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 AH! Monsters!

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PostSubject: AH! Monsters!   Wed Nov 14, 2012 5:10 am

[22:50] ℒíℓℓíαη strolled along towards an area she felt a bit iffy towards approaching. There were a ton of vehicles though. Unmoved it seemed an that meant there might be a chance to scavenge something worth some value. She licked her lips with her trusty all-tool in hand an she first approached a yellow cab, "Alrighty, let's see what's in that belleh"

[22:54] Ellie Jones has been leaning against the rusty railing for the past ten minutes, silently. Breathing and thinking. As old and unattractive as the line of metalwork was, it was stable, and that was just what Ellie needed after the shit that went down earlier. But the sound of someone walking below draws her attention, and the quiet, distant voice that follows fixates it. Ellie shifts, leaning further over the railing for a moment to catch a glimpse of whoever might be below - but the angle is wrong. So she moves to the right, rounding the corner in the fence to get a better view.

[23:01] ℒíℓℓíαη wasn't all that situationally aware all the time. Lucky her. She stood in front of the cab while she held teht ool up an was flicking through what tool to use first. She wouldn't be able to pick the lock, she wasn't' really THAT handy. So first she just tried a more simple approach. She wrapped the end of her jacket about the end of the all tool an slammed it into the window. Despite her might an the age of the window it didn't even leave a dent. Damn plexi-glass. She tried a few more times, hammering away with still no dent made. Breaking a cars window was really not as easy as the movies made it look. After nearly breaking a sweat over it an a few swear words in passing she grabbed a hold of the handle ready to give it a few good shakes when it just simply opened. She wasn't expecting it at all an so fell back on her ass, "fuck!" grunting as she landed.

[23:04] Ellie Jones watches all this with some amusement, shaking her head a little. She had to figure that scavenging wasn't that out of the ordinary, especially in times like these. Though for all the amusement she can't help but spare a wary glance up and down the street. The display of 'might' was enough to convince Ellie that this chick probably wasn't anything supernatural - or at least not a vampire. So she calls down, trying to keep her voice at a neutral volume that wouldn't quite be shouting, but still be loud enough to carry down to the underpass. "You okay down there?"

[23:10] ℒíℓℓíαη to prove she wasn't that situationally aware aside from what was behind or in front of her, she actually jumped as she was standing, enough so that the tool fell from her hands and she bend over to pick it back up again, flicking her hair back to look up an squint through the darkness at the silhouette made by the street lights from the city, "Yea yea, great. just perfect. Just uhm... Thought I.. uh.. heard something! Was investigating" she lied. Biggest part of scavenging is you didn't tell people that could possibly take something from you. She wasn't much of a fighter, but she had to think 'sometimes', "Who're you" she called up in that whisper shout.

[23:16] Ellie Jones cants her head to one side, smiling. Even if the woman below can't see the expression it carries in her voice as she responds. "No one special - just catching some fresh air up here. You need any help..?" Ellie straightens up a minute, looking down the road to the north. She knew the hill was safe enough when it came to getting down below, but she doesn't go down that way quite yet. She turns to lean back over the railing and squint down at the woman, pushing her glasses a little further up on her nose and holding them by the temple-piece to avoid losing them over the edge.

[23:19] ℒíℓℓíαη could tell it was a woman at least by the voice. Unless there was a man with feminine vocals. It happened, "No no, it's ok I'm alright down here... by myself" saying it out loud sounded stupid, an then she realized what admitting being alone could also mean when talking to a stranger, "I mean.. well not alone really. Just.. well I have a friend nearby" she lied, bullshitting as she went, "I'm sure they'll help me" then realized that she couldn't have already done that so added, "When I ask of course... me... totally stubborn ya see. hahaha .. haaaaa.. yea"

[23:21] Nathyn Soothsayer started to whistle as he caught the sight of figures in the distance. The glow of his eyes dimmed as he drew closer to the lit area. It helped pass off the look of some guy wandering out from the pub. He'd had a good feeding for his needs already and thus had no need or desire to scare anyone. Plus whistling loudly also played off a man that just was hanging out at a bar. It was all about the perception really.

[23:25] Ellie Jones can't help but let her smile turn into a slight cringe at the woman's fumbling. Man, that awkward sort of babbling really did invite trouble. But Ellie isn't trouble, and at this point part of her just wants to make sure the scavenger just gets home safely -wherever that was. So she says, "Hang on a second," over the railing and turns to walk WEST, not north - though spotting another stranger on the road gives her a moment of pause. She eyes him over, uncertainly offering a mostly flat-lined smile as she heads the direction he was coming from. "Evening," she says, politely.

[23:29] ℒíℓℓíαη felt something well up in her an that lil niggling feeling to flee came over her. Not without seeing if there was something of value at least. Noting the figure move away from the railing she quickly went back to teh abandoned taxi cab an opened the door again, looking around inside the dark interior. She wasn't completely unprepared though she had a lighter. She pulled it out and was flicking it to life. After it burned brightly she held it out to see around an noticed a rat skeleton on teh seat directly in front of her. She shrieked and nearly dropped the lighter. It flickered out but she caught it an she had to take a minute to compose herself, "Dammit... c'mon Lil it's just bones... just a couple of bones" she shivered an with a gloves hand flicked the bones off the seat with a grimace before continuing her hasty search.

[23:34] Nathyn Soothsayer gave her a pleasant smile, though ti was overdone. He was playing at overdone in that inebriated sort of manner. They kind a person gets when they are losing control of their muscular functions for the fuzzy feeling of happiness... or so he was told. Even the sound of his voice was light and pleasant to the ears, " Evening... morning and noontime to you, Miss!" He imitated a stagger as he raised an arm and waved in greeting. There was still that slight unsettling feeling around him... because of what he was. If he were hunting he'd play on it more, but though the two were easy and opportune as far as circumstances went... he just didn't feel like it. Even monsters needed lazy days!

[23:38] Ellie Jones nods to him, turning her eyes back forward as she continues to walk. But the sound of a shriek, however short it might be, Ellie starts and then breaks into a jog, running - well, she's not a very good runner. It's awkward. But she hurries to the end of the road and sort of walk-slides down the hill, trying to pick a safe enough path that she doesn't wind up twisting her ankle. Then she turns and heads back east up the lower road, trying to get to where the woman was picking through the cab quickly. "What is it!" she asks, loudly, worried at what she might find when she gets there.

[23:41] ℒíℓℓíαη didn't find much int eh short time she was givin. Maybe a damp box of matches and a couple more pens. An old wrinkled an ruined map or two an papers that did little to no good to have. The car must have already been practically stripped as it were. When Ellie's voice reached her, but much closer, she rushed to get her top half out of the car too quickly and knocked her head into the top. Rubbing an scratching in place she she turns while holding the metal lighter out in an accusing manner, as if it were a weapon an she wasn't afraid to use it, "Nothing nothing, no worries, you can go back up to your.. street thing up there. I'm ok!"

[23:45] Nathyn Soothsayer once alone again on the road, he lets the drunk look drop. The scream was inticing, but.... one mustn't be a glutton. He shook his head at himsel as he continued on his way, still whistling... just to entertain himself.

[23:47] Ellie Jones draws up short when the woman turns around. She holds her hands up in a passive gesture, as though the lighter were actually a threat, and blinks once or twice. Damn, had jogging down here really been that much of a physical exertion? She's breathing pretty fast, and after a moment she drops her hands, shaking her head. "Woah. I'm not - you screamed, I thought you were in trouble," Ellie says, winded. ".. I'm not gonna hurt you," she adds, a tone of complete incredulity in her voice.

[23:54] ℒíℓℓíαη stared at her for a long moment before finally lowering the lighter, noticing it was a girl. Not that she was any less threatened, but you tended to feel a little more at ease with girls, slightly thicker ones too. She paused, looking her over, still finding it difficult to see but making do before she closed teh cab door with a squeak and clunk before she put the lighter away then pocketed the pens an matches, "Was just a... just a couple of bones. I'm ok" she attempted a smile, but then there was a subtle vaccuum of breeze from the tunnels, as usual from such places an yet the carried rumble of gurgles and growls carried. This of course terrified her and she started a swift shuffle away from the tunnel mouth. Her own self bouncing a bit in the sudden pick up an go, "This place is creepier than I though it'd be" moving well past ellie now but keeping an eye on her. Now 'she' was a little out of breath, but more so from being a bit scared from the tunnel sounds.

[23:58] Ellie Jones (marielle.ling) starts to smile at her, but the sounds from the tunnel seem to frighten Ellie just as much as they did Lillian. She glances at the other woman as she walks past and then back at the tunnel, breath held to see if some sort of shambling atrocity was going to come lurching out, but she doesn't wait for that long. She stumbles back a step and then turns, keeping an eye on the tunnel as she trails after Lillian. "W-what the fuck was that," she asks, under her breath, eyes wide and trying to see into the darkness as she checks over her shoulder for pursuers. She'd never gone anywhere near the tunnels, wasn't aware there WAS a sewer system, but she wasn't interested in exploring them, either. "I - uh - do you have a safe place to go?" Ellie asks, unsteadily.

[00:04] ℒíℓℓíαη seemed a little more pale now, since she realized she wasn't the only person that heard it, "You hear it too?" her heard was pounding now an something in her was screaming for her to run. That prepubescent desire to jump under the covers where it was safe, "Just Flanagans, c'mon let's get out of here" she fumbled. She didn't know ellie, but she wasn't going to just leave her behind to be eaten by some tunnel alligator or whatever her imagination cooked up. Something in her gut told her it was something very real to fear, even though her logic said it was impossible. For the moment, in the dark, with shadows playing... she decided to let her gut fine this argument, "C'mon c'mon" she urged then started to jog off. Even going to far as to cup herself to make it easier for the moment.

[00:07] Ellie Jones doesn't have to be told twice. She follows after Lillian, keeping pace despite being bigger on the bottom. She didn't have the same issue with her chest, though, so she stays a step behind, glancing over her shoulder again once or twice - which no doubt results in at least one stumble before they actually reach the restauraunt. She's puffing hard by the time they do, trying to catch her breath in the cold air. "I - huh - jeez," Ellie huffs, putting a hand to her sternum only to try to soothe the bite in her lungs.

[00:15] ℒíℓℓíαη reached the wolf statue an put her hand to it, heaving. She doesn't say anything for a long moment. But the mystery an fear had a tendency to want to bring tears so she turned her back to ellie for just a moment to control herself. Taking long deep slow breaths an wiping her face before she finally turned back around to face ellie again. Her face now cherry red, "I'm hungry now... let's see if Flanagan still has some stew left" she suddenly piped, really wanting to get off the street now. She swore to never go scavaging at night near that spot again. Night was the easiest, less people to fight with, but that tunnel was just scary. There must have been a whole road or something in there. The road, though covered in grass lead right to it. There was no way it was a sewer. She turned to look back at it, wondering what was in there a moment before she shook her head.

[00:19] Ellie Jones forces a cough, trying to dislodge the twinge from panting the chilly air from her throat. It doesn't work. She just nods at Lillian, concernedly, and follows the girl to the building. "Flanagan..?" she manages to ask after a few beats. Her breathing would start to normalize as she makes herself take deeper, slower breaths, now that she wasn't jogging - and for a moment she pauses outside the door, thoughtful. Ellie closes her eyes for a few seconds and concentrates on drawing a little energy to herself, attempting to replicate something she'd done earlier in the evening.. after a beat a look of vague disappointment crosses her features and she just follows the other woman inside.

[00:23] ℒíℓℓíαη lets out a long panted sigh. Her heard was still fluttering but at least now she felt safer and a little warmer after getting her heart pumping. Of course ellie's coughs seemed to remind her body an she couldn't help but give a cough herself. Clearing her throat she makes her way to the door an gives a small smile to Mac before looking back at the stranger whom she just met, "Yea it's this big irish guy" she smiled a little, cheeks warming a little more, "He's kinda hot" she leans over to whisper. Of course it was close enough to Mac an she looked back at him, "What, don't give me that look" an pushes her way into the bar, "I dunno if he owns his place or not... but it's got his name on the sign.. so probably"

[00:27] Ellie Jones gives the man a once-over, nodding back at him slowly. She steps into the building with some trepidation, but being inside was an almost instant relief. "Oh," Ellie says, eloquently, in response to Lillian's answer about Flanagan. "This is - this is one of the shelters, isn't it? Or you can.. I thought I heard that it was a safe house," Ellie murmurs, keeping her voice pitched low as she trails the woman's steps through the bar. The bar. Oh, lord, that anxiety builds up again and she stops before they get much closer to the actual -bar-. ".. um, so, you're safe now, and that's good," she says, backing up a step. "I think I might head back.. home.."

[00:32] ℒíℓℓíαη paused before making it to the bar herself, noticing that ellie's voice was getting quieter, or farther. The hesitance drew her for a minute and she looked back at her, "It's fine here really... they have some nice stuff here. You kinda.. I guess helped me back there... somehow" not really but she didn't know anyone else around an for the moment, the other person was nice to blabber to. In order to get her nerves under control again. Fright of being alone an all. The tenders weren't really all that chatty ever, "Have a drink with me or something. They have some good ale... an I notice Flanagan drinks the whiskey all the time, so if you liked that instead.. they have that too"

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AH! Monsters!
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