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 Saint Andrew's Cross

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caligula exonar

caligula exonar

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PostSubject: Saint Andrew's Cross   Fri Aug 31, 2012 1:52 am

Caligula Exonar steadied his breathing and reminded himself that this was his chance. Sure, he had done some work like this in the past, art, living art at that, but some how this was different. He wanted to do something more dark more of a way to show his gifts to the world and make his own genre. Moving a hand along the side of his head, Cal lets the short finely cut hair caress over his palm before focusing on the task at hand. Taking a step towards the girl that laid exposed before him, on the cold dark stone table, Cal glanced her form over, eyes taking in every bit of canvas he had to work with. Reaching down he allowed a hand to slide along her ankle and up her leg, almost as if testing the medium to see if it was worthy of the art he had in store for it.

Caligula Exonar lets his fingers trail off her upper thigh once they got there and down to the cold lifeless stone she was on. The contras was almost breath taking. Her pale bleach white skin upon the coarse black stone with veins of grey running over it. Soon his fascination for the girl upon the stone faded when he saw the cruel marks on the nape of her neck. His look turned to one of dislike at how she was tainted and not worth keeping around as she was.

Caligula Exonar moves one of her wrist to a heavy iron ring that was laid down on the table. Running his hand over her fingers so that they closed on the iron, Cal starts to position the girl as he needs. He moves around the table and starts to place her other hand along the other ring that was close to the edge of the stone table, his alter. Cal leans low towards the girl and lifts her knees so that they bend and laying to one side of her body as if she was settling into a sleep. Nodding some to himself, Cal takes up the same thin rope he used on the dream catcher and he starts to lace it through one ring and around her wrist. His movements flowed almost like water as he worked the rope. He knew how he wanted the girl to look in the end and he went about it without and hesitation.

Caligula Exonar moves the rope so that it falls in straight taunt lines over her wrist. Letting the rope weave through the ring as he does so, so that no matter what, the girl would never let go of it. Reaching over her body, Cal start to run the length of rope around her bust to the other wrist where he started to tie it in the same fashion. Pulling back a little Cal glanced over the binds and smirked. It reminded him of the old leather straps people used to use when fighting to protect their skin. Clearing his head of the thought Cal pulls a small ornate dagger from his belt. With only the tip he touches the girls flesh with it. He starts to outline where each piece, and each foil of rope would fall. Small red lines started to form as the blade moved down her throat and between her breast. Running the dagger slowly down her body and hips before bringing it up and cutting off the lead between her wrist.

Caligula Exonar takes the rope he cut and starts to bind her ankles. Making a simple french knot to hold them together before working up her calf. Running the rope around a leg before looking it around the other in a small figure eight. Each time it completed the eight he would tug some at the rope to tighten the binds before moving it up a few inches and starting again. Sliding the rope between her thighs and, folds, he follows the line the tip of the dagger made. The rope falling between her breast and then carelessly looped around her neck before running it back down between her breast and along her torso. Once a few lines of rope laid over the girls stomach. Cal reaches under her and works the rope beneath her as he starts to make a checker board patter with the rope.

Caligula Exonar takes his time when he starts to make the cross corset. Each run of the ropes falling almost perfect with the next. Stopping the corset just below her breast Cal slides the rope under her again and up to the base of her neck where he ties it off to the loop, so that the weight of her legs would not strain her neck to much. Lifting the girl into a side saddle position he takes her in his arms and carries her to the Saint Andrew's cross he made for her. Placing the ring in one of the hands on a peg he lets it hang there while working the other into it's spot as well. Carefully he lowers the girl from his grip and lets her just hang exposing herself as a cross for any that would see her.

Caligula Exonar takes the cross and the girl into town with great care not to be seen. Hanging the cross from the hooks he placed at the towns boat ramp entrance he smirks some as the moon light caresses her body and the water behind her. Taking the dagger back out he carves into the wood of the boat ramp, 'When the darkness comes it is best to supply it with souls that are prepared so that yours is not taken by it instead.' Turning Cal walks off to the graveyard and back to the club.
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Saint Andrew's Cross
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