once again.

Caligula Exonar: waves a dismissive hand at Moxxi, "you over paid last time so we will call it even and for the shirt do not worry about it. Next time I will pick up my attacks and defense a notch so do not get carried away with how good you are." Turning he gives a flat look to jade and heads to his weapon room to go change shirts. Pulling off the shirt he throws it at Jade and vanishes into the room.

ɱɸχχɨ (orchidea.xaris): smiles and Jade and nods to her, "Thank you for the kind words, it has been a pleasure getting to know you." She looks back at Cal and nods, feeling bad about the shirt. With a blink she tries to reflect on her actions, did she come off as being cocky at all or overly assure of herself? She didn't think so, but just as well. "Okay, I really look forward to it." She knew the way out and turns to the door, a small wave offered to the two of them as she makes her exit.

Jade Courval (jadeyn.courtois): snatches the shirt from mid-air as he tosses it at her and tsks, snapping the silk fabric to straighten it, then drapes it over one arm. "He's always losing buttons on his shirts," she says with a coy smile. "This is nothing new. Be safe on your trip home."
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Moxxi and Cal's combat class with knives.
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