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 Dream Catcher

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caligula exonar

caligula exonar

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PostSubject: Dream Catcher   Thu Aug 30, 2012 1:27 am

Caligula takes out some nylon rope, it was nothing special only about six millimeters wide and about twenty five foot long. Moving over to the girl he starts to make a french knot placing it around one of her wrist. Pulling the arm behind her back Cal starts to make a clove hitch placing the other wrist into it. Slowly almost mathematical he starts to work the rope back and forth from arm to arm like a spider web. Each of the lengths between the cow hitched knots fall almost the exact same distance apart. Once he get the rope several times around her arms, Cal reaches around and pulls the rope right below her bust. Lacing the length of rope around one of the knots he wraps it back around over her Bust letting the rope bind them between themselves. Slowly Cal works it a few times back and forth. Then once that is done Cal starts to work runs between the long lengths as he makes a straight jacket like harness on her torso. Pausing a second he debates how far he should go with the rope and if he should start charging.

Caligula tugs on the rope then shrugs some and runs it between her wrist, pulling the rope down, Cal lowers to a knee behind the girl and starts to pull the rope between her leg. One hand softly slides over the naked body. The tips of his fingers pressing a little harder causing the silky white skin to form thick red lines where they passed.

Caligula laces the long run under one of her bust then knots it with a lark's hitch, moving some he ties another knot under her other bust before running the lead back down between her thighs, pressing on her lips, then up to her wrist again. Cal knots it over the other run coming from her wrist before reaching around the girl and starts to make a corset. Tying the rope to the long lead running from her breast and through her thighs. Lacing it some he tugs pulling it tight and returns it back to the same length of rope on her back side. Working the rope to the straight jacket slowly turns into a bound corset. The ropes forming the corset around her body stopping just below her naval. Pushing to his feet Cal dust his hands off and looks over his work some with a slight nod of his head. "Not to bad if I say so my self." Turning the girl around rather roughly, Cal grips her wrist and starts to tug at a few of the runs on her arms freeing them enough to make a nice loop which he could use as a handle.

Caligula lifts up on the loop so he throws the girl off balance. Holding the grip tight in hand so she does not face plant into the wooden floor. Lifting his foot Cal boots her ass with the side of his boot. Pulling quickly in an upward motion to allow the ropes tighten in the front of her body, causing her arms to arch back to him as he does. Chuckling some at the sight he calls out in a mocking tone. "well well look how the mighty have fallen." Walking past the girl with the loop still in hand he starts to lead the girl to a large circle where he makes her stand once again.

Caligula grabs another peace of rope and starts to weave webbed like runs to connect the girl to the ring. The webbing starts to make it look more and more like a spider had caught a fly and started to cocoon it. Once Cal works his way down to her legs he strokes one before roughly pulling it away from her other. Pulling it against him. Bounding the leg to the ring Cal moves some and starts to do the same to the other. Hands working effortlessly over the rope as he binds the girl to the frame. Making her a living piece of art.

Caligula grabs a few of the voodoo dolls he had laying around and starts to work them into the webbing between the girl and the ring letting them suspend much like the girl was. Once he has a couple to fill in all the negative space he moves on to the next task. Taking a new piece of rope he starts to braid it from the ring between her legs, Making the braid a couple of feet before knotting a long fake feathers into it. Pulling back some Cal nods to himself more than to the drugged girl at how much like a dream catcher she really looked.

Caligula takes the frame and girl in hand and makes his way to the flag pole near the bank the whole time glancing and making sure no one sees him. Latching the hooks from the rope on the pole to the frame work he starts to heave the girl into the air. Glancing around again to make sure not one was here he gets her high enough and ties it off to the base of the pole so that all the city could see the art work for themselves. "Remember dear dear girl, you are here to protect us so do try to stay alive." Turning Cal dust himself off and heads back to wandering the streets.
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Dream Catcher
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