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 Moxxi's Samhain's end ritual.

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PostSubject: Moxxi's Samhain's end ritual.   Thu Nov 01, 2012 8:46 pm

ɱɸχχɨ (orchidea.xaris) stands at the alter she had built with three small bails of hay, around the simple, yet symbolic alter are pumpkins; carved, hallowed out and filled with gold-wrapped treats, and blessed to ward off negativity. Two bundles of dried corn stalks placed at either side stand watch over the proceeding ceremony.

Everything had been easy to come by, and no one gave her a second glance when she carried the items with her to the chosen location that was out of the way of prying eyes, but this was neither here nor there and she focused on what she needed still do to and say as the end of Samhain drew near.

Some time before hand now, but after the building of the alter, she had cleansed herself, ritually with a mixture of coarse sea salt and herbs that reflected both the season and the ritual itself. Using the bath as a means of grounding and cutting strings so that she is completely uninhibited by any outside forces that might cause her ritual to go astray.

With an athame she used only for times like this, she draws three circles on the ground about an inch deep into the soft earth around the alter. Taking her time in her work so that everything is flawless. She stands up and takes a step back to look over her handy work; everything looked just how sh imagined it and it is time to set things in motion.

Walking slowly around the first circle, footsteps falling one after the other, heel to toe perfectly tracing what she had just drawn on the ground. Speaking loud and clear, her head held high and voice firm and certain with each word she utters.

"In this place, this circle round
I consecrate the sacred ground
with golden light this space surround
all power here contained and bound."

Moving from the first circle to the second without pause or hesitation, she begins to speak again with the second pass.

"From earth, the things that manifest
from air, the things of mind
from fire, the things that motivate
from water, the souls refined."

Finally she closes on the third and last circle and speaks on.

"And yet no place or time there be
between the worlds, my word and me
welcome, Ancient Ones, and see
this place is sealed, so mote it be!"

At the final trek of her journey, she steps inside of the sealed circle and allows herself the time to absorb the feeling and steady herself for the next step.

With two small brooms crossed, she carries each set to the four quarters and lays each to rest. As she places each pair, she stands to face the aforementioned quarter and calls out to it.

"Hail guardians of the North, element of earth, I, do summon stir, and call you forth to witness this rite and protect this sacred space. so mote it be.

Hail guardians of the East, element of air, I, do summon stir, and call you forth to witness this rite and protect this sacred space. so mote it be.

Hail guardians of the South, element of fire, I, do summon stir, and call you forth to witness this rite and protect this sacred space. so mote it be.

Hail guardians of the West, element of water, I, do summon stir, and call you forth to witness this rite and protect this sacred space. so mote it be."

The circles have been cast and sealed, quarters have been called, and she now stands before the alter with her arms hanging loose at her sides while she pulls pure energy to her. As the energy flows and fills her, both arms raised to the sky, high above her head tilted back just a little.

"Forests misty, dark and deep
the door between worlds release
loved ones, family, favored pets
to join me in the closing of this fest.
The birth of new, the death of old
I will this cycle to unfold.

Each leaf that drifts upon the ground
will bury all that is unsound
and in its place will rise anew
the gift of love the whole year through.

With harvest gold and autumn sun
I reap the best that I have done.
And as the days grow shorter still
with longer nights and winter's chill
I'll work to build a better place
for every soul and human race."

Facing each quarter once more starting from north and moving east, south, and west, before turning to the alter for the closing of her ritual. Final words are spoken.

"I honor the spirits of the north,
I honor the spirits of the east,
I honor the spirits of the south,
I honor the spirits of the west,
I honor the spirits of my ancestors,
I honor the great mother,
I honor the spark of all life.

From perfection to perfection
this gift if given.
So mote it be,"

Kneeling down, she takes her lighter from her back pocket and flicks the zippo to life, and with that small flame, sets the alter of hay to life with dancing fire that would consume the rest. Smoke rolls high into the air, and she sits at the edge of her circle watching the roaring fire intently as she brings the fire festival to a close in what is deemed an appropriate manner.

The bonfire burns for a couple hours, and she uses this time to reflect on things; it is a time of personal closure for her and while the fire burns away the offerings, lifting them to the spirits above, she projects her hopes, dreams, fears, and issues of the past that have held her back. All things are given up to the powers that be as well. Fire burns away all things and makes way for new and as new life would grow from the ashes, she would hope that she would grow as well, and continue to grow as a better, stronger person in mind, body and soul.

With the alter and all trace of her being here burnt, she closes the circle and gives the whole settings one last look before pulling her jacket closed tightly around her chest to keep away the evening's chill. Walking away, feeling better and ready to face what may come.
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Moxxi's Samhain's end ritual.
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